Sananda: Gratitude^_^

Sananda: Gratitude
Dear sons and daughters of planet Earth! I AM SANANDA!
My heart is rejoicing! It is with great gratitude and joy that I leave today, some words for you to reflect on; and for those who want, you can finish this cycle, this year, as you understand, believing in each one of them. There is no time, there is no way, each one will do their own thing, each one will do as their heart asks.
It is a message of love and hope, and one that can bring each one of you peace, confidence and the certainty of better days; or at least the certainty of the journey towards a better world. My only word: Gratitude.
Gratitude for being alive.
Gratitude for thinking, for being able to understand.
Gratitude for the body I have. It is perfect in the eyes of Father/Mother God. Help me, Father, to see you with love and respect.
Gratitude for being aware and wise about anything that unbalances me. May I, each day, learn to keep myself balanced and focused on my decisions.
Gratitude for the place I live, the ground I walk on, the air I breathe, the water I drink. May I learn every day to give more and more value to all these items that are so important in my journey.
Gratitude for the Light I receive from the universe. May I learn to feel it, absorb it and believe in all the change it is making in my body.
Gratitude for understanding the powerful human being that I am. May I live each day the power I have, without ego, without any kind of superiority feeling, just using each one of them for my evolution and for the evolution of the Whole.
Gratitude for the walk of my soul. May each pain, each suffering, each obstacle that was part, and that is still part of my current life, is the total learning of what I need to learn not to repeat.
Gratitude for everything I’ve lived through. Let me understand that even the bad things that my soul did over time were due to total ignorance and lack of guidance. But that today I understand each one of them and I know exactly that I must not repeat them.
Gratitude for knowing that I am so loved/beloved, by so many Beings of Light. That I know, that I believe, that I live the feeling of this great love, emanating from each Being of Light that is around me.
Gratitude for all the knowledge and learning I acquired. May I, may I feel, may I live, every knowledge, every word, every teaching that has been given to me in recent times.
Gratitude for being able to hear Beings of Light addressing me. May I simply learn more each day, to believe without seeing, because only in this way will I reach the stage necessary for my evolution.
Gratitude for knowing that I am able to protect and defend myself. That even if I go through the tribulations, the sufferings, the dangers; I believe and know that the world will fall around me, but I will fall to my feet.
Stay with all my love. At this moment, my Spark that is in the heart of every inhabitant of this planet is lit. And rest assured, I’m in there. Don’t look for me outside, don’t look for me in books, don’t look for me in temples, I’m not nailed to a cross. I am free, I am powerful, I am loving; and within, totally within, each of your hearts. Try calling me, ask to feel my Spark; and rest assured, you will feel.
来自:Anjos e Luz Terapias


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