Characteristics of reincarnation 4: Super soul (recording)

Why did original stop me? Kryon Cleon 2022-01-15 02:00

Four characteristics of reincarnation: Super soul
Kryon conducted through Carroll Lee and channeled live on December 22, 2021
sound recording:

Why stop me

Dear everyone, I’m Kryon of magnetic service. Hello to you. If you’ve been following this month’s channeling, it’s about family and suitable for this festival. Another word for family is reincarnation.

We’ve given you a lot of facts. Some are what you’ve heard in previous channeling, and some are new. But this is about a process, a system, that is, a soul comes to the planet continuously, dressed in a different “expression”. Many people use the word “expression” to describe the human form you enter. We describe a little history and the time interval of gender transformation and reincarnation. We’ve talked about so many aspects that we tell you that there is a system specially built for this planet, which is different from other planets. We say that the reincarnation interval is also different, depending on your degree of awareness: whether it is an old soul, the time of synthesis, the shape of reception, and the time of perceiving reincarnation. What I mean by shape is: when you go to the other side of the curtain, if you have lived on earth once or twice, it is very different from the old soul that has reincarnated hundreds of times.

We equate the reincarnation system with the earth school. The old souls have experienced life after life, expression, curriculum, expression and curriculum. When you reach a good level, you can have more awareness and knowledge of the operation of things. This puts them in another position when making soul plans, as we talked about in the previous section. I have something better, new, never said. I hope to be carefully relayed.

In all belief systems, reincarnation is usually a fixed pattern, and maybe yours. From the source of your great respect, trust and love, you hear that reincarnation is like that. But I came to tell you, it’s not like that. Therefore, when the energy related to gods changes, people resist. Someone will say, “God is the same before, now and in the future. Kryon, please don’t change it.” I didn’t, honey, and I’ll never change it. This is your story, this is your journey, this is the story of human consciousness on earth – this is what is changing. When you have a more multidimensional understanding of God, the system God has set for you has also changed.

Think about it this way: are you in the lower grade of school the same as you are in the upper grade? Will you still go out during recess? For example, in your culture, when you were in Grade 10 or 11, would you still climb onto the playground facilities or go to the study room? School is still that school, but different grades determine what you do. You are learning and approaching the grade of ascension. This earth planet is running into the field of perception and problems, which you have never thought or happened, and you must make a decision. You’re beginning to see that things have to be handled by yourself, and you’re beginning to see where the awareness test is. It’s not about how much God can help you, but how much information you can expand and receive. Always. Become aware of your intuition, become aware of your soul. Be very aware of what is happening around you, be able to get a glimpse of the whole picture, synthesize the whole, know what you must do, and move forward in this difficult period.
When you reach a certain level, you reincarnate many times. If the earth has enough experienced humans, that is, old souls, something will happen. This will completely change the reincarnation system. When we started channeling this system, we said it was a family system, right? Let me talk about family.

Family refers to the soul of the universe, not the soul on earth. Now, you may not really master this concept. But if I could take you home for a while, take you to the other side of the curtain for a while, you wouldn’t be able to breathe. Because in the soup of soul, it is family, much older than you think on earth. There is a soul that you know very, very well. They were with you until you came to earth. This is mysterious and incredible for some people; For others, they don’t believe it at all. Please let me explain: before you came to earth, dear, you experienced a lot, more than on earth. Billions of souls are the same, although they didn’t come to the earth. But they’re ready to come.

So far, the reincarnation system is like this: like school, slow progress, you learn. After learning, come back at another time to learn something else and grow into an old soul. Then the old soul teaches other souls to become old souls and improve their perception. You realize that this is the school, the school of your family, the school of the earth.

But what if I hint that graduates can come now? This is not their first time. After graduation, he was reborn into what I call “super soul”. When they come to the earth so many times, they can have very high consciousness as soon as they arrive. In other words, they are helpers. They take the arrival of super soul and reincarnation as the preparation mode, as if they were reincarnated and mixed in the crowd. You’ll recognize them and see them. Because they are smart, wise and have many ideas, you will want to know where they come from. The government has never thought of a reasonable solution, and people have never thought of a feasible solution. You would say, “how did this happen? How did you think of it?” Some super souls are already here. Do you like it? So I can look at you and say: I hope here.

Under the carpet of fear, so many things are happening; Under the unrest, so many things happen at all levels. You can’t imagine, because you don’t know what you don’t know. These systems are deforming and changing to match what you’ve heard, such as nodes and empty points, help from galaxies, everything. They begin to work with the earth, and once you understand that you are changing the planet. It’s you. Make up your mind to make a decision now. Then they came.

I hope you think about and understand these things and know how to feel the peace in the future. Once again, I want to say: don’t judge your future by the past. Don’t look at the current problem and say, “here we go again. This is human nature, just like before.” No, No. Haven’t you felt it yet? You are on the new earth. Here they are. Please get ready, honey. They will recognize you when they see you, and you will recognize them when you see them. You can wink at them and say, “thank you. You came when we needed it.”

I’m Kryon. I love human beings. That’s it. Kryon


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