Yama: at present, the work of hell for life transformation is accelerating!^_^

Yama: at present, the work of hell for life transformation is accelerating!

Original destined to practice 2021-12-28 12:00

The reform of underground government is changing rapidly, but it is difficult to walk in a fast way.

The difficulty lies in the numerous beings;
Come on, come on, a lot of life is sent away.

Whether it is the life that has been delayed and stayed for a long time, or a large number of lives in recent years, the current work has reached a speed that could not be reached before, not only dealing with the past life and the life to be transferred now at the same time.

The reform of this mechanism is a kind of progress and a state that has been expected but not achieved before.

The previous work was to treat the transferred lives step by step, review them one by one, and then proceed to the next work.

In this way, many lives that do not rise and turn in time will stay. Lives that do not meet the conditions for rise and turn will have to wait a long time and may not wait until the opportunity.

Green channel is a common way in the world.

In this channel, the green light and special transportation all the way, with fast speed, fast rhythm, smooth and smooth process.

At present, there is also a green channel in the underground government, which is specially established under the authorization of a higher level. What life is it for?
For some great good people, great virtue people, and interstellar seeds in good practice.

Because the speed of life recovery is speeding up, people of all levels and conditions will come to the underworld. If they follow the conventional process, even at the current faster speed, they will have to wait for some time.

While those with great virtue and goodness have slight defects in the world, considering the whole, they will help them enter the green channel.

In this channel and process, as long as the audit is passed at first, there is no need to review later, and directly enter the process of transformation. Whether to reincarnate or go back, everything is clear and clear, and the most important thing is to be orderly.

There are many marginal lives in the underworld. They don’t need to be transferred or transformed. They just need a special opportunity, but it is also related to their mind and state.

Marginal life is not a life of practice, nor is it a life waiting to be transferred. It is only because of some special reasons in the past that they stay in the underworld.

Some participate in the work of the underground government, some enjoy themselves, and some do their best to camp. They form a unique existence. This sentient beings are not sentient beings and constitute a huge group of the underground government.

Now there are also special people to connect with them and arrange a better place for them in the next step, so as to help the underground government reduce the burden and reduce the depression.

As for Yehai, it is not only related to hell, but also connected to hell and the world.

The light of Yehai can only be said to have appeared a little, but it is not enough to support a large number of lives to leave quickly. In particular, the life of hell constitutes the largest side of the sea of karma.

The depth, breadth and Mi of the sea are the deposits of Yehai for a long time.

At present, the rapid transformation of the local government has also virtually promoted the reduction of the business sea. However, because the base of the business sea itself is too large, the reduction can not be seen as a whole, and it still needs long-term unremitting efforts.

The sea of karma also has many implications with the world because of human energy. Although the body has not reached Yehai, some people have entered Yehai experience in advance, which is unknown to people at present.

Demons, monsters, ghosts, gods and monsters will contact people with bad hearts in advance, so that their dark hearts can be locked, so as to connect to the frequency of the industry sea and enter the industry sea to suffer in advance. But this will also aggravate the burden and burden of karma on earth.
Based on this, now the great evil people and bad hearted people will cut off their causal connection in the world, forcibly change their fate, cut off their opportunities for reincarnation and reincarnation, and directly enter the incineration system for cleaning after recycling, that is, they have no chance to reincarnate.

This is a lesson learned from many previous lives.
The virtue of living has left ancient and ancient lives with similar behaviors until now, but according to the data, the effect of their reincarnation is very poor, and they will pull and involve many lives to fall with them.

This is also preventing cross-border life and dark life from reaching out to them and preventing the spread of black energy on earth.

In addition, the underground government has also begun to cooperate with the God of wealth team and wealth workers to inventory many human beings who have a lot of money.

First of all, the wealth team will retrieve the data and provide the names of humans that need to be paid close attention to to to the special personnel of the underground government.

Then, the special personnel of the underground government checked the person’s previous life experience, cultivation status and source, retrieved their data in all aspects, including the data of previous reincarnation in the underground government, conducted comprehensive investigation and audit, and gave conclusions to the wealth team under very rigorous preliminary work.

Then, the wealth team approves their due wealth data. If it is greatly exceeded, it will start the human network collection plan to accelerate the recovery of wealth or the manifestation of personal causality, which also needs the cooperation of the underground level.

Whether in the past or now, the underground government has undertaken very important work. Based on this, the underground government will always lead more lives to rebirth.

Thank Yama!


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