Ashian: the end of old karma and facing the hidden truth^_^

Angel of light awakening and ascension 2022-01-26 18:59

Jennifer crokaert Channelling

Jennifer (J for short): first of all, I want to share with you my experience in the past three months. I experienced a great spiritual expansion, just like the last time I experienced a great expansion (twenty years ago), my life has changed greatly.

It’s like a rebirth experience, struggling in the gushing negative emotions and shadows. Until after a stage, it enters the space of love, peace, grace and divine happiness. Look at my current life and realize that it doesn’t match who I am or my potential. The most difficult part is that I see that the karma of my long-term relationship is over. It’s time to say goodbye to a very important partner who helped me complete my great homework and enter their new experience.

I can only say that this process is illuminated by great grace, but it still brings many painful emotions and feelings. So over the past three months, we have been integrating new energy, code and downloads, and trying to carry out this process with the greatest love, compassion and peace.

I know that my life experience in the past few months is consistent with what many people are experiencing now..
Ashian (a for short): Yes, it’s true. That’s where we’re going to start today. What happens to one person symbolizes what many people are happening. The micro reflects the macro, and vice versa: inside, so outside.

As human vibration increases, many old karma will be transcended. The old will collapse; The new will be re established, not only the structure and system, but also the relationship and existence mode.

This is the beginning of a new journey for all souls seeking to move forward on the spiritual path and for all souls committed to assisting Gaia’s ascension. Therefore, the end of the old karma at this stage is in the divine plan.

Systematic changes are taking place both individually and collectively. We hope you understand and don’t be afraid of it. Even the biggest changes taking place around you are a perfect part of this moment in your time / space.

J: So will all old relationships end? I know it’s not a smart question, but I’m really curious?

A: Honey, that’s a good question. Those relationships that are not based on helping each other to ascend and express higher dimensions of love – love, compassion, forgiveness, creativity, empathy and joy – will disappear. The low vibrations of old relationships do not match the new energies you enter.

If you stick to a relationship because of “what people think”, it shows that your vibration is still not beyond the old karmic vibration. You are trapped in fear, and fear is the lowest of all vibrations.

J: Fear can be varied. Many people may be unwilling to leave their old relationship because of financial problems or lack of confidence. What should they do at this time?

A: By knowing the truth about your personal situation, by being honest about your sense of limitations on yourself, your life, and your expression. You think you have no choice, but that’s not the truth.

This is the first step: admit what is your truth and what is your hidden truth.

J: Hidden truth?

A: Yes. Many, many people turn a blind eye to their misfortunes in order to avoid this pain. We want to share with you in the most gentle way. Don’t regard pain as your enemy. Your pain must be felt at some time, because this is one of the ways you grow up: your pain shows you that you have been unwilling to stand in your empowerment, your strength and your strength.

When you discover your truth and dare to face your pain, call us. We are ready to help you. Our mission is to raise your vibration, but it is impossible to bypass and face your pain.

The fastest way to grow is to embrace your pain, admit it, stand with it, and let it express itself in a way that brings awareness to you without hurting others.

Honey, it’s time. We can no longer ignore what needs to be seen, felt, healed and expressed. We stand with you all the time. We are as committed to your expansion and ascension as you are.

J: Thank you, ashian. I’m glad to be back.

A: It is our honor and pleasure to serve you again.

Bless you with all our love and light.


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