Predicting the great transformation of lifeChapter IX ascension

Predicting the great transformation of life
Chapter IX ascension

KIRAEL: in the last chapter of this book, I will mention something you read throughout the reading process. It’s not the kind of book you won’t know its glory until the last morning. This is a work that you will use every particle in every word, because the so-called ascension, my friend, is the awakening of every cell of yourself.

This awakening is to understand:

Self thought is the manifestation of all things.
And when you wake up one day and say, “my God, this is the particle manifestation.” You will not slow down from that day on. Ascension means that you recognize who you are now and begin the process of evolution to the extreme of human reincarnation. You don’t use this “I’m so poor. Why did I come to such a place?” Look at yourself in a different way.

Ascension means that “you are now so fully connected with love in love that the hidden one becomes your complete guide.

You will not struggle unless you decide that this is the time to struggle. Even so, when you finish reading about ascension, you will know that you think there is a struggle, “it’s just a filling in and the creator wants to experience again!!” You will look at this part and feel so honored and flattered.

Speaking of ascension, do you want to see it? Just stand up from where you read the book and go to the mirror to see it.

You are the ascension of the creator.

You’ve been here, you’ve been through everything, my friend. Life after life, you’ve done it. And you have been chosen, you have been chosen to raise the frequency of a beautiful being called mother earth. You have been instructed to nurture her in your heart, you have been guided to ascend her soul, and you have been told to look up at the father of the sky and see them integrate into the unity of love, which can only be created by the love of the creator. Then you will know what ascension is. Ascension is the awakening to the great transformation in consciousness.

Cheryl: This is not our last chapter, but rather the beginning of revealing our knowledge of ascension.
Ascension, in its purest form, is the real purpose of this transformation. Over the years, people have talked about the excitement of this process, hoping that one day they will experience it in some life. Well, my friend, this moment is much closer than you can imagine. After the seemingly gradual progress of the past few thousand years, the time has finally come to move into the new millennium and begin to experience the full picture of the fourth dimension.

In the process of ascension, you will have to allow the fear carried in your cellular memory to be brought to the table and healed. This will not be the most smooth transformation. Many people will find themselves at a loss. Of course, those who are not ready to move may hope that all their friends can stay by persuading others that this is just an empty dream. Think, they are not as wrong as you think. The new space you are about to enter is very much like a dream, but it is by no means empty.

The dream you are committed to understanding will eventually have its meaning. You will understand what separates you from the existence of grace. This is the new knowledge that most people have been trying to pursue during their reincarnation to the earth.

The so-called one day, you can cross the gap between your own energy and the creator’s energy. Such a promise is finally being fulfilled. Interval does not exist. It has always been an illusion created to promote the journey of experiencing all things.

Everyone can begin to experience every possible course that exists, and in the end, they will find that the plan has been drawn up long ago. If this plan is not fully understood, it can and will be implemented into a new reincarnation in the future. It’s almost time now. Why are you so lucky to participate in this most innovative journey? There is only one way for an individual in evolution to participate in this period, that is, he has to promise to have a life of multiple simultaneous subjects before entering the third dimension.

Since the memory, you can clearly see that as long as you enter this level, you really have to move forward according to the pace of your own experience and bring it to completion. This is the only acceptable result, because ascension is the ultimate divine recognition. Let this moment be the beginning of the journey towards the ID!

fourth dimension

The fourth dimension is the essence of pure thought, and anything existing in the third dimension must come from the fourth dimension. In fact, it is a bridge between the learning space that humans are using and all other realities. It is a space that all evolving individuals can connect. They can maintain the luxury of self-learning while communicating and sharing the learning process.
When this shift gathers momentum and allows humans to have a new and exciting place to evolve, the fourth dimension becomes the latest school, although it is almost or completely like the one you are leaving.

When you enter the fourth dimension, the disintegration of the third dimension forms a vacuum. This vacuum creates a tension that automatically attracts the energy of the fifth dimension to this transformation, and you will find the dimension of love. Your journey into the fourth dimension will be relatively short. You will learn quickly, and all that remains is to return to your original lifestyle in Lemuria.

Once you reach the level of the fourth dimension, you hold on to the fear that permeates the third dimension. Therefore, ascension to the fifth dimension becomes certain to occur. After awakening to the fourth dimension, you will soon remember your own existence at the Lemurian level. The Galactic energy you might have carried will be put aside, and the love energy you seek will take charge of everything. The fourth dimension offers many new experiences, and you will want to spend more time in it.


The portal is a ring-shaped energy module. When you enter them, they will purify you and transmit you to the new thought module of the fourth dimension.

Portals allow you to know more about your avatars, as they are the entrance to the essence of this transformation. The portal staff next to the portal will help those who are about to enter the new dimension.
As soon as you pass through the portal, purification will begin, which is to remove all the energy you may have been carrying but no longer need. If you take on an altogether new aspect of cancer, tuberculosis or other diseases, most of you will be cleared of this situation to allow for a fresh start.

Since all your third dimensional diseases are created by learning in the third dimension, you will find that you do not want to create diseases. You will evolve more than 99% in this part, your molecular structure and physical body will come to a quite different harmony, your metabolism will change, your heart will readjust, and your brain will expand. Your avatars will change, such as larger kidneys, better blood pressure, etc.

If you are about 50 years old during this transformation, it should not be a problem to live another 130 or 150 years. Life expectancy can easily reach hundreds of years. Even if you live that way, you can extend it if you want. This is your choice.

In fact, the portal will fully open before the dark three days, but it is not obvious at all. After three days of darkness, they become very obvious. By then, the Galactic brotherhood had already let the world know their existence. The staff inside the portal will be those individuals who have evolved to the fourth dimension, and they will help others evolve in a more gentle and loving way. They will also help remove any residual fear.

External staff will experience this transformation from the highest field. This is difficult to explain in the vocabulary of the third dimension, but if you have chosen to be an external staff of the transmitter, know that you have made this commitment before coming to the earth plane. This promise will probably help you save your life in the fourth or fifth dimension for the tenth to twelfth centuries, and its reward is always in the light of Master Jesus and all the masters who will assist there at that time. You will all become light beings, and once you enter the portal, you will feel the fifth dimensional love.

Galactic brotherhood
After three dark days, the Galactic brotherhood will clearly show a protective attitude. Remember, they have been in and out of your dimension longer than your written history. What you will see when you wake up after three days of darkness is the chaos around you. In order to help everyone stay calm, the Galactic brotherhood will help create a safe atmosphere. They will become your guide and help you understand the new power you are experiencing.

You will need time to adjust your expanded new position, and this is what your brother can help most. Remember that most souls in evolution will still have some galactic energy inside, and you will resonate with their frequency at that time. In a sense, they will welcome you home. You see, after the incorporation of Atlantis, it is clear that the brotherhood is beginning to understand the role of greater love. So when they really have a chance to help, they want to do as much as possible.

Changes in the post transition period

When we move into a new dimension, everything changes, my friend. Everything has changed! You will not recognize the earth plane in the current way. Your body system will change and you will awaken those talents and technologies that will be quite amazing at present. For example, if you want to meet a distant friend, you just think “I want to be there”, and you will disappear and reappear there. This ability may seem quite strange to most people and will make you think more. However, if you tell your grandfather who was a child at that time that a vehicle will go to Mars in his life and send the picture back in 44 seconds, of course, he will laugh at it at that time. Therefore, there are many beautiful things about this transformation that will happen at that time, but you get there first.

The rebirth of your own strength will amaze you, because your body will experience many substantive changes in the post shift period.

The skull will expand to allow new brain activity. Some of you have experienced this phenomenon. In order to activate other parts of the brain at the fourth dimensional level, there must be more space there.

Maybe your head will start to look like the interesting appearance of those et friends.

After this change, when you look back on your old photos, you won’t laugh too much. When your great grandchildren see your current photos, they will say, “drink! Look at this! Isn’t it strange for them to do this?”

Eyes, too, will experience a series of wonderful and great changes. Your vision will return to the extent that you could directly see a single molecular structure long, long ago.

Now please also understand that the molecular structure will also be different in the fourth dimension. However, there are specific ways to refocus the structure without cracking to nearby particles.

Your breath will change with your ascension, and the breath of Qi becomes the most energy source that the body can use.

Please remember that Qi is what you lived for in limuria. At that time, your breath was only used to oxygenate the body system. Your energy module is maintained by Qi. In the fourth dimension, Qi from photon energy will be your main source of life. So start practicing the breath of Qi now, as it will revive, renew your cells and purify your cellular consciousness. This is one of the many reasons why your life expectancy will be dramatically extended.

At that time, you only need to control your mind according to your desire to control your body. Losing weight or weight is only a choice. After this transformation, this part will become irrelevant. You will only care about whether your body is suitable for the specific journey you have not yet taken.

The pigmentation of your skin will also be reduced, which will be quite surprising to some people. Your vocal cords will also disappear to a large extent, because you mainly use it to hum, hum and sing. Other communications will be telepathic.

Now, telepathy is not magic. Each of you has this ability at the moment. In fact, most of you have been using it for a long time, but you will leave it out in a sentence or two. If you receive an idea from another person, you might say, “Oh, that’s strange.” Well, that’s not surprising. You should have used this way of communication! Or you might say, “no, it didn’t happen. I was just lucky to guess.” Well, let’s question this luck. How much luck do you think you can create in a day?

Let’s assume that there are 50 people in this room, of which 25 know how to use their telepathy. What impact will this situation have on your thinking about those ideas? Do you have a clearer idea? What if one eighth of the world’s population is telepathic? For example, in Africa, some tribes rarely speak. They communicate almost entirely by telepathy.
Your mental telepathy and intuitive understanding will be strengthened by the clarity that resonates in you. When you cut off that most communication is carried out by thinking, it makes sense to make yourself very clear. Not now. At present, in fact, most people deliberately try to make others think they are things that are not their true face. You can think for yourself!

In the process of ascension, your memory will be strengthened to a degree never imagined. You will remember everything that happened to you in all reincarnations. You will have a complete memory of a life that goes back to Egypt or China and say, “Oh, no wonder I have a life like this.” You’ll be able to answer all the little questions you’ve been carrying over the years, and you’ll know exactly what’s going to happen to you. You will change, my friend, because these are just a few of the many new and exciting possibilities you will experience.

After this change, most people need to pay attention to the awareness of their own emotions. When you are completely in the fourth dimension, your emotions will be used as entertainment by yourself. You know so much about your emotions that you will be able to start any feeling according to your will. Your emotional experience will be different from the past and will not have the uncontrollable ups and downs experienced today. As a being of light in the post transformation period, you will release yourself from many third-dimensional emotional depression.

Please remember that your undersea wheel will become the center of the green heart, which means that you will experience from your heart, not from yourself. It is so absolutely beautiful!

Your emotions will be expressed from the essence of unconditional love emanating from the fifth dimension. Sex will ascend to the body, and then “the art of love” will emerge.

In the post transformation period, making love will be an art of enjoying the overall movement, body rhythm, pulse beat and color change, which will determine the level of ecstasy and expose the mode of exploring a higher climax. There will be times when you don’t need physical contact during sex, but the experience will be completely different from any feeling you surrender to in this time and space.

I can assure you, my friend, that you have not yet begun to experience your physical senses.

Immersed in the spiritual essence of love, you will be able to touch the bliss of heaven in a way that you have never realized in today’s reality. Now, I guess some of you can’t wait.

The climate will also change completely. You will have four seasons and can enjoy them in a few days, because you will control the climate from within. You will control everything from within. If it’s cold outside and you don’t like it, you won’t experience cold just by increasing your frequency: on the contrary, you can reduce your frequency and cool down. Therefore, this is not the climate you think today.
In order to experience this new reality, the openness and freedom to move around will become more and more important. Many people will just sit there and marvel at the beautiful sunset and the grace of the earth’s oceans or mountains.

It’s all about enjoying your life, so everything else becomes obsolete. In order to enjoy your life, you should be in the present. Being present will show you all the gifts and blessings the universe wants to give you.

When someone hugs you, enjoy the hug!

Everything is a choice, and there is no weight of duality. Everything is thought, and whatever you think will be created in the moment. When you reach the higher levels of this ascension process, many people will travel in etheric form, unless you want other experiences.

This brand new has many amazing aspects, one of which is the ability to share the inner feelings of love. All will clearly understand the different levels of love with increased insight. You will move to the level of consciousness that can discover the gifts and talents given to you by our Creator.
Your essence will be to serve the earth level, and you will find how to allow others to grow at their own pace while maintaining smooth and beautiful growth changes.
Please clearly understand that everyone is still evolving, and the fifth dimension will still be the goal of exploration. There are many topics in the process of ascension towards the fifth dimension, because there are still many self-study projects to be completed at that time.

Your work, as you will see, will become a service of love. It will include moving away from the authoritative image of using fear to complete the task, and moving to the cognition that everyone has the responsibility to supervise the project until it is completed, and not only finish it, but achieve the highest standard, so that all participants know that it has been completed.

In such a situation, a project will allow new group resonance, and it will become a window of opportunity to prepare for collective entry into the fifth dimension. Those who remember the beauty of Lemuria will think of the parliament that once existed. The fourth dimension has more to do than you think.
You will have 2000 years to evolve through the fourth dimension, so please enjoy it.
It has taken you thousands of years to cross the third dimension, so I hope you will at least learn patience. You will have more information to process than the third dimension. It has taken you thousands of years to come to this point, so use your time to understand the past to avoid repeating what you have learned. Please remember that everyone who goes through this transformation is a teacher. You will ask your brothers and sisters to help with topics you did not learn in this third dimension. I like it!

Everyone has the ability to play the role of teaching in the fourth dimension. Imagine billions of teachers running around and thinking about where the students are.
At present, in this dimension, you have brains and computers, but you rarely understand the nonphysical reality. After this change, you will be aware, and technology will change significantly.
In the beginning, your technology will operate with photon energy, but you will want to learn how to surpass it. You will want to move to “demethylation”. Remember that this is only a stepping stone to the fifth dimension you are about to return.
The growth there will not be like the growth here, which is the process from birth until you decide to leave and go home at any time. What you originally called “birth” refers to your chosen growth path and all your experiences on it. After this transformation, different experiences can be selected only by using ideas.
Imagine every thought resonating with everyone else. This is really a wonderful way to experience the whole, and the so-called whole is a dimension in which love spreads all existence and possibilities become infinite.
The fourth dimension is about the joy of learning, so death or death will be a time to celebrate and ask what else to do to continue this experience. If not, the last action will be to say warm goodbye to the people you love.

You won’t have funerals or boxes with silk pillows rotting underground, and most individuals will only choose to be de molecular.

Just by shaking hands, your energy will be combined, and the individual ready to leave will leave. This joy is more than you can imagine.
Throughout history, you were embraced by the nature of the creator God, and now is the most powerful and bright moment to start this journey of remembering love.

Ascension is the absolute vibration of all that is, and when the will of the public becomes serious, this mission will become a collective trust to help everyone open the way to the truth of remembering that they are “all as a whole” again.


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