Sarusa – flying

A future in which you can soar, access the most wonderful galactic technology, travel in the solar system and the universe, and eradicate all diseases seems to some to be far away
Indeed, with the pictures appearing in the new article every day, this reality really seems to be a utopian dream

To this end, we have been calling on all of you not to focus on what they deliver every day, so that you will not be in a lower vibration, but to feed a beautiful idea that will take you to the highest reality, which is not just a utopian dream, but a reality after the veil rises

Future generations will appreciate how loyal you are to your heart. Even if there is strong opposition, a fence will be placed in every step you take to let you retreat

At present, you see their obstacles caused by constant confusion and fear.

Dear ones, we can see a bigger picture, believe us, when we say that the fate of mother earth and all of you is a luminous higher sphere

Every day, your stabbers are thinking of a better way to tell you that we are constant. Their time is shortening every day, because they know that it can no longer be hidden at any cost

We have received several calls from your solar system elders to remind us of upcoming cosmic events (plural)

They will trigger significant changes in the way souls think on earth, which will give you a bigger picture as the system for spiritual vacancy collapses in the coming months

Even those who don’t know the reality of aliens will be surprised when our team begins to visit them in dreams or show off their invisible spacecraft

Your government is well aware of these events (plural) and is planning how to apologize to you when the revelation of our existence is inevitable

As these events (plural) move towards the current timeline, those in the dark will continue to raise false flags, bringing constant fear and worrying about the possibility of a world war

There is no doubt that such an event will not happen
There is no space in Earth’s energy field for such a proportion of war

Yes, we’ve emptied all our nuclear warheads

We’ll intercept them immediately

Even so, some souls on earth do not know that we have such ability or wonder whether we will “do nothing”

Again, there is no doubt that we will act within the scope of your free will

Planetary consciousness has reached a level where War III cannot happen again, but it is clear that there are still details in the healing and adjustment phase

This usually leads to local conflicts, but it will not last

The fire of discord between some of you Lingxiu is being extinguished because they are also aware of our ability. They should not exceed the safety factor agreed between us and them

Even so, some of them serve the dark fleet and are trying to contact their representatives on earth at this time

In any case, this is useless because our scientists have blocked all external signals towards the solar system (want to give instructions to souls who have not yet chosen light)

In the coming months, you will also have the honor to witness the lady of the world, the remaining fleet of mumaria
She is also shuttling through the galaxy, calling billions of beings to come to earth at this special time of profound transformation

Many people can see thousands of bright blue dots shuttling around in the sky some time this year. It won’t look like stars because blue has different colors

Many ships will hide in clouds and you can see them in the shadow

This is closest to the uninterrupted support you will receive during your journey to earth, as you get rid of the shackles of darkness and return to the peace, freedom and happiness you deserve
Never give up

It’s worth everything
Your efforts are seen throughout the galaxy and you will be rewarded
Your soul has reached an unprecedented level of power, and you will see this clearly over time

Enjoy the great 0202 portal, let yourself flow to the gentle power and release the burden you have been carrying

We know how tired you are and some people are depressed, but again, we say that when you look at the sky and sincerely ask for help, it’s never too late to do it

You are not alone. You always intuitively know what new steps need to be taken or in what direction

Many people feel lost and confused, which is normal when chaos, war and disease are constantly claimed

In any case, if you withdraw to the inside and choose spiritual peace, you can see something different from the outside, because the more you allow this to look inward, the more you will connect with the truth

In this way, you can convey peace to those who seek a comforting word from you, because they subconsciously know that you have “something different” to provide

The future is certain. There is no room for doubt

You will be free and return to the environment of the garden of Eden

This is your destiny
I’m sarusa of Sirius. Once again, speaking on behalf of the Galactic company, I’m very excited. This year will prove to be extremely important

Your consciousness will return to a broader state, and you can contact us more. When more and more people wake up from their sleep at night and clearly remember to board our spacecraft

Everyone is still waiting for special revelations, but let’s quickly say that many revelations will come from directions you can’t even imagine

So let yourself turn your head to another direction. Maybe you will begin to notice what you haven’t noticed before. This is also the time when you will be surprised by your intuitive ability. The more developed pipes will become better, and the pipes that are practicing will feel more connected

The time net that ties all the time lines together continues to untie, leaving only Yang Sheng’s time line

This is your unstoppable destiny

In peace, in light
Date: January 26, 2022
From: Rafael


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