Crossing the photonic band^_^

Crossing the photonic band

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Harton’s introduction to photonic band (excerpt)

1962 was the year you entered the sphere of influence of the photonic band. What happened in 1962? In the late 1950s, the whole 1950s to 1960s, it was a major time for the discovery of UFOs – you still need to go back to the most obvious time before you began to enter the photon belt. At that time, you didn’t have today’s technical ability, so the sightings at that time were more real than now. As you get closer, you will see more UFOs, and someone is watching you. This is a great era of change – the cosmic brotherhood shoulders great responsibilities. Does that mean you’re closer to space travelers? Space travelers often use photonic belts – because, as you know, thought is the projection of light. What do you think? Maybe it’s easier to cross the photonic band? Well, the thing is – for space beings, they are not as advanced as others who travel through thought projection – you need to accelerate your perception of time through light. It’s hard to understand because you don’t have such experience in the process of education, but if you look at it from our point of view, it’s very, very simple.
I have a tip for those who forget their stories, even those incredible stories. I want to go back to Eric von Daniken’s discovery when he was looking for the chariot of the gods in South America. It was found that thousands of years ago, a tribe was given an object by the “astronauts”. They have an oral tradition, everything is handed down from generation to generation, the object still exists, and they take good care of it. The astronauts told them to keep it clean, listen and see – when it buzzes like thousands of bees, we’ll come back. Friends, around 1978, it began to buzz. So now you have a cosmic alarm clock to remind you of the arrival of light. Isn’t that interesting? I certainly hope so, because you have described in detail how it works, which is a very, very important time clue.
In fact, some civilizations live in light forever – what will happen to them when your planet leaves this period of light and returns to 10000 years of darkness? Will they return to the light and wait for your final return? Ah, yes! When we talk about the rest of the people, what do we mean? Isn’t this beginning to get a little understood? What happened to the Mayans? The Mayans hurried away with the news that they were about to return. Oh, how could this happen? There are rock carvings all over the world, which show paintings very, very similar to the Pleiades. This is important.
When you have a photon density system, the ship that may be very slow is now very fast and efficient – during this time, the wonderful things of space technology have developed, just like the Russians use their space platform and their light particle beam, and so on. That’s their cosmic instrument. They have learned to use a lot of photon energy, and you haven’t perfected it well to surpass their defense system. Is it because your solar radiation will be changed by photon energy, so your scientists are just talking about the development of solar energy? You can have a lot of energy, but you’ve noticed – note that it’s rarely used. So let’s think about your planet coming out of light into darkness.
Indigenous mythology says, “you were abandoned in the dark and were very afraid. So the gods gave you a sun to keep you warm and a moon to let you see at night.” If the ice sheet is formed in a year of photons, then when you leave this zone, the increased solar radiation will certainly melt the ice, so you will have floods. If it doesn’t rain during the photon period, it’s understandable, right? Why does Noah feel great awe when he sees the first rainbow? Gilgamesh mentioned the great flood, but, babies, it was obviously 10000 years earlier than Noah’s flood. Look at these cycles. You will think a lot about the impact on your world and yourself. In your life, it is natural to think of yourself first, but what about human beings as a whole? If you are not prepared, many people will not be able to survive the initial turmoil, baby, is it hard to imagine?
If the ice extends to 40 degrees north latitude, it will cover half of the United States and most of Europe and Asia. Many people have no home. Can they be accepted in other countries? Is it possible to feed countless people in this limited reproductive space? I think you know the answer – you must realize that your politicians know the answer to this question. They believe that in any case, they should be ready to meet their needs. They are ready in New Zealand, Australia and the Antarctic in the southern hemisphere, so if these moments come, they will be protected. Only you, the public, will be destroyed and there will be a transition. This is what they are preparing, and they will prepare for it, including war. Ignorance can’t help you out. Ignorance is an act worthy of God’s forgiveness, but if you don’t know what you’re doing or where you’re going, you can’t reach it if you don’t have a goal. That’s it. May the emperor walk with you.

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    We’ll talk about the zero zone. This is an electromagnetic region where there is an energy vacuum without an electromagnetic field. All offset. Whether you accept it or not, you will always know at some point that it is true: your solar system – part of the larger Pleiadian solar system, which is about to enter a cosmic cloud, as I said, part of the 24000 year event cycle – has been happening regularly since the creation of the world. Every time you come to this spiral, in this circle, you hit it. Everything revolves around the solar system – the solar systems outside the solar system revolve around the Pleiadian sun, the Central Sun alcione. We can say that you are the seventh solar system. Therefore, as you live closer to the Great Central Sun, your abilities must change a lot. I can’t be more specific about the photonic band you will pass through, which is usually in a duration. It will change – like everything in the universe, it will expand and contract – everything in the universe is expanding and contracting – but you can say empirically that this photonic band channel represents about 2000 years of your Earth solar system.

    The impact of the zero zone, where there is an energy vacuum – which is very important because it will have a great impact on you in a relatively short time – but when you make these changes, it will interfere with all electromagnetic pulses and destroy your engine like a spaceship in front of your car. You’re entering zone zero. The main impact is about 120 hours and lasts about 4 to 5 days.

    You will see some signs and signs of its approach, and you already have some. You will see, first, some very strange lights – strange colors in the sky – even if your time zone is midsummer, you will feel less light. You’ll think it’s not so bright. In other words, the planet itself will gradually darken. You will notice that some animals hibernate early, but most people will not notice that some animals even begin hibernation in early autumn. Soon you will experience a longer hibernation period for many animals. Throughout the United States, you have just experienced the warmest winter since you have recorded. This is one of the signs of approaching the photonic band. You will hear more sounds you think are tinnitus, and those who have experienced what we call woodpecker pulses will recognize the difference. Similarly, people like Darma, who can receive the very sharp or very high frequency of our transmission, will realize this – just like occasionally you will realize that the buzzing sound seems to come from around you, but there is no transmission source you can find. At the same time, you will have more and more experience of UFOs.

    Now, in the past few years, you are in the so-called space / time overlap, and your polar region is getting more and more cosmic bombardment, which actually leads to the melting of the polar ice sheet. This also releases some pressure, which is what you call torque. The torque is also similar to the pressure formed in an earthquake fault. This is manifested in volcanic and seismic activity along the crustal fault line, but the small earthquake or specific earthquake you are experiencing may be man-made, triggered by man for his own purpose.
    I’d better explain what space / time overlap is. Before entering this zero region (only before entering), the change of electromagnetic magnetofluid – this position change, which we can call the “life belt” of gravitational compression – enters a larger graviton spectrum. Now you have to understand, go back and read what I gave you about gravity in order to really understand this. It will make it easier for your brain to adapt to new frequencies. This new type of light enters. It will make your compression lighter, so that you can understand and understand it more easily. Someone wants to make sure it says, “This is the fifth dimension. You will all enter the fifth dimension. “No, you will not all enter the fifth dimension. Many of you will only experience some of the most incredible terrorist moments and want to know what is happening in the world, but your whole person and your whole planet will not enter any fifth dimension experience level. The final process of space / time overlap will be to connect the two evolutionary structures. This is a touch, or body Experience the fusion between the experience of the third and fourth dimensions and the experience of the fifth dimension.

    Due to the expansion and compression of the photonic band, it is difficult to accurately predict whether the planet or your sun will enter the photonic band first (especially where you have instruments). Therefore, you must be prepared for both, because there will be a relatively short but very important impact time during this period, which can be adjusted from three to five days. If the sun enters first, there will be darkness soon. This will last about 120 hours, and then will enter the continuous light, because your magnetic force will readjust, which will pull you more into the Pleiadian orbital system, where you will have at least two suns – we are not talking about the larger central sun, in addition, at any given time, for a long time, You will experience a form of light or sunshine within 24 hours. Because of the balance of light in both directions, you won’t have darkness. If the earth enters first, this phenomenon will happen, which is even more terrible for us, because you may act in panic. In the dark, you may panic, but there is little you can do except bump into something. If the light comes – and you’re not prepared for it – you’ll get hurt, seriously.

    Now you are experiencing the so-called “ozone hole” and extra ultraviolet light. No, you are experiencing entering this photonic band – you will have to think of it as an X-ray, an invisible penetrating light, which can be extremely harmful. Your scientists, your top elite controllers, know this. In order to ignite the radiation belt, they conducted a lot of discussions and attempts [the radiation belt was discovered and named by Dr. James A. Van Allen about 49 years ago]. For your planet, it will burn for about three days and these photons will be sucked dry, but during this time, it will cause great damage to the eyes – if it is ignited, it will cause a lot of blindness around the world.

    Anyway, the sky will look like a fire, but you will know that you have passed that point, at least in safety and tranquility – with enough protection, you will be fine, because it is cold light. In other words, you won’t be burned like a thermal burn, but it will be a penetrating light (your body is not ready for that light), so you must start thinking about protective measures. The interaction between solar radiation and the photonic band will make the sky seem full of meteors – all molecules will be excited, atomic structure will change – and everything will glow. It can be said that you will all shine in the dark. After this dark period, there will be constant light, but there will be no alternation of day and night you take for granted.

    Now, you have entered the edge of the zero zone. You entered this area a few years ago, but the impact began to become serious in 1991. You are actually being moved to a different location in the Milky way, as I said, where you will get light from two suns. Now, some people want to call it “planetary ascension”. No, this is not planetary ascension. This is a place of transition for residents, and when everyone responds to the correct vibration frequency, this may occur during the zero zone – so that we can make it easier for you to leave your planet and be replaced to a new and more beautiful place of creation, where you will continue with more balance and harmony. That’s not necessarily the fifth dimension. You don’t automatically move from the third dimension to the fifth dimension. It’s not like that. Those at a higher level of understanding and cognition may enter at least the fifth dimension – but you will build a society of truth in that dimension and continue to experience experience, but no evil opponent will pull you down. This is where you enter a higher understanding and a deeper understanding of the value of your creation as a creator.


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