Archangel Gabriel: What is Ease^_^

Archangel Gabriel: What is Ease

Many of you want to experience more ease in your lives.

Ease comes from following your heart, being willing to be guided, being willing to receive, and using your conscious awareness to follow the signs and synchronicities of the flow with your faith and trust.

You cannot experience ease and practice resistance at the same time because ease is a state of acceptance and gentle expansion while resistance is a state of defiance and contraction.

Or, if you prefer, ease is a 5D trait, and resistance is a 3D trait. You get to choose which system you operate from, Dear Ones, and we highly recommend you put your time and focus into energies that can get you where you wish to go.

Do you have old habits to release and new habits to anchor so you can finally experience the ease you crave? ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young







What does freedom, what does soul expansion, what does joyful self expression look like to you? An even better question might be what do they feel like to you, because these are some of the core traits of 2022 and beyond. You don’t need to know the exact details you just have to be open to the discovery of your truest matches that make your soul sing.
That is how you allow the full potential of unfoldment and open to receive the gifts it holds for you. The universe has been excitedly waiting to watch you open those presents! As you step up into the energies of the new year, if you simply commit to allowing your life to get as big and beautiful as it wants to be, you will be setting yourself up for the most marvellous new experiences and brand new levels of attainment. You are fully supported in stepping into your fullest, ever-unfolding, glorious expression of self, so embrace the wonder of where you have arrived and all the up-levelling that is now possible for you. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young
What spiritual practice or positive change have you been meaning to implement but haven’t made the time or commitment to do? Now would be an ideal time to start to put action to those intentions, for what you incorporate into your life, no matter how small, becomes part of who you are, and your beingness is what leads the way.
Many of you have an all or nothing mentality, but we are here to tell you that small incremental steps create consistency, and from there anchor into true change that can bloom and grow. Infuse your life with what you want more of, even if it is the tiniest amount, and before you know it that energy becomes a part of you and you will have shifted out of it being a dream of how you would like to be one day into a natural expression of who you really are. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young
What makes the new earth new is you having the courage to embrace your truth and step forward from that space of authenticity and pure potential. All the changes you seek will unfold from there. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young
Surrender is not about giving up your identity or preferences, but rather moving with the energies that allow you to become and experience more of who you really are. It is an authenticity tool that allows you to shrug off old stories and limitations and discover your truest self and your highest potentials with the greatest amount of assistance possible. The universe is only interested in expansion and that means revealing and enhancing what is glorious about you! ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young



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