How does the soul, higher self and body complete the integration of unity^_^

How does the soul, higher self and body complete the integration of unity^_^

“Dear teacher, I have a question to ask [sun]. Are 2-3 avatars experiencing in one space with different faces or in different spaces? The first step of oneness is incarnation integration, and then oneness with the higher self is the fifth dimension. If you are in the same space and are in the physical state, how to understand integration? Need some incarnation to leave the body? Thank you [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart] [heart]”

First of all, all dimensions and vibration frequencies have your higher self. The higher self is the lower self with relatively low vibration frequency, that is, the higher self is invisible and invisible relative to the physical and non physical, and there is no physical integration between the lower and higher self until the source

There is no integration between bodies, only sharing bodies, that is, integrating two soul consciousness on a time line into one body, which we call the five-dimensional earth body and the five-dimensional body. If 144 souls on all time lines of the time matrix are integrated into a collective consciousness into one body, we call it the seventh dimensional earth body and the seventh dimensional human body, That is, as the soul gathers, returns to the creator group and the existence of light, and participates in more life experience journeys, the body can no longer bear the task of collective huge energy. Therefore, most of the body decomposes after the high level of the seventh dimensional earth, or coexists with the collective consciousness in the form of energy or wave

There is a situation that Jesus Sananda’s twelve dimensional blueprint body can integrate all time matrix individuals and non time energy matrix collective souls of all universes into one body, and maintain the interconnection between cosmic parts

Therefore, oneness is an experience far beyond the time matrix and energy matrix. As a soul, it does not exist. Because the soul comes from the source and the source comes from oneness, no one knows what oneness looks like and what form it exists. Even so, it will not become a journey of consciousness purification, expansion and consolidation of your connection with the source, existence with all things, and unity with all sentient beings, More in feeling, more in concentration, more in relaxation and play, which is the closest experience to unity

Black holes are just a form of vibration of the timeless matrix. Slowly understand time and timeless. Watch time live and live most of the time without time constraints. This is the first step for you to understand the meaning of the current body


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