Kryon: 2022

Kryon: 2022

Kryon conducted through Carroll Lee on December 25, 2021

Why stop me

Dear everyone, I’m Kryon of magnetic service. Hello to you.

There are a group of unusual old souls listening. I don’t mean everyone on the show. I mean people who want to watch this program. Honey, we want to talk about so many things, but now just one thing: what will happen next year.

Sometimes the gods give hints and metaphors. One significant implication is the number of years.

You are about to enter 2022. Here are three 2’s.

First, if you look at it, there are three identical numbers. Here, we don’t calculate 0. We’ll explain it in Tibetan spirit mathematics.

3 is the catalytic number. You can say that this is a catalytic year. You’re right. If you look at catalysts, they don’t do anything, but change what flows through it. In other words, this catalytic year will be full of things that flow through it and change accordingly. We will post a sign for this year, calling it “the year of revelation”. What is about to happen will surprise you. And what is about to happen, I will use the remaining numbers to describe.

The first is a 2. It exists alone, next to 0. Again, 0 is not counted. Therefore, a single 2 means duality, polarity, yin and Yang. It represents free choice. But not only that, it also represents a binary process. This is not a pleasant figure. But there are 22 behind it. You must consider them together.

Duality usually means that something about duality will happen. Binary is also usually the measurement of light and dark. We said that since 2012, light has been increasing, and light will change things. Indeed, light is winning in some areas. You may have seen but not noticed. What light does for you at this moment is to illuminate the dark things that have always existed. When you turn on the light, especially when it is brighter than before, the dark things react and fight back. Did you see it? Did you see something unexpected happen? Do you see what you suspected before is collapsing? Do you see anything illogical? This is the reaction of darkness, trying to stabilize yourself and adjust your posture so that you can’t see ahead. Did you see it? “The year of revelation” means they have no chance.
22 is a very interesting number. This is a master number. The second number is 11. 11 is enlightenment. 22 means the laws of the universe. This is very, very interesting. Many people don’t understand what it really means. Because 2 is binary, but with one more 2, it suddenly becomes the law of the universe. What is this?

Maybe it implies something that can correct itself, because of light. What is the law of the universe? This is the law of light. What cannot exist in light is collapsing, what cannot exist in light is unbalanced, and what cannot exist in light is darkness. Do you see the meaning of 2 and 22? But the beauty is that you can’t just look at them themselves, you have to add them up.

Add up and you get a great 6. This is a solemn number: harmony, balance, love, compassion. This year includes all this. The “year of revelation” is accompanied by things you didn’t expect, which may be better than the past two years. It all depends on human beings. Because human beings have free choice. But light is growing, and consciousness is beginning to ask questions, especially about dark things. So we said, please wait for what will happen.

Dear ones, you can manifest them faster. If you project your future with intention now, the light will become stronger. Strong enough to get everyone through the difficulties, but also strong enough to make your planet, your country and your city different, including any place you feel unbalanced due to the virus. These things will change, and something will be revealed, a lot. Extraordinary events will occur in 2022 and 2023. Please pay attention. But please project your light with your intention and see if the situation will change soon. This is your ability, great. Now let the masters rush into this room to prepare for Alcazar. They’ll tell you the same thing. To feel the love for all of you. If we don’t love humans, we won’t be here. If it were not for the glory and dignity of mankind, we would not be touched. I’m Kryon. I love human beings.

be it so.



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