If you just observe your external world and want to know when major changes in the material field can be reflected to you, you may feel depressed or even tired again.


If you just observe your external world and want to know when major changes in the material field can be reflected to you, you may feel depressed or even tired again.

Therefore, you need to make what happens outside irrelevant to you, because your feelings and vibration frequency do not depend on it.

Yes, sometimes you can’t help feeling sad about something, you can’t help feeling angry about something, and you are at a critical moment in spiritual evolution. You must realize that staying in that state is not good for you.

It’s best to let them pass as soon as possible, so as to get what is really important, that is, to move closer to higher frequency vibration.

This is something you can always do and you can control. It will have a great impact on your world.

If you can take advantage of your positive high vibration, it will have a greater impact than people’s negative low vibration.

So you need to take back your strength and don’t pay too much attention to the voice of those powerful people over what happens around you or your fellow human beings.

Live in the world you want to live as soon as possible. If there is no resonance between you and the world you want to live in, you can’t get there. If you always pay attention to the external world, let the things in the external world constantly arouse your response, and ignore your own response, it’s difficult to resonate harmoniously with the life you want.

Let the things you don’t need to experience inspire your vibration to move towards the things you want to experience, and you’ll get there.

This is not just our guarantee, this is the law of the universe, you are a part of it, you can rely on it, and we just affirm this for you. So continue your inner journey, because those predictions are always inaccurate. Know that you are changing your world, even if you don’t change the world through action.

Even if your change only raises your vibration, it will still have the impact you want, and you will have the impact you want.

We would like to congratulate those of you who have been doing this work because they moved the pointer and raised the level of consciousness to a higher level again.

We thank you, we salute you, and look forward to seeing the future of all of you.

hello everyone! We are the Arcturian Council. It’s a pleasure to contact you.

We are interested in the spiritual evolution of your whole society and individuals. We focus on both, how individuals affect society, and how your society affects you personally. We know that you are part of a vast spiritual awakening community that has a lot of commitment to great changes in the outside world. We note that many of you believe this prediction because you are too eager to change, but we see more and more people disappointed and even tired of all these commitments because there are no results.

Such a situation has been in the new era and spiritual community for some time, and many people decide not to wait for the great change. In fact, we see that human collective consciousness is growing, expanding and evolving very fast. People begin to realize that they are the people who must change. We see more and more people looking from the heart for how to give up some ideas, some negative emotions, or ideas they have been thinking about. We see that many people change their vibrations by going inside, which has a great impact on their collective consciousness. You should be encouraged by all these positive progress.


You and everyone around you are the source energy disguised in the human physical body, and they have cracked this code.

Some of you have realized this truth.

Believe us, when we say that you are reincarnated again and again on earth, it does not mean that your soul has not evolved well enough. In fact, it shows that you have accepted challenges again and again, and your pos ition is more enviable than you think.

Now, you just need to turn this cognition into a greater being ness, a great temperament that you carry with you wherever you go.

This is a way to go beyond the previous mode of action, and it is also a way to experience beyond the source through other fourth dimensions. Therefore, we in the ninth dimension, betw een you and the source, hope to enhance you, create together with you, and see how far we will go together. If you are interested in participating in this trip, we are always waiting. If you can make good use of our desire and excitement, you will certainly reach a new height with our help.

hello everyone! We are the Arcturian Council. It’s a pleasure to contact you.

We try to use everyone’s time to start the di scovery process. This is to discover your potential. I’m glad to complete this possibility with you, which is one of the reasons why we come to you through this pipeline and starlight. We want to study what you and our consciousness can do on a global and galactic scale, because we want to play as important a role as possible in human ascension. This desire stems from our curiosity about possibility.

Now, you have t o find out what it is possible for a fourth dimensional human to combine with the source energy on this earth with a lot of restrictions. Therefore, you should not only go beyond the internal limitations of matter, the limitations of duality, and the limitations of the third and fourth dimensions, but also go further than any human creature in the frequency range of the fourth dimension. That’s your soul goal.

You are improving. That’s what’s happening. It happens whether you consciously participate or not. Your conscious participation will make your experience better. You have the ability to go farther than anyone in such a special environment between where you are now and when you reach 5D to complete your ascension. Therefore, you are there to work with beings like us to obtain more source energy in the physical b ody. You have reincarnated so many times on earth. We have always wanted to see what role we play in this spectacular cause.



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