Positive thinking, be a detached observer, send love to all beings^_^


Another part of keeping the field clear is positive thinking.
It helps to focus on your ideal qualities.

Surround yourself with positive things, such as exciting books, posts, podcasts, or music. Choose a way to resonate with you.

Don’t feel that you have to do what others are doing. There is even a way you like to make your heart sing.

The second component of services is to transcend conflict when observing events. Be a detached observer.

When you look at the situation from the perspective of the third dimension, your vision is more limited and may involve emotional aspects.

From a higher perspective, you can see more aspects. Because you can see different views at this level, you are more likely to remain a detached observer. You may feel sympathy for every different aspect.

The third component of serving the best interests is to send love to all beings. Divine love is a universal vibration.

Everyone wants to be loved, even if their actions are not always reflected. The vibration of love is healing, soothing and harmonious. Sending love is sharing the divine love of the creator.
When you set your intention to send love, it will be reflected in your field and benefit everyone around you. It is given without any expectation of return. It’s just sharing the vibration of divine love. The outward expression of love may include smiling or saying friendly words.

Express divine love on both internal and external levels, radiating your love and light throughout the dimension.

The more you focus on divine love, the higher your own vibration will rise and you will be able to provide greater service.

Dear, we are glad that you serve the best interests.

Serve the best interests
Primary energy and mass particle source 2022-02-01 18:39

Hello, dear people!
We are archangels sadokir and Amethyst. We greet you with love. Today, we hope to discuss serving the best interests.

There are many service modes. Every existence has a unique mission and the talent and ability to perform it. Providing service while you perform your task will make your heart sing.

Although each task is unique, some aspects of the service are part of each task.

First, keep your own energy field clear and ready for your mission. As you keep your field clear, you can rise to a higher frequency. This will take your work to a higher level. It also makes you a living example to others.

The way you behave in your daily life will have a great impact on others. When your actions and words are consistent, it shows that you are sincere and true. You go your way. Keeping your field clear helps this process.

There are many ways to keep your field clear.

You can start by setting your intentions for the best interests of everyone. This increases your frequency and allows higher areas to work with you in your tasks.

Decide what qualities you want to embody. They may include love, kindness, compassion, understanding, strength, authenticity and many other things. No matter what you choose, it will become your road sign.

At the end of each day, you may want to review the events of the day and your actions. You can determine whether your behavior meets your ideal quality. This will allow you to decide whether you are willing to make any adjustments in the future. Forgive yourself and others for things that are inconsistent with your ideals. Then, clear yourself and the purple flame.


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