Collapse of the third density continuum, December 2021 The Antarctic conference Little dark smoothly handed over the financial key in exchange for leaving the earth from the Antarctic^_^

Collapse of the third density continuum, December 2021 The Antarctic conference Little dark smoothly handed over the financial key in exchange for leaving the earth from the Antarctic

“Human beings need to really put down any resistance, such as the greatest resistance, that is fear.”

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17.12. 2021 21:15 Dr. Michael Sara | Elena Danan
Written by Dr. Michael Sara on December 16, 2021.
Recently, there was news that global elites (also known as conspiracy groups) went to Antarctica to attend secret meetings.
To learn more about the Antarctica conference, I contacted Elena Danan to see if her extraterrestrial sources could provide answers to the real situation in Antarctica.
Elena got the answer from tol Han eredion, the commander of the Galactic world alliance, and ona (also known as the guardian) of the Galactic Federation. The answer is amazing. It seems that a major turning point has been reached. The global elite are being called to Antarctica to meet with an alien race delegation and the leaders of the Earth Alliance to negotiate the terms of their surrender.
Antarctica was chosen to participate in this conference because it contains a portal that can transport the global elite to the distant world of another galaxy, where they will be adequately supplied but expelled forever.
However, before going to the new world, they must first help the transformation of the global financial system and eliminate most of the dark magic cast to bind mankind and the earth itself.
This is the first message Elena (E) received from Thor Han (th) on December 14 about what happened at the Antarctic conference.
Th: according to the decision of the GFW High Council, following the recent agreement reached between geospatial alliance, the Council of five of the world Galactic Federation and zenatan Alliance on the issue of wood and stars.
In the enemy The Terran elite under the leadership of the people met with our representatives in the southern continent to transfer their power to the Earth Alliance and its power to the whole world Global financial system. This ancient system will be replaced by a new system to be established by the Earth Alliance. In exchange, they are provided with a living outside world with all the goods.
E: Why are they not just judged for their own fault and sentenced accordingly?
Th: they can only untie the dark net they created, because they cast the great immoral anchor on the foundation of your society. The Terran high level of the Earth Alliance decided that these power transfers will not bring greater chaos, because the economic collapse will bring more suffering to the seriously injured human beings. The global forum and the Earth Alliance are ensuring that this transition will cause the least possible damage.
E: Is this related to changes in the financial system?
Th: the industrial sector and the financial system are interdependent. Prepare for surprising changes in the promotion of new energy systems and technologies in many fields.
E: Why are you on Jupiter these days? The same day these meetings were leaked in Antarctica?
Th: I told you there was a meeting on Jupiter. The dark elite are not there. They will not be tolerated in Islamic law facilities. The black dumb forces met with our special envoy on the land of Antarctica. The recent meeting on Jupiter is about the ones I just mentioned, only the leaders of the Earth Alliance. These meetings end today in Terran time. This is a statement I can give you. Thank my superiors. Did ona contact you?
E: Yes, she did.
She knows more details than I do, at least for now. I’ll talk to you again in the next few hours. Of course you can tell Dr. Michael and give him your kind regards.
I will. Thank you, Thor Han.
Thor Han’s information gives us a clear understanding of what is happening in Antarctica. The global elite gathered there met with a delegation of leaders from different alien organizations and the Earth Alliance, who participated in the signing of the Jupiter line in July 2021. The elite must come up with a plan to make a smooth transition to a fairer monetary system and prevent a global financial collapse.
This was supported by tweets from two senior officials from ripple lab, Schwartz and garlinghouse. Their presence and expertise show that a new online payment system is being negotiated in Antarctica.
Can this be linked to the quantum financial system (QFS)? According to a source, Nigel matte, the upcoming quantum financial system QFS will be connected to the quantum Internet, which will be created through the Starlink satellite system created by Elon Musk’s SpaceX. Schwartz and garlinghouse will have the necessary expertise to help plan a smooth transition from the current global financial system to QFS related to quantum cloud computing.
Thor Han pointed out that starting from the energy industry, the impact on many industries will be huge. In fact, abandoning fossil fuels is the key to releasing a variety of alternative energy technologies that have been suppressed since the beginning of the 20th century. Similarly, many other suppressed technologies, such as electromagnetic and holographic treatment modes, will also be released to replace the pharmaceutical industry that is about to be wiped out, because people all over the country oppose mandatory vaccines, positive policies and large-scale medical support for these policies.
It is worth remembering that there are currently more than 5900 patents, which are suppressed in the United States alone because of national security orders implemented by intelligence agencies. Most of these suppressed patents involve alternative energy and treatment technologies. In January 2017, President Donald Trump issued a “top secret record”, requiring the publication of 1000 such patents in the next two years. At that time, he was ignored by the intelligence press, and his government then targeted these patents.
Interestingly, the cabal was banned from going to the headquarters of ASTA Galactic Command, where 14 space countries led by the United States negotiated the Jupiter agreement with representatives of the galactic community for the first time. This is a big sign of how the situation of our solar system has changed dramatically, because the chakahl Empire and Orion (gray) collective forces have been expelled, and the Yin group of the earth has been isolated from their former sponsors.
After the first reply, Thor Han sent Elena more information about his meeting on Jupiter:
Th: another aspect of Jupiter I’m talking about is this phenomenon, which recently occurred near your star system: the collapse of the third density continuum. This happens in a gap in the structure of space, and your star system is one of the stars in orbit through this gap in the silver river system.
There will be more collapse in density 3, which is the bridge to density 5. Both the enemy and the dark ones know this, they know it is happening, which is one of the reasons why they have known for a long time that they have lost this star system. I’ll tell you later.
Thor Han’s information confirms that our solar system has entered a spatial region with Galaxy anomalies that have a great impact on the third density space. In 2014, scientists confirmed that our solar system is about to enter a huge interstellar cloud called “local fluff”, which is about 30 light-years wide and connected by a very large magnetic field.
According to different researchers, this interstellar cloud was first observed around the Pleiades in 1961 and is called the “photonic band” – because it casts a white halo. One of the advocates of the “photonic belt” is Dr. Noel Huntley. In 2010, he wrote an article entitled “photonic belt” entitled “photonic belt encounter”. He described its existence and great interest in Aliens:
What is the electromagnetic cloud, the golden nebula, sometimes called the radiation Nebula by ETS? Its more common name is “photonic band”, which is composed of many bands. Any encounter with this band is considered very important by aliens.
According to tol Han’s information, Dr. Huntley is right that the space area we enter will accelerate the existence of consciousness from the third density to the fifth density of matter. According to the law of one thing, “the fifth density is best described as white in vibration.” Therefore, “photonic band” is not an inaccurate description of this 5D. Many critics in the density area have to say about the word.
If human collective consciousness is not fully developed to accommodate the fifth density frequency, it will erupt in a self induced global disaster. However, if human consciousness evolves, the golden age of wisdom, love and peace will begin.
Thor Han made it clear that the global elite understand that the earth war has failed and they do not want to participate in everything that is coming. Therefore, they are willing to cooperate in the transition to a new earth so that they can use the gateway of Antarctica to leave for another planet permanently.
In the second follow-up message sent on December 14, Thor Han communicated with Elena and shared more information about this “photonic belt” (also known as local fluff) and how the Jupiter agreement gave the global elite five months to surrender to the Earth Alliance.
Thor Han said: I want to talk about this natural phenomenon that occurs near your star system. This is not an isolated phenomenon; As your star system moves through this galaxy grid of fluctuating frequency waves, you will encounter a higher vibrational density of matter. What does this mean: the laws of physics that bind atoms together oscillate at a faster rate. It’s not a matter of time. Do you understand that the time rate will not change, only your perception of it, because your rate will change. It is not about time, but about the physical change of spatial structure. As a universal law of physical function, this phenomenon occurs step by step unless the portal with higher density is larger than the star system. The boundary of density zone is not sharp, but fuzzy. You gradually enter it and encounter “bubble” until you fully integrate into the new field.

E: What happens when the Earth passes through these higher density regions or bubbles?
Th: nothing can happen near a dramatic event as many humans imagine. It is manifested in the change of consciousness, because perception, whether spiritual or physical, has entered a higher range. Physical symptoms may occur, and those who are ready to think will openly follow the wave, but for those who are not ready and resist it, it means physical and mental pain. Visual changes, perceptual changes, especially linear time perception, are considered to be faster. But you know, this process, entering the new area of nataru, is inevitable.
Therefore, human beings need to really give up any resistance, such as the greatest resistance, that is fear.
Here, Thor Han has confirmed that the movement of our solar system into the “photon belt” (“local villus”) is not a sign of physical destruction, but a signal of accelerated consciousness. Those who are emotionally and psychologically prepared will be able to surf in the coming galactic light waves and manifest a new reality – the kingdom of heaven on earth. Those who are not prepared will do the opposite and experience greater stress and turbulence in their personal and collective lives.

Thor Han continued his second follow-up message as follows:
E: Back in Antarctica, what else can you tell me? I don’t like these people. They are the embodiment of evil. They caused so much pain.
Th: they won’t do this again. When the Jupiter agreement was reached, they received a warning that we would meet in five months and they must be ready to surrender. Therefore, they know this, which is why they are advancing all their agendas at the same time in despair. But your people are beginning to understand.
E: Wait, why give them five months?
Th: for transition. This meeting is a turning point for them and you. If we suppress them at the same time, the financial and economic system in telaga will fall into terrible chaos. There is a better way. They were called upon to transfer their keys and tools to the coalition in order to make the transition of the people as smooth as possible.
Another thing worth mentioning is that they have received dark art education, and magic needs to be lifted. This will destroy their power. There is nothing they can do to leave the world. Because they will leave. You know, when I mention transition, I mean that the Gaia need to see the faces of their enemies so that their consciousness can be opened to the truth. No matter how painful the process is, it is necessary.
E: This reminds me of what nine people said to me recently: in the game of cosmic evolution, every living creature should play a role.
Th: that’s absolutely right. You know, four years ago, when I lived in the Himalayan base, I witnessed the great plan of human awakening. Time war is the main problem. Imagine a time war like a multi-level chessboard. There is no better way to describe it to you.
Thor Han’s statement that the global elite use “black dumb art and spells” is very meaningful. He refers to a slightly understood aspect of the global elite control system, which is the use of dark magic to support all their activities. Here, Thor Han confirmed the fact revealed by some researchers in the past that cabal often uses black magic as part of its global control system.
A good example is that NASA often uses magic symbols for public space programs. Richard Hoagland and Mike Bara recorded this in their 2009 best seller, dark mission: NASA’s secret history
We also learned from President Vladimir Putin and a military intelligence group associated with the Q movement (a 17 person movement). The letters of the alphabet) are that the global elite are practicing “Satanists”, who summon the power of demons and other negative entities to conquer the spirit of mankind and the earth. In this regard, Putin actually said in his 2013 state of the Union address that “the new world order worships Satan”
As many mysterious researchers such as Fritz springmeier have revealed in his series, these dark magic rituals are usually held in different energy whirlpools or “holy places” around the earth. Recently, Brad Olsen, a very capable researcher and author, also revealed many of these black, magical Satanist practices in his series:
It is disturbing to think that black magic can be used to control the masses. Today, mystery is used as a new fascism among some global elites (cabal), who control almost all aspects of our lives, from health and finance to politics and education. Research shows that the mysterious ceremony at the top is far beyond anyone’s imagination… Why is it so difficult to believe that the mysterious practice is a real control tool?
Importantly, Thor Han pointed out the clear link between the Jupiter agreement signed in July and the Antarctic conference five months later.
One provision of the agreement is the surrender of the global elite by December 2021.
Christine Lagarde tweeted in July confirming this timetable, saying that the meeting would be held in Antarctica in December. Her tweets convincingly prove that the cabal does have five months to prepare to hand over power without the collapse of the world financial system as a condition for them to leave the earth through the Antarctica star portal.
The surrender and departure of this cabal means that an incredible new era is coming, because the world is transitioning to a new financial, political, health and energy system, which will revolutionize life. Information from Oona, one of the guardians, provides more details, and we are about to see an incredible planetary transformation. I will analyze her information in part 2 of this series.
I would like to thank Elena Danaan for allowing the public release of Thor Han’s information.

Author: Dr. Michael Sara | Elena Danan
Compiled by: Shengai ra


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