Remember, dear, you are not judged by anyone, but yourself^_^

Remember, dear, you are not judged by anyone, but yourself.

You will always be given the opportunity to overcome your past sins.

Self forgiveness is the first step in healing the past and reconnecting with internal forces

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Archangel Michael- overall process

Dear masters, ascension means gaining a clearer self-awareness and accepting that you are a white seed atom of the God of parents.

As you go deeper inside, you will realize that you are closely connected to all that is.

Once you feel the happiness of sincere connection with our parents’ God, you can fully absorb the diamond particles of love / light, and your desire for love will be gradually satisfied. Your desire for support will also be satisfied, and you will be given strength, will and determination to fulfill your earthly mission happily

Energy is generated through the frequency pattern of attraction, not the pattern of resistance or divergence.

Thoughts, words and emotions are either helpful or harmful to the physical apparatus, and they will also create a specific frequency bandwidth in and outside your auric field. Therefore, your reality on the physical plane is created.

The universal law says, “you must always experience what you create.”

Remember: the spoken words are the language of the material world. Spiritual language is composed of light, sacred geometry, picture, sound and color. When you radiate a delicate frequency of love, negative forces cannot affect you

Brave people, you must become a tributary of the river of life and a conduit of divine creative power. When you stop Vajra particles from flowing into your Divine heart, stagnation begins immediately.

When you become a sentinel of light, your aura grows and shines, because you are illuminated by spiritual brilliance. You, your home, your community, city, country, state and province all have a gold market, whether bright or dark. The heart and soul of every nation must be restored.
When the sense of unity is lost, the spiritual vitality of a country begins to weaken. Remember, everything that exists has an aura. The divinity and extraordinary power of the creator exist in everything

Many souls can be called spiritual bankruptcy because they have either exhausted the diamond particle ration of life / light and are now immersed in the lower frequencies of three and four dimensions. They can no longer access the river of life in the universe and absorb the full light spectrum of the creator. Either from childhood, they cannot reach the harmonious frequency pattern required to ignite their diamond particle ration stored in their sacred hearts

Unfortunately, many dear souls bring most of their rations to the grave. These are souls suffering from wind and frost. They feel unloved and lead a painful life. They are usually isolated or bullied, which is caused by a sense of despair, self hatred and inferiority.

They usually focus on external hatred and dissatisfaction, blame their failure on others and fate, and do not know that they are the source of their own pain

These precious soul choices are in the lower spectrum known as shadows. At the soul level, they choose to cover the life drama they will experience because they want to overcome specific unbalanced frequency patterns from the past.

In any case, many times, the path they choose is full of too many challenges, and they fall back to many negative patterns in a fruitless life.

Those who have little choice are driven by obsessive, addictive, unconscious impulses. They are left vacant by the negative effects of the past and are difficult to correct.

Remember, dear, you are not judged by anyone, but yourself. You will always be given the opportunity to overcome your past sins. Self forgiveness is the first step in healing the past and reconnecting with internal forces

This may seem a little ruthless and indifferent; In any case, a master will gradually end his relationship with people who are no longer in harmony. There should be no judgment, just a gradual let go, retreat or cut off any connection. Usually another person ends your relationship because they can no longer receive the “emotional energy” they need from an enlightened person
Many lonely souls are looking for soul mates, which is happening all over the world, as more and more souls reach a certain level of internal harmony.

For millions of people, this is the farthest point of your soul’s journey of separation, and you are on the journey of “reunion and integration”.
Your soul is gradually infused with a divine dissatisfaction and slowly infiltrates into your consciousness. You have turned inward in order to tame the ego and reconnect with the soul, oversoul and many aspects of your greater self. You now have the potential to connect with many aspects of your soul family, higher self, many oversouls and divine light (I am)

On the other hand, many soul mates have similar soul vibration patterns, but do not necessarily have similar physical gold field patterns.

Soul frequencies are more powerful than physical frequency patterns. When you are in an emotional and heartfelt state, they are more powerful. If the light is strong enough, the beauty of the soul will shine. In any case, it may not be strong enough to overcome physical, emotional and spiritual characteristics that are not in harmony with another person in order to create a lasting and satisfactory relationship.

Interpersonal relationships are the most difficult on the earth plane, especially when you seek self mastery, you are in the process of “knowing yourself”, which will lead to constant changes both inside and outside

Brave people, never forget that you are eternal.
Your physical body is a temporary temple.

The sacred heart is the temple of the soul; There is the essence of life, where true love resides, where your infinite consciousness begins.

The diamond core cell in the sacred heart contains the twelve rays of divine consciousness, that is, the etheric crystal prism, which refracts the light representing the essence of creation

Death is a transformation, and the clothes of the body become the clothes of light.
You have only one life, it is eternal.

In your eternal journey, you have picked up many roles; In any case, you are still what you are: the child of the supreme creator.

To be “Christ” is to be aware of your inner divinity and correctly follow the guidance of your God’s self. In the higher realms, your instruments of light are pure, perfect, and indestructible. Imagine a whole that has never been changed and flawless

Being centered in the divine heart will keep you connected to the higher level of divine consciousness and ensure a stable flow of Creator Light, love and life.

The super conscious mind is a magnet to attract higher divine truth.

The body with desire is the productivity within everyone.
You are either dominated by the ego desire body, that is, the physical senses, or by the spiritual “integrity” desire body, that is, the higher self

The subconscious and subjective mind are managed by the conscious mind and the past state. It is programmed and reprogrammed through vibrational influence, so the lower negative thought-form in the past convinced you that you are guilty, fragile and imperfect. Throughout many of your life experiences, you create a powerful vortex of doubt, depression, fear, lack and disease, leading to premature death.

These harmful thought forms are repeated again and again until they are rooted in everyone’s subconscious and collective conscious belief structure until they become an accepted reality

Your divine mind always knows the true image. It will eventually cover the wrong ideas of the conscious mind and can be reprogrammed as you try to clean up the negative effects of the subconscious. Your divine mind is a direct connection to the mind of God.

Moderation leads to balance and a sense of happiness
Self mastery orientation controls the thought process and emotions of the lower mind.

During chaos and change, a master will firmly stay in the divine heart and grasp the wisdom of the divine mind, because it will gather the power and guidance from the parent God, always as an observer, with all illusions slowly dispersed

Ascension means gaining a clear self-awareness and accepting you is an expansion of the God of parents.
As you begin to integrate many aspects of your higher self, you will also access your higher creativity.

You must learn a relaxed state of vigilance in which you can become a co creator and observer. You must be patient because there is a preparatory stage in the process of activating your higher conscious powers and attributes

The language of the subconscious mind is mainly images. The activation and integration of the subconscious, conscious and super conscious mind can be greatly accelerated by deliberate practice (perfecting your imagination and visualization). Perfecting your abilities requires a strong will, along with determination and concentration

Your development to the higher realm of consciousness is a gradual awakening process, that is, to realize the nudge and wisdom of your soul self, higher self – oversoul.

As you embark on the path of enlightenment, you begin to develop a process of vigilance. You must first focus on the physical aspects of your existence: your physical instruments, your chakra system, your emotional essence and spiritual abilities. Gradually, with the passage of time, you balance, coordinate and integrate a certain degree of unity, and realize that in your physical state of existence, you are ready to access the vibration patterns, wisdom, attributes and abilities of the higher four dimensions and the lower five dimensions. This is the basic transformation process known as ascension of consciousness

This process involves uniting, balancing and integrating the left and right brain, accessing your divine mind and balancing and coordinating the seven etheric mind centers in the physical body called the chakra system.
As you ignite the kundalini flame and Vajra of light particles stored in the undersea wheel (stored at birth and used in the future), you begin the process of opening and activating the seven imprints of higher consciousness. You will gradually be able to access the center of your Divine heart, and your diamond core cells will begin to burn, amplifying and emitting the dynamic light of divine consciousness. This is your unique recipe, the voice of your soul, encoded into your crystalline structure before you enter the physical. Your task is to enlarge, add and add this soul signature, as you expand God’s consciousness
You must be aware that you exist in a whirlwind of vibrational frequencies created through your own powerful thoughts, actions, and intentions. When you exist in a three-dimensional and four-dimensional low frequency environment, you can only access the energy composed of the essence of the original vitality, and the half spectrum of disharmonious matter on the plane. These vibrational frequencies will respond to your thoughts and actions, whether positive or negative, and eventually manifest in the physical plane, depending on the strength and number of repetitions of your thoughts. Your mental state determines the results you create.

The laws of the universe will ensure that you will experience the resulting expression of your thoughts and actions, whether positive or negative.

Are you willing to maintain a balanced and powerful nature? In this way, the frequency pattern you send out to the world will be loving, friendly and beneficial to all
If you really want to develop telepathy, it’s important to spend time studying and practicing every day. Create a sacred space where you will not be disturbed. Ask your guides and teachers to join you.

As you gradually coordinate in higher areas, clearing away the distortions of the past will connect you with your self being (God’s self) and parent God, and you will slowly develop the ability to “maintain a constant alpha state”. After that, you will enjoy a continuous connection with your higher self, mentor, teacher, cosmic light Council and angel field. This is your ultimate goal
Brave people, we know there will be a lot of pain, discomfort and fear as you go through these accelerated processes. Know, together, we will overcome all adversity. Our mission is to open the way for any soul eager to return to harmony. When you doubt that you need inspiration or strength to enter your pyramid of light, we will give you courage, enhance you and inspire you. When you feel lonely or unloved and enter the center of your sacred heart, we will wait for you there and fill you with the love of your parents and God. I’m Archangel Michael

Date: January 2, 2022
From: ronnavezane


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