Heavenly Father: stem cells^_^

Heavenly Father: stem cells

The departure of the heart the heaven of light and love 2021-12-30 19:43

Message from beloved heavenly Father!

Greetings, my dear children!
In order to solve the problem of physical intervention on the pretext of saving the body, we will study a less common phenomenon. However, it has a stable trend of further development.

The debate focuses on stem cells and bone marrow transplantation.

What is human bone marrow? Why only use this expression?
Of course, this is not accidental, because you connect the brain with intelligence.

Although the brain is the physiological “organ” of your conscience, the bone marrow is the “conscious organ” of your body.

It is an organic substance containing human stem cells.
Stem cells are your “business card” and the individual password of your personality.

They saved all your genetic information, not only during your current incarnation, but also during your previous incarnation.

This is a special sacred storage of human souls, their spiritual and material heritage, and their previous lives on earth and other planets in the universe.

This is an immortal code and a sacred place for everyone.
Attempts at its integrity are by far the most serious crimes, whether committed intentionally or unintentionally, and are inevitably subject to retaliation.

The fact that human stem cells have become a tradable commodity is the culmination of the terrible crime committed by Reptilase against mankind.

Taking advantage of some people’s desire to be young forever, they transplanted other people’s stem cells into their bodies on a commercial basis, which led to their rather regrettable results.

These cells cannot be integrated into a strange body. As a result of this operation, a person will die soon.

Bone marrow transplantation is based on the same principle, so such surgery does have a short-term effect.

What about those who become donors and voluntarily transplant bone marrow to another person?
For them, the consequences are not so tragic, because they often do so because they want to save their close relatives, but the operation itself is quite dangerous and often leads to serious complications because it makes the donor’s body fail.

At present, there is a real search for stem cells on your planet, which has been promoted by medical entrepreneurs as a miracle therapy for body regeneration.
They really are, because they can update themselves.

But to this end, they need the local natural environment – the body in which the human soul can be incarnated.
If they enter a strange body, they will trigger the process of rejecting all strange things instilled by nature. As a result, cancer cells will form in the recipient’s body and begin to reproduce at an exponential rate.

That’s why people who have been in contact with donor stem cell transplants “burn” so quickly.

However, the more serious crime against humanity is the manipulation of the placenta. More and more doctors are involved. They are eager to make “easy” money, which leads to birth injuries and complications. As a result, both mothers and children are affected.
As you can see, dear ones, all the evils and disadvantages of modern society controlled by reptiles have penetrated into your medicine and turned it into a means of human conscience control, thus inciting people to do stupid acts at a high price.
This is why I tell you again and again: only listen to your soul, it will never deceive you, nor will it let you violate your nature, violate the sacred law and damage your body.
Love you endlessly!

Teaching from the beloved heavenly Father!

Conduction: Marta

Stem cells are the main cells of the human body. All cells are derived from stem cells, including blood cells, nerve cells and so on. It is not only a supplier of new human cells, but also an all-round commander. It is the main element of controlling and transporting life. There are many kinds of stem cells in the human body. Their job is to make other kinds of cells.
At the beginning of the human life cycle, the fertilized egg divides into embryonic stem cells

It is like the initial stage of human life, that is, the fertilized egg divides into embryonic stem cells, and then continuously differentiates and proliferates cells with different functions to form a complete (. These stem cells infiltrate every organ and begin to repair and regenerate when they are sick and injured.


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