When you allow multiple perspectives and ideas to coexist, you can expand your self-consciousness^_^


You don’t want to be bound by dogma and rules. You need to be flexible and allow unfamiliar things to happen.

As the name of the Pleiades and Sirian shield refers to, it has allowed a huge flower of consciousness to bloom on earth. More people wake up every day, and you who have awakened can get more sympathy, more love, more sense of unity, and more inner peace. These are what you are happy to see and experience, and they are also the cornerstone of the new society. You are now giving yourself the opportunity to attune to the current energy and feel the difference in quality and quantity of these energies, because this shield is very effective in blocking the impact of what is no longer suitable for you and making the impact of what is suitable for you.

You can relax now and have more trust. Especially trust your guide, your own intuition.

Now is a good time to accept these energies and open to them, because these energies are so pure that they came to the earth at this time to expand the consciousness of people on earth. In addition to the wonderful February energy, this shield came at the right time. You are preparing for your faster evolution of consciousness, and everything will evolve with you. Including all systems of your body and your society.

Get ready for some very significant changes on earth. The current conditions are perfect for them, because you have been asking and you are more willing to accept them now than ever.

This is good for us all, so we have formed some new alliances with those living in other galaxies and physical dimensions who want to help mankind.

Sirius and the Pleiadians in the seventh dimension have been working very hard for you and have developed a strategy to protect the earth from any energy that interferes with your normal development and spiritual evolution. We have agreed to this strategy, which is very good to use at this time, because it allows us and other high-dimensional beings and groups to provide energy for you. We know that these energies are helpful and will further promote your spiritual development.

hello everyone! We are the Arcturian Council. It’s a pleasure to contact you.

When we encounter different views and even different agendas in our communication with other beings and groups, we are very welcome. We find that openness is very helpful to us because usually these different views are not taken into account. We also know that the earth and the rest of the galaxy need a lot of help. Therefore, in order to provide better help, we are always eager for new methods and ideas. This is not the time to close the door to ways that do not fit your usual view of the world. Now is the time to use insight and open the door to another perspective and point of view.



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