[heavenly father] heaven letter #4200 – how beautiful work is in joy^_^

[heavenly father] heaven letter #4200 – how beautiful work is in joy

May 25, 2012, 6:44 pm

Heaven letter #4200 – serve because you love to

God said:

When you work in pleasure and ease, this is serving others. If you are unhappy and boring in your aversion to negativity, it is only a reluctance of responsibility and obligation, not a service to others. My child, are you aware of this great difference, do you work in love and joy, or complain and force? Serve others in love. How beautiful work is in joy!

Of course, the appearance of the earth’s real life always looks trivial. Washing, cooking, making beds and folding quilt are endless. Dirty clothes are piled up in a mountain. You must wash them today. The house is full of chicken feathers. It’s in a mess. You must clean it up today. Someone has to do it. You have to do it when you have to, forced to complain, dissatisfied, gambling, depressed and irritable. Dear, have you ever tried to change your mind and try this feeling: I serve a warm family, my love is scattered all over clothes, and my love flows in every corner of the room. I am grateful for the opportunity to serve you and everyone trusts me so much. They left their socks for me to wash, and they left the dishes and chopsticks for me to brush. I am happy to serve my family, sweep the floor, sweep my heart, and wash clothes. I love you. I love my family, I love them.

When you work and clean up the housework in a completely relaxed, joyful and natural mood, your family will give back your warm, loving, harmonious and happy Thanksgiving atmosphere. Happiness, joy, or depression is entirely in you. What kind of atmosphere you radiate will give back to the same atmosphere.

When you are extremely helpless to wash dishes and chopsticks and clean up your belongings, you beat your chest and feet, fall and beat, and complain. Poor child, do you realize what you are doing?

As I’ve said, what you do will be multiplied back to you. A completely different mindset in your work will change your family atmosphere and even the atmosphere of your surroundings. Change your mind, from now on, from the trivial things of housework. Working in joy and relaxation is an opportunity to serve your family. Thank God for giving you such a way to practice meditation. How rare and honored it is. Soon, you will find that your family embraces you with a broader mind and surrounds you with a deeper and silent love.

My child, tell me, your heavenly Father, where is the reason why you are not happy to do things? Often in love, everything you do is joy. Please listen to me tell you the truth: in fact, everything you do is for me. If you do it for me, will you suppress compulsion? If you do it for me, can’t you do too much? Now, honey, smile. Do you feel reluctant to smile in love and joy? Where do you feel blocked and dull? Do it for me, everything is in me. Ah, I see, I see your gentle and beautiful cheeks with a smile. You are smiling at me, you are smiling at everyone, and you slowly spread the wave of joy.

At this moment, if I ask you to scrub the floor, are you aware of my existence, I will be with you, your inner heart, in fact, you are scrubbing for me? Clearing the warehouse and cleaning the heart. At the moment, are you still complaining angrily? Do you still feel hard and painful working for me?

At this moment, can you be patient with what you are tired of? When the heavenly father is around you and you spread the love of this source, how can you be impatient? You will not be tired of working in joy and serving others as long as you need it, right, my child?

Now, if I let you be generous and generous, can you do it? Would you like to try it now?
Now, if I ask you to love and forgive yourself, can you love and forgive yourself now?

Jealousy and stinginess are not tolerance and kindness, guilt and remorse are not generosity. No matter when, where and under what circumstances, work in joy and ease, do things, that’s it!

How you treat yourself, others give you back in the same way.

Become yourself, become the nature of love, clear water out of Hibiscus, natural to carve, fresh and natural, without affectation. In this way, to raise the vibration frequency of the earth is to balance the planet. Smile at the world, smile at yourself, smile at me!

So today, if you have something to do, do it. At this time, can you complete it in joy and ease? At this moment, can you make yourself shining, elegant and gentle? Dear, today I will reform myself and change my face again. Today I am my example. No matter what happens, you are in joy, always in love. Can you always keep a charming smile and do things in happiness? Because, in joy, how beautiful work is!

Serve because you love to
Heavenletter #4200 Published on: May 25, 2012
Original text: http://www.heavenletters.org/serve-because-you-love-to.html
Author: Gloria Wendroff
Translator: inner peace

Gloria Wendroff, the author of the letter from heaven, introduced:
Gloria Wendroff, who grew up in Massachusetts and now lives in Chicago, is an English teacher and businessman. On November 17, 2000, she began to receive the first heaven letters and became a messenger of heaven, which she never expected. On October 21, 2004, she published heavenletters – love letters from God – Book 1 A book. Today, the daily heaven letters have spread all over the world and have a far-reaching impact. For more details, please refer to the heaven letters website http://www.heavenletters.org/ , Gloria personal blog http://www.godwriting.com org 。


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