In the new year, let peace, joy and love light your way^_^

In the new year, let peace, joy and love light your way^_^

Angel of light awakening and ascension 2022-01-08 21:08

Monique Mathieu channelling

Brothers of light told me:

“We are very happy to be with you tonight. We are very happy to help you and guide you.

As you rise to higher realms, you will transcend the linear timeline, and you will no longer act according to your clock and your watch. You will realize that the present is a sacred moment of existence and creation, and everything happens here and now.

We are very happy to see many people in love get together now, whether with family, friends or friends. We want to celebrate with you, especially to encourage you to spend the new year in joy, unity, strength, especially love.

Children of the earth, our brothers, the road ahead will still have twists and turns, but we want to tell you that the worst storm is over. So what can we say to you for the coming new year? We don’t want to bring bad news. We want you to know that there will be a lot of things happening in your heart and outside of you.

Those who are not prepared will be knocked down by fear, but there are still many others. People like you have awakened. You will stand firm in your inner strength and tell the world that we are ready for the new. Your soul asks you to do so because your inner divinity makes you fearless.

They showed me a building, like a big black building cracking everywhere.

“Everything built on the shadow is falling apart, but you still need some patience before it completely collapses. With trust, the most important thing is to let love grow in you. Love is a great power. Nothing, any earthly power, any dark power, can resist love.

In the past few years, even if you don’t realize it, you have developed this divine love within you. Because everything you experience, the louder and louder call from your heart, takes you to a higher truth. You are no longer bound by fear. You have gone beyond the old programming, so be happy! Light, the new year will be stronger and stronger.

Many of you will receive guidance. It may be a strange dream. Maybe you will dream of your galactic compatriots. We will inspire you before you see or perceive us and help you prepare for meeting us in physical reality.

From 2022, all shadows and imbalances will be released and cleared.

The earth will also receive considerable help from the sun, its sister planets and the solar system. From now on, everything will rise to a higher level in evolution. Each kingdom, mineral kingdom, animal kingdom and plant kingdom will rise, and everything will rise, because now this is your common mission, because your world is fully waking up. A long time ago, we told you that there will be a considerable amount of energy flowing into your world, which will begin to change your earth and all life: the complete transformation of all kingdoms, including mankind.

All of you, all those who receive our information, those who hear and feel us, and many people who don’t know who we are, you are changing. You are really changing your vibration, and we will even say physical. If you can really be fully open to the energy entering the earth, integrate and align the higher vibrations, you will be greatly improved. These energies will heal you in some way by making you realize that you have all the power.

So be happy, sincere and pure! When you are disturbed by the outside, return to you.
You are now at the door of the new world, a new world based on love, joy, harmony, equality and freedom. You will realize that all of you are linked together in one. Most importantly, in this new world, you will no longer have any fear, because there will be no separation and opposition, even if you express love in a completely different way.

2022 will be a very important year. If one day you look back on the past two years and this year, you will find what a magical and sacred period it is. Each of you is a sacred part. Each light point is connected to form a grid of light and disperse the darkness. You will be very proud of yourself.

Laugh! Celebrate with family and friends. Celebrate the end of the old, celebrate the new beginning. Joy is also a powerful vibration, shining with light.

Brothers of light continue:
In the new year, you will be asked to keep the center. No matter what happens, you need to know that you are not alone, you have and you will receive considerable help from us, your galactic brothers and your brothers of light. Everyone who embarks on the path of light will receive the necessary help to help change and prepare for entering the new world.

We hope you will remain calm and stable under any circumstances, no matter what happens. Only in this way can you return to your heart and truly fulfill your mission.

Fear will gradually leave you, because it will have no place in the new world. You’re ready. Try to understand your fears, if they exist, so that you can illuminate them with your light and your love.

May peace, joy and love always light up your life and your path. You are not alone, we are close to you, we love you. “

In love and light, bless.


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