My soul contract^_^

My soul contract

Sirius Princess Ruohe 2021-12-24 11:18

On December 24, 1996, 25 years ago today, I chose to come to the earth.

Tear the complete you into countless pieces, into countless incarnations, go to countless worlds and experience countless creations. You always want to go home, because broken, always want to be complete. You long for unity, no separation, and forever in the ocean of love.

But you are eager for adventure, different experiences, and the separation that is not unity. Desire to fall to the deepest, get lost, and then go home.

Like children playing hide and seek, you deliberately hide yourself so that others can’t find you. You deliberately put yourself in a dark place and never come out. Then you put yourself there for a long time and no one will come to you again.

You forget that you are playing games, that you are hiding, that you are always at home.
Forgetting makes you feel that fear is real. There are bad people outside. Even if one day, all your people who love you call you, you still don’t want to come out because of fear.

Everyone who comes to this world will make a soul contract with his higher self and guiding spirit before incarnation. Here is my soul contract:

As a high-dimensional existence, join the earth and assist the ground work

  1. High dimension: Sirius of the sixth density

2 Devotion: exists in the form of human body

  1. Ground: Interior / light team: Exterior

Pre birth agreement

  1. Born (devoted) in a poor family, his father gambled, his mother was ill, his family was in debt and was in financial difficulties. (money relationship: scarcity)
  2. Experience the life under others, separate from parents and grandma, and endure the exclusion, abuse and threat of others (self relationship: sacrifice)


Exclusion, abuse, threat: manipulation

  1. Experiencing multiple love lines, the object is not true love, alienation, sacrifice and pay (emotional relationship: pay)

Life topic: abundance, self love, acceptance

Interpretation of my soul contract:

I am the existence of light who came to this world from Sirius, and the human body is just an embodiment of me. I am a light worker to assist the smooth ascension of the earth. I am a member of the ground force of the earth’s ascension light team, simply speaking, ground personnel.
I am also a bridge and channel connecting the earth and the light world. By participating in the selected family, I grow up in the way of the earth and personally experience the life in this world. Wake up at the right time, start self healing, self integration, and align your soul mission with your divine mission.

Experience a very difficult emotional experience process, complete almost impossible tasks, surpass from all past experiences, break the inherent programming and mode, transform into a new existence, shine their own sacred light, illuminate the dark world and bring light guidance to the lost people.
I volunteer to come to this world and complete this arduous task. Because this dark world needs divine light from the universe and higher civilization. I am a light bearer, a guide, a brave soldier.

Because I want to go beyond all established restrictions and programming to realize my real freedom. By liberating ourselves, liberate the blocked world.

It looks like an interstellar war. It’s really a war of energy, the ultimate battle between light and darkness. But this war is invisible to mankind, because it is more carried out at the energy level and soul level. The manipulation in my soul contract will be manifested in the forms of exclusion, abuse and threat, but it is not limited to these forms.

Getting rid of these manipulations is also a very important part of my task. Get rid of these various manipulations and become an independent and free holy self. The completion of self empowerment and the integration of soul fragments is a healing process throughout.

To get rid of manipulation, you need to see the essence of manipulation. It is a kind of fear, but this fear is based on your fear. Such as being punished, scolded, deprived of certain rights. The manipulator is a fear. If you are also a fear, you will be manipulated by the fear.

Unless you are no longer a fear, you will no longer allow that fear to continue to manipulate you. But this will lead to the anger of the manipulator, of course, the deep fear, because he has lost control over you, and his existence seems to be threatened. In the face of his anger, you should see that this is the expression of his deep fear and can not pose any threat to your existence.
When your energy withdraws, he loses a support. More and more energy is withdrawn, and the manipulator will lose his power, because the authority established by fear is weak after all, when all people unite with love. In the end, he will shrink into a ball and disappear, as long as we claim our personal sovereignty and take back our own energy and power.

I have been ostracized, beaten and threatened, but now I have no hatred in my heart, because I know this is not only the choice of my soul, but also my own choice. Now, I can also choose not to endure the exclusion, abuse and threat from others, that is, manipulation.

I can withdraw the strength I gave them, I can take the initiative to choose, my interpersonal relationship, my life state, my behavior and lifestyle. It doesn’t need to be limited, and no one can limit it unless I allow it.

Thanksgiving reading, deep blessing!


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