Guanyin: building a new world01/13/2022

The soul of light and love, good evening! I’m Ms. Guanyin. In your plan and your space, my role is to liberate you from tears, sadness, anxiety and fear.

What should I do?

First, be close to you and connect yourself with what you have experienced. Emotion management is something that helps you move forward. It should not stop you. It should not stop you.

So existence like me, like Archangel chamuel, Archangel Michael, and sometimes some saints, let you experience these emotions in a rational and fair way.

For many of you, when you experience an emotion, the first emotional signal is not enough for you. So you generate, amplify again and again, again and again, these emotional signals are often useless in a futile way.

Dear soul, it’s a bit like magnifying the light ten times in a house You are finally blinded by the light that was only used to illuminate the place. It becomes too powerful, and then you are dazzled. So my role is to re stabilize the light, re stabilize these emotions, and make sure that you try to see the scene and see what is happening, rather than expose too much and not be confused by your emotions, because if the light in the room is too strong, you will eventually look at the too strong light rather than perceive the things around you. Of course, I’m not against anything here, just an example.

Therefore, when you perceive too many emotions, when the emotional charge seems too strong for you, I invite you to call me, invite you to perceive me and receive me.

A lot of people called me and said “Ms. Guanyin, I put my sadness on you. At that moment, I filled the air, I changed your emotion and circulated it. I gave it back to those who have not experienced emotion, because those who have not experienced any emotion can’t go anywhere except where they are. So emotion is necessary. For those who feel too much, I will redistribute it to feeling Not enough people.
It’s a little hard for some of you to understand. Really, here you are invited to your own mastery, a simple mastery, a quiet mastery. Therefore, these emotional areas must be managed.
If this emotion is caused by someone other than you, or by events other than you, please understand this. You can control and control your emotion. In other words, if you give power to someone, something or environment, your emotional overload is because of your energy. Therefore, the solution of emotion management is to refocus your energy on a goal, focus on a wish in your heart, and check whether you experience serving this goal or serving this wish. This wish can change and evolve.

Is it my purpose to cry here? Is fear here in line with my purpose and my values? If the answer is no, entrust it to me again, because in fact, the answer can only be yes.
When you feel too strong, it doesn’t fit your values most of the time. When you feel weak, it allows you to adjust, adjust yourself, and adjust others to see who you give too much power, sometimes to yourself., Sometimes to another. Have you found the right middle ground between your desire and another desire? If your inner desires are the same, then your formal desires are often not.

So what I want to say is that no amount of emotion can help you move forward, Ask yourself this question “Has everything I have experienced made me achieve greater self, greater value, maximum energy and maximum goal? Having not experienced any emotions means that you will not ask yourself these questions. You maintain a comfortable and ultimately false stability. On the other hand, too many emotions always make you believe that the culprit is you and the responsible person is you. There is no sin in energy The chief culprit, of course, has no responsibility, but this is what your ego thinks. For the role living in this space and time, he feels guilty and responsible, but because he gives someone the fact that he or she is guilty or responsible.

By shifting this destabilizing force, You refocus on “is this in line with my plan? Does this help your career? And” am I ready to defend this plan? “And” am I ready to defend this career? Not to defend for battle, but to continue to work, and do not give up your goal, because this is one of the virtues of light, to remain stable until it achieves its goal.
If you change your goal out of fear or emotional instability, your ability to love the goal itself is not enough. You lack love for yourself, you lack love for your goals, you lack love for what you do, and who you are. No matter where you are, this love must be strengthened. If you really love yourself, you won’t be unstable, almost not, just enough to make some readjustments, but you won’t be unstable every day, you won’t be unstable forever.
Note, brothers and sisters, your feelings, your emotions, have the strength and energy to achieve these small corrections.

But I remind you again tonight, if you have too many emotions, if you feel the overflow of emotions you can’t handle, give them to me. Don’t doubt my existence. I will be able to collect your greatest fear, your greatest tears. I will know how to change them and transform them. By using these energies beyond you, these energies are the information field of love, the information field of tolerance, and the information field of compassion. All these virtues, you will learn to develop calmly and gently in a temporary way.

Dear souls, this year is a very important year. We have been committed to this and the transformation of emotional energy. Don’t be angry. Enter the right action, that is, the action that leads you to your sovereignty.

Put down the new world and don’t destroy the old world. Your focus is on construction. When your heart turns to rebuilding a new home, the new world will be built naturally and the old will disintegrate at the closing
If you seek too much to destroy mankind, what will happen is that nature will show you that you are in the process of destruction. Therefore, she will show herself in a process of destruction. If you show a build process, it will show a build process. Nature does not seek to teach you, it just teaches you repeatedly and shows you what you look like on earth in a single way.

My dragon can move from one planet to another. Personally, I move from individual action to individual, from group action to group, and from conscious action to consciousness. Each of us has our own job.

Come together for peace and love. Don’t be afraid of what is happening or will happen, but believe that by maintaining this sovereignty and brotherhood, it can only lead you to peace, only love and joy.

We will repeat these words often this year. Don’t blame us, but this is the necessary key to the evolution of this plan. It can’t go back to its mistakes without losing the time of this incarnation. Oh, you can’t really waste time. You “have the right” to have many avatars you want, but you want to speed up the process. Therefore, the acceleration of this process passes through an emotional field, a larger and stronger emotional field, a test emotional field, an emotional field that forces you to leave comfort and faith to control.
Return to this humility, return to your humanity, return to your divinity, and everything will be completed in visible, invisible, earthly and extraterrestrial cooperation. Everything will happen, as long as you are ready, as long as you put down the idea of being a master and control person, but an adaptive person who knows how to evolve and how to get along with it. Blessed are you here. Blessed is this experience.
We’ll help you. We’ll help you. We are watching the birth of the planet. It is beautiful, it is incredible. This child can only be born in light and love. So don’t rely on divine contraction. Believe in the happiness of living work itself. A lot of you will see the world I’m talking about today.
Brothers and sisters of light, souls of love, divine blessings come to you. I’m helping you. We will help you cross this step, your wish.

** light receiver: silvan didero


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