Everyone will gain what you need to learn, no more and no less. The obstacles in your journey are not punishment, they are attention points, they are meditation points, so that you will not repeat the mistakes of the past^_^


Everyone will gain what you need to learn, no more and no less. The obstacles in your journey are not punishment, they are attention points, they are meditation points, so that you will not repeat the mistakes of the past

Don’t regard obstacles and problems as insurmountable. See each of them as a course, showing you: look, here is a course you can’t repeat! When you stop, listen to your heart and ask: what lessons should I learn? What did I do to create this obstacle? What have I done to create this boulder that I can’t climb over? If you really ask, you will hear the answer. Then, yes, you can make the necessary decisions: sit down, stare at the insurmountable rock, be blocked there, or hire someone to remove it, for example

Don’t be afraid of obstacles, don’t be afraid of lessons, they won’t last. You won’t incarnate on earth again to dissolve that course. They come quickly and fully show themselves. You just need to face them, face problems, face obstacles, and really ask what you need to do to move them away. You don’t have to wait all the time unless you want to sit by the side of the road and wait for a miracle. It may come, but you need to plant that miracle

So don’t wait for what will come, but live in the moment, experience what comes, and realize that there is a point to cross. Good, so it’s time to sit down and ask your heart how to overcome that obstacle. When I say listen to your heart, you can listen to your higher self, you can listen to us, you can listen to anyone you like. Just put yourself in your heart and ask. I assure you that it may not come directly as an answer, but it will come, clear and thorough. Because there is no time for us to play guessing games with you, show your symbols, show your shapes, so that you can understand the answers

We also have to give you answers quickly, so that you can overcome obstacles, so that new obstacles appear, and in this way, you can learn more courses and evolve. No time to play games, no time to guess puzzles, no time to try to figure out what the problem is. I promise you, we will move very fast, and we will answer your question very soon

Now, what will you do? It’s your choice, it’s your truth, it’s your conscience, it’s your evolution to say, “I understand, I’ll make a decision.” Well, don’t expect us to make decisions for you. Decisions are always yours, because they are always yours. But for sure, you will know what the problem is, so that you can treat it properly, so that you can solve it urgently and effectively. Then we’ll talk again, whether you hear us or not

This topic has begun to become boring, always repeating, and many people don’t want to hear it anymore. We have no problem with this. We will be bored as necessary so that you can understand and effectively touch us. Anyone who is tired and doesn’t want to listen anymore doesn’t have to listen. There may be a serious point that you need to pay attention to for the people we always repeat and feel bored. You don’t want to pay proper attention to it. We will not try to please them. We must show them the way

This is a path you don’t want to embark on, because you try many times and get nothing. So I say to you: as long as you don’t thin yourself, don’t think you are valuable, and don’t feel ready to listen to our answers, you won’t hear anything, you won’t feel anything. I promise: those who never give up can’t even hear us, but their hearts can speak. No one does not listen to his heart, because it is a part of you, it is not external

Persistence and trust will give you what you want. The problem is that you are tired of many things that are said and invisible, and you no longer believe anything. It’s a pity, because those who believe in what they can’t see are moving forward, growing and evolving. Those who doubt, those who are not ready and those who do not make a little effort to be ready, will reap what you sow. Don’t expect things to become easier. On the contrary, they will become more difficult every day, because now is the time for you to apply everything you have learned. It’s time to live the way you were taught. Anyone who acts in these two ways will pass through everything, even if the world falls around him, he will be safe and sound. Now, if you can’t live up to what you’ve learned, your journey will be really difficult

The earth is changing, and this change is necessary to eliminate the negative energy you create. So the momentum won’t get better. Now, those who follow the path we guide will not experience any of this, because at some point in the journey, they will go to the fifth dimension. Those who stay are still curious about whether they should believe that they will experience what they must experience. No one is immune from anything
I hope each of you will realize that what you have experienced or what you will experience is the result of your soul journey. There’s no escape. Just learn to solve problems and move forward. Sitting down and crying won’t take you anywhere

How to deal with the problem
Tomorrow reading club 2022-01-24 04:54

Sananda – how to deal with the problem

Dear children of the earth! I’m Sananda

Again, I’m glad to be here. With great joy, I bring all my love and energy to every resident on earth. Change is strong. If you ask yourself when everything will happen, I answer that everything is already happening. The transformation of energy and the balance of energy are taking place

The overall transformation of the earth is to generate the energy needed to fight what needs to be fought. Then many of you will ask, “what does this mean, Gaia is suffering so many children, so many people have lost their homes and everything; is this a positive way to transform negative energy?” Let me answer you, you need to stop thinking of yourself as a victim

As I said countless times, everyone is where they need to be. Before you judge your parents, God, Gaia, anyone, let me ask you a question: do you know every soul in that place? Do you know the story of the soul, what it sows and what is harvested now? No, you don’t know. You just think that everything that happens is bad, will produce suffering and is a punishment. But not so. I can say that every great suffering corresponds to a great course. Nothing is futile, nothing is punishment

So those souls who live where nature has become ruthless are not poor souls. They are harvesting what they sow. But because you can’t see anything, you just judge “nature is so cruel.” So I can say to you, you should learn to accept, because the process will not start, the process has begun. The energy balance required by the earth is already happening

Many people may say you caused all this. The earth’s climate change  is the result of everything you cause. I would say that this is not entirely incorrect. A large part of what you are experiencing, a large part of all these imbalances, yes, you generate it, but the other part is not. Understand: you have created huge and powerful negative energy for a long time. A simple rain can’t clean them up. It requires a force, the opposite energy of the same magnitude or more, to clean up these negative energies. I can tell you that there is very little negative energy to be cleaned up. Understand as you wish

We have never said that the process will be easy. On the contrary, we have been repeating recently, and difficult times will come; You would rather not believe, you would rather not understand, you would rather not accept.

Date: January 22, 2022
From: anjoseluzterapias


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