Ascension Book 2: the essence of consciousness is to change the whole world by sending out information^_^

Ascension Book 2: the essence of consciousness is to change the whole world by sending out information (including the councils of “alien Reptilians” and 13 “Royal” families)

Ascension 2 1 dimensional density space time

Zingdad note: a few months have passed, because I have experienced the difficult process of collecting, updating and editing ascension Book 1, first making it into an e-book, and then publishing a paper book. I didn’t expect that publishing a book was such a huge and complex task. However, as usual, what 8 said is true. Although there is a lot of work to do and a lot of things to learn at each step, when I need something, I find it right beside me. Just like I learned how to do fractal art before, when I needed it, I found that I already had the cover picture of this book. I would also like to thank Leigh and Lisa for their help in proofreading and editing. But now, finally, this work has been completed. The e-books and paper books of ascension Book 1 can be found on my website and other websites.)

Z: 8. Here I am. Sorry to keep you waiting.

8: My friend, time is not over. I’m out of time. But I can see that you have a lot to contend with. The process of making this e-book puts some pressure on you because you are trying to do business with your passion for the first time.
This is an interesting challenge. Now you realize the burden of carrying gifts. If you want to give a gift, you not only need to work hard to create a gift… You actually have to work hard to give it out!

But what you need to know is that, like everything, once you create this path, you can go on. If you stick to it, those things will become easier. And you should also know that the essence of consciousness is to change the whole world by sending out information. Those who need it will find it their way. Those who are called will tell it to others at the right time. Information will spread its wings and go where it needs to go at the perfect moment.

Let’s get down to business, shall we? Let’s start with a very important basic work.
The ideas I want to tell you are all convenient novels. In other words, they are a way to describe and understand your reality. They will be very effective, but similarly, there may be other ways to understand your reality, which is equally effective for you. So enjoy these concepts and use them when you may need them, but don’t rely too much on them.

Remember: These are descriptions of your reality. They are not your reality itself.
And in any case, the reality they describe is illusory, so it is meaningless to be too dogmatic about anything.

Z: I’m not sure I know what you mean, 8. You mean, there is no real density and dimension?

8: Let’s take a highly praised metaphor as an example: if you look at a rainbow – how many colors will you see?

Z: I think there are seven colors. When I was a child, I was taught that the colors of the rainbow were red, orange, yellow, green, green, blue and purple.

8: Good. However, if I have good eyesight and good color perception, in addition to the seven colors, I can also distinguish crimson, peach, lime, blue-green and deep purple. I might insist that there are actually 12 colors. Do you agree?

Z: Yes, of course. Because there are countless different colors in reality, right?

8: Yes, yes.
Of course, unless not. From another point of view, there is only white light refracted by water droplets.

Z: Ah. Therefore, there is actually only one color – white light.
8: Yes. Technically, white light is not a color. It contains all colors. But apart from being picky, you’re right.

However, if you stand there, look at the rainbow and say, “my God, how beautiful white light and water are!” You will receive some very strange expressions from people around you. Because white light is not what you perceive. It can’t describe your experience, the color you see. You describe it as seven colors. But it’s just a novel you’re creating to easily describe your view of reality. It’s not your reality itself, it’s a completely different thing.
But what is your reality?

Z: White light and water, right?
8: Yes.
Unless it’s not. From another point of view, it is the interaction between creator beings that jointly create a pure dance of energy.

Everything is energy.

Light is a woven package of energy, called photons, and those photons are reflected from water.

Water has the same energy, but this time it is woven into subatomic particles: they dance together as hydrogen and oxygen atoms in a tight little dance; They bind together as water molecules; They stick together tightly as small drops of water. But the light and water you see are just energy. This energy is generated in the thought of a great conscious being, and is shaped and manipulated by other great thoughts.

Z: So my reality is energy.
8: Yes.
Z: Unless it’s not?
8: You’re right. There is another view that everything is just consciousness.
“One” creates all points of diversity from which to experience yourself in new and different ways.

In the end, that’s everything. And you took a little time to marvel at the rainbow, which is actually the moment when “one” performs for yourself.
You are an observer, you are a mirror through which you observe yourself. Once you realize the state of reality, you will find that you are what you see.

You are also a rainbow.
You, the world you stand on and the rainbow are “one” experiencing itself, observing itself, creating itself and loving itself.
And ultimately, it is impossible to separate you from the body you live in, the planet you stand on and the rainbow you observe, because you are really not a passive observer. You may think you are… You are creating everything you see.

It won’t happen outside of you, because there is really no “outside”.

All this happens in your God like creator mind.


You’re heading in a particular direction, and then you’ll suddenly turn sharply

You are power
Original Wu Junjie enters the new earth today
⬆ Click on the new earth to pay attention to the official account.
Daniel Scranton
2020.12. eight
hello everyone! We are the Arcturian Council. It’s a pleasure to contact you.
You have accomplished much more in this life than in other previous lives on earth. The reason why you have achieved so much is largely due to the versions of your previous lives. You’re cleaning up a lot of the mess left over from your previous life. We will give you a way to look at this problem, which will help to reconcile with it, reconcile with your previous versions, which are understandable to some extent without the tools, knowledge and energy you now have.

If you think of yourself as your child in your previous life, if you think of the way you clean them as cleaning up a playing child, you may be more likely to accept so much cleaning work they leave you. When you love another person as you love a child, you want to do something for that person. You want to help those who can’t help themselves, those who are lovely in chaos.
For example, if you think back to you in the 17th century, you will realize how little knowledge you had at that time. You can’t get the information in that version, nor can you get the information you have today, which will make it easier for you to forgive the previous version of yourself and reconcile with the arrangements of your own life. You bear a lot, but you also know that if you bear more, you can get more rapid growth. That’s what you’re doing.

You should thank yourself in your previous life and the great progress you have made in this life. You can get so much growth, and these previous versions have created quite a lot of motivation. Many of them have also brought you some good results. Many of them have learned a variety of abilities that you now take for granted, because you have always been good at doing these special things.
You can also regard your previous life on earth as an epitome of the human collective, which is sharing a planet with you. You can look around and find that obviously not everyone is at your current stage of development, and you don’t have to look down on them. On the contrary, you should realize that they have the next step to go, just as you treat children. When you have children, children will learn a lot from you. You have a lot of experience because this child, like others, forgets too much before choosing to incarnate.
So you’re there to help the children, the children who didn’t wake up, and yourself in your previous life. Again, you’ve suffered a lot, but it’s okay. You can. We’re here to help. There are countless other beings helping you. In fact, you bear so much in this life because you are working with beings and groups like us. We think you made a good choice.

We have always been surprised and pleased with human beings. We think you’re heading in a particular direction, and then you’ll suddenly turn sharply. In most cases, a sharp turn is just because one of you has entered a part you don’t know and is integrating that part. Every time you put yourself together piece by piece, another person will be inspired and repeat. You are not only healing, merging, growing, but also giving inspiration, which is why your performance is so interesting.
Unexpected situations happen more and more frequently because you are forced to be more introspective and pay more attention to what is happening within yourself. You have been guided by the universe to seek internal healing, and when many of you do so, it will cause a chain reaction like a domino.

We think you are ready to take mankind to a new level. We see you grow exponentially and let more and more human compatriots follow you. We watch this happen because you always feel that it depends on you. Nothing outside of you can save mankind. The collective you belong to is always a reflection of your heart. It always reflects what you still need to observe, live in peace, embrace and finally integrate.
When you continue to become a higher self and send those templates and instructions to all your human compatriots bit by bit, it will be easier for them to complete what you do. Paving the way to the fifth dimension is your goal in this extraordinary life on earth. Now you have the power to carry the whole mankind, and there is no force in the universe to stop it.
You are an unstoppable force. You increase your motivation like a snowball every day. Through your words and actions, and through your willingness to spend time on yourself, you continue to inspire your human compatriots to live in a small good place in the fifth dimension faster than you expected.

We are the Arcturian Council. I’m glad to communicate with you.
◼ Translated from: Daniel Scranton com
Original address:∞the -9d-arcturian-council
The Council of alien Reptilians and 13 “Royal” families


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