Why do we always emphasize feelings rather than facts^_^


Fact is a limited perspective. It is a reality, a way of looking at the overall creation, but the feeling is broad and undeniable.

You can’t question your feelings, but you can question where an idea comes from. To know that the universe has been expanding, to keep up with it, sometimes you have to give in, sometimes you have to admit that you don’t know everything, not everything can be understood intellectually. But we all want to experience the source and gain more after you let go. When you give up the concept of limitations, you open many doors to different realities and experiences.

We invite you to let go, surrender and seek the unity of the universe and surpass everything. We see many people clinging to their own truth and living in a silent despair because of this clinging. You can see what you can get now through your perception and awareness, and we want to invite you to join such a broad experience. Think of it as your invitation to more people. There is always more to explore, just as there is always more to explore in this universe and source.

So please don’t think you have understood everything or fully understand yourself, because it is a kind of death you will never experience. Your experiences will only be more and more, and your discoveries will only be more and more. You will always feel that you still have a lot to understand. You’re getting there slowly, we can see. We note all your small improvements and improvements, and of course, the spikes in the vibration of your overall consciousness. But we also see that you still have a lot of room to let go and surrender, and you need to tune more to new energy, which will always be used by you. You are extending your head out of this small reality that traps you, making yourself a lot of changes, experiencing more things, and exploring your infinitely expanding source energy, You and all life on earth are constantly contributing.

hello everyone! We are the Arcturian Council. It’s a pleasure to contact you.
We are excited to have some new understanding of the boundaries of the universe. We can feel that we are expanding this cognition, which is a wonderful feeling and we strongly recommend. You can also experience that all beings can have this feeling, but your understanding of it is also different because of your dimension and your ability of physical consciousness to master concepts.


We are interested in how you deal with the latest energy on earth. You are experiencing a greater inflow of energy, this time to allow you to experience unity consciousness. Your life and social activities have decreased a lot. Compared with the usual situation, the number of people gathered in groups is less, and more people are isolated because of the virus. Although this is unfortunate in many ways, it also gives you the opportunity to contact the human collective in different ways. You will realize that when you are in the same room with another person, you don’t have to talk to each other for communication, and you don’t have to touch each other if you want to feel the existence of people in the same room with you.

Further, you will realize that you can feel the energy and consciousness of others in your own home or somewhere you like. You can communicate with humans, animals and plants, aliens or all creatures through telepathy. You don’t have to wait for someone to sit in front of you, look into your eyes, and communicate through language.

If you only contact one person and ask that person if he or she can perceive the ideas you send him or her, this is the fastest and most direct way to communicate. On the contrary, if you want to express yourself to the collective and send a message to all mankind, you will feel that you have done something to help those who feel lonely.

Of course, there will always be such opportunities, but the energy now supports the unity consciousness and those who are willing to lend a helping hand to contact them. These energies are launching a call to call on people with a sense of loneliness to unite and be less lonely. People feel lonely even when there are many others around them, but even if they spend a lot of time alone, they will feel more lonely. Feel the energy around you and benefit from the energy around you. They can inspire you to contact all people or all life with your consciousness.

Of course, you can also reach specific groups. You can get in touch with people in a country who are struggling for something. You can become a wise contributor and find solutions for them. This energy will continue to come, because this demand will continue on earth for a long time. All of you need to unite and realize that you are all part of a collective. We, and other beings like us, will always push you in that direction.

We are the Arcturian Council. I’m glad to communicate with you.


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