If you don’t benefit from the challenges and difficulties you face, you miss the opportunity to enjoy the journey,

because you have to go deep into your heart and find something that will take you to the next level of consciousness without changing your external world.

Now, if you can be excited about it, you can change easily and happily, and you don’t need anything outside to get the feeling you want.
This is the key to happiness, whether on earth, or in the Pleiades, or in any Galaxy in the Milky way.

hello everyone! We are the Arcturian Council. It’s a pleasure to contact you.

We deliberately and slowly raise our awareness because we want to enjoy every moment of the ascension process. But we will not face the challenges you face on earth, which makes it easier for us to be happy while evolving and becoming our true selves.

The challenge you face comes from the stimulation of growth, because if you get everything you want on the material level, there is no reason to pursue spiritual growth.

You may be fascinated by the bright toys in physical reality. With everything on earth, you can be busy pursuing and enjoying these toys for decades.

So, you will give yourself a challenge.

Maybe this challenge is related to health or relationships. Another challenge is your financial problems. No matter what you face, when you can’t get what you want on the material level, you tend to be satisfied on the spiritual level. You will tend to pray or meditate, or start a path that leads you to a better understanding of your true nature, which ultimately points to you as an infinite and eternal being.

So the difficulties you face in life are to make you go deeper and make you go further in spiritual evolution. If you look at these challenges in this way, you will welcome them. You will realize that no matter where you go, there is still a way to grow.

No matter how much you have achieved, there is still more to know. Most people enter the fifth dimension to get the toys they want at any time. They won’t face the challenges you face on earth today. We won’t say that such motivation to complete the transformation is wrong, but the better reason to complete the transformation must be to experience a more real and complete self, which you can do now.

You can feel that version of yourself now. You don’t have to wait for something or someone to appear to liberate you from the shackles of the third and fourth dimensions, so as to feel that you are a fifth dimensional being.

But most people will be content to wait and continue to ask “when will it eventually happen?” In fact, it’s happening

Processing information through the body is more beneficial than processing information through the mind. If you don’t feel right, stop paying attention to it.

Of course, you will see different truths, because you will see different choices to decide where you go next and which reality you want to live next. Therefore, you will always encounter the opposite of what you want and believe. So you can make a choice based on resonance.

If you have to share one reality, only one reality, then your scientists and intellectuals on earth will be much easier, because there is only one truth. Since this is not the case, then you can enter the real world that you most want to experience and best suit you. In doing so, your focus is as important as your feeling.

It’s a little complicated, but what we want to tell you is that you should focus on the reality you want to experience, rather than experience it based on all the evidence.

Sometimes you take what others think is true as the basis for your understanding of the truth. You think since so many people believe it, maybe I should investigate it instead of feeling it myself, and then decide whether it is really the way you want to go or the reality you really want to experience.

If there is only one reality, then for the source, it is limitation. Limit the source’s own experience, which is impossible. The source is always infinite and expanding, which is a puzzling concept for the human mind.

But if you can feel its authenticity, then you know what we told you is true. If you think this is true, then you can choose which aspect of the source of experience. You can choose the one that is most suitable for the real you and best meets your needs. You want everyone on earth to get that one.

hello everyone! We are the Arcturian Council. It’s a pleasure to contact you.
We are glad to see that you have come to the conclusion that you are here to understand life on earth.

Therefore, we are very concerned about how you absorb information. We note that most people filter information through the brain, which will only let in some of the information that conforms to your current belief system. In other words, if the new information contradicts the facts you already believe, you can’t accept it. On the other hand, when information passes through your body, you can feel whether it resonates with you.

Now, we want you to understand that all realities are true, which may be more complicated for you. Then, since all the truths are true, you will have a future that suits you best, and this future is your favorite. It’s just one of them. In your favorite future, some things are true and some things are not true.

That’s why you should guide yourself to the reality of the future by feeling, and let your feeling guide you to the most useful truth, rather than verifying the truth you previously believed.



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