What is frequency / dimension?


Heaven of light and love 2022-01-28 14:45

hello everyone!

We have gone through many levels of ascension. During this time, the creator has been moving from the state of absolute unity to the state of relative separation, so that it can experience itself through its own creative thinking process. Through a process called evolution, we have consciously changed from the unconscious state essentially as a pure spirit to the conscious embodiment of the spirit.

When we refer to frequency, we mean oscillation per second or Hertz. We are vibrating creatures affected by everything around us – electromagnetic fields generated by electrical appliances, wires, mobile phone signal towers and high-voltage lines.

The human body has its own frequency, and so does every creature on earth. Our body is made up of atoms and molecules. These atoms and molecules are surrounded by electromagnetic fields, which are affected by our thoughts and feelings.

Every thought generates an electric charge in your body. These charges can be measured by EEG. Scientific research has clearly confirmed that different types of thoughts produce different charges in the brain. Different emotions also produce different magnetic polarities in our bodies.

Quantum mechanics is the study of atoms and electrons. Quantum mechanics is a fundamental element of understanding spirituality, because it is this science that explains how spirit and matter interact. “Spirit is a kind of vibration frequency, which exists in another dimension, but it can be detected by science. Its vibration is felt through electromagnetic energy, which is our emotion.

Without contact with the physical body, it is impossible to experience the spirit, which is why we have sexual polarity – life and death in the physical world. Living in the material world while experiencing the spirit requires us to be consistent with our inner desires. If we do so, our emotions will begin to vibrate at a frequency consistent with the spirit.

Intelligence alone can be difficult to do this because it involves unconditional love in every moment and seeing everyone and every event as they are. This awareness will extend to higher guidance, which will help you align with the events of destiny and the people you intend to meet.

When you are aware of your intentions, feelings, thoughts and emotions all the time, you align with the cosmic consciousness – the consciousness of the Creator – which will lead you to your highest good.

The universe is an intelligent hologram, a conscious and intelligent life. It communicates with us through our thoughts and feelings. We are its thinking cells, the consciousness of the Holographic Universe.

The laws of physics and non physics point out that energy is composed of quantum and non physics. The body parts we can see and touch are only a small part of us.

Quantum physics tells us that everything in the universe is interrelated, and there is no emptiness or absolute nothingness. Quantum entanglement (also known as “ghostly long-range interaction”) shows that if two particles interacted in the past, they will always remain connected no matter how far away they are now. If one particle changes its state, another particle will change at exactly the same time.

The nonphysical part of ourselves includes our thoughts, our emotions, our bodies, our genes and the energy field around us. It doesn’t matter whether it is inside or outside the physical body; It can be anywhere in the universe because it has no boundaries.

Reality exists because we exist in it. Our consciousness creates reality by encoding frequency patterns into matter and energy through our thoughts, emotions and language.

Super consciousness is the highest form of energy we can perceive at this time, which is why it is called God. We are not divorced from God’s consciousness; Therefore, we do not need to pray or ask for anything, because it already exists in our hearts. Our task is to be aware of its presence in our bodies by becoming more sensitive to subtle vibrations.

As we raise our vibration, we become sensitive to all aspects of vibration – physical, emotional, spiritual and spiritual. We begin to realize that consciousness flows through all things, including ourselves. The creator’s love and light are in US and all things. “Everything is one.”

In your life, have you experienced the expanded consciousness of intuitive cognition and spiritual guidance? Do you feel the existence of a divine source that you cannot express in words?

This is a glimpse of the consciousness of all existence and everything full of unconditional love and light. It doesn’t always appear in the form of strong light. Instead, it may come to you as a deep sense of peace or understanding.

No matter what form it takes, this expanded consciousness reflects our internal connection with all things and beings. This is a clear road sign to guide us to spiritual growth and realization. As we increase our sensitivity to subtle vibrations, we begin to enter this consciousness and experience unity with all things.

It is worth noting that we do have free will all the time. Knowing this, we can realize that we are choosing our thoughts and emotions all the time, rather than simply reacting or responding to the situation or environment based on what has been programmed to us in the past.

Whether you realize it or not, you are constantly exchanging energy with the universe and everything in the universe. You may feel that your thoughts, feelings and emotions are your own, but they are not. You are constantly surrounded and connected by everything in the universe. When we begin to realize this, we begin to realize that our true nature is a pure consciousness integrated with all things.
It is important to remember that at any moment, you can choose whether to respect the subtle intuitive signals given to you. This can be very powerful. As you become more aware of the subtle intuitive guidance given to you, you will realize that there are really no accidents in your life. No random events occur every day; Only in divine time and divine unfolding can there be perfection.

This means that if there is anything in your life that needs to be solved or cured, there is nothing to worry about, because the power of your own existence will resolve any obstacles or restrictions. Your consciousness will move you to a higher level of vibration, where there are no problems because they don’t exist at all.

The voice of intuition will always take us home and bring us back to our true nature.

The creator’s consciousness is not a belief system. It is consciousness, and all creation comes from consciousness. The creator exists in each of us and exists collectively as the universe.
All things are created from this original energy, including our thoughts, feelings, feelings, perceptions and experiences.

Sensitivity to this energy can be developed through meditation and prayer, so we can begin to experience a greater degree of happiness than the physical world.
In this higher field of consciousness, we have access to all knowledge, wisdom and intuition, which guide us to develop new talents and abilities. We become more attuned to the innate wisdom and healing power of our bodies, so that disease no longer controls us. The more we develop our intuition, the more information is revealed to us in meditation. This is a way for us to find peace and satisfaction in life by learning to trust ourselves rather than letting others influence our decisions.
This level of awareness is available to everyone, regardless of their religious background or belief. Our thoughts create our reality, so negative or fearful thoughts don’t exist here. When we begin to practice the present, we learn how to change from fear based thinking to intuitive thinking, opening our thinking to all possibilities.

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