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It doesn’t matter which vaccine. I want to say something you should hear. Now, some people are worried because they don’t want to receive any vaccine in the world. They may be afraid of the chemistry, or they may not like it. It’s not about politics, it’s not about you, it’s not about politics. This is the premise. If you are ready to receive the vaccine and feel compelled to do so, you sit there in frustration because you are accepting what you don’t want and are afraid of its side effects.

First of all, let me tell you that you should call. One of these vaccines will be taken off shelves because it shows its inappropriateness in replication. You will see. People haven’t found that it hasn’t been tested long enough. But some people say everyone should be vaccinated. As a result, many people were vaccinated. what about you? Let me tell you: if you are vaccinated, you are controlling its chemical composition. Listen to me, listen to me, listen to me: on your own, even if it is based on mRNA, you can change its consequences, invalidate all its inappropriateness, and then everything will be fine.

If you can change the chemical composition of your ancestors, you can also change the appropriateness of the vaccine. I want you to know, I want you to hear – if you’re afraid of vaccines. Many people are not afraid. They think they should. But if you’re afraid and have to fight, or face a role you don’t want, don’t worry, honey. Don’t be afraid, honey. You are a great healer of your own chemistry and can invalidate all inappropriate things in your body.

This is magical, hidden in full view of the public. I hope you will take a moment, including my partners, to pay tribute to this. Sit down and say, “thank you, dear God. In this period of experiment, anxiety and fear, although we don’t understand and doubt the chemical composition, during this period, I remember that the first point hidden in the sun is our God. I have full control. The second point is the master treatment of everything in our body, which is under our control.” That’s what I want you to know. That’s what I want you to understand.

Aboveboard hiding 2: changing DNA (recording)

Original, why did you stop me? Kryon Cleon 2022-02-05 01:22

Aboveboard hiding 2: changing DNA (recording)
Kryon conducted through Carroll Lee and channeled live on January 12, 2022

sound recording: https://www.menus.kryon.com/hw-01-22-audios

Why stop me

Dear everyone, this is Kryon from magnetic service. Hello to you.

I always say I know who’s listening. The gods know more than you think. Have you ever thought: your soul belongs to a complete and huge soul system? Have you ever thought that the multidimensional nature of you and your soul is part of the source of creation? in truth. This is how we know those who tune in, those who listen, those who watch live or video. If this information is received in a few months or years, it is still alive with the truth of the universe.

This series contains four psychics. This is the second one. The theme of the series is “aboveboard concealment”. Last week we talked about the first part, which is the greatest point. This second one seems very common, and I repeat it again and again. This time, we will make it a little more personal for this period.

The greatest treasure hidden in full view is that you are all therapists, self therapists. You can change anything in your body that you think is inappropriate or wrong. You can change when you sit here. Hiding in the open is your ability to actually change your chemical composition. You can not only change your chemical composition, but also change it at the core – DNA. You can change the indicator set of DNA. You are so strong.

Someone said, “I don’t know what that means.” Dear, your life, your chemical composition, has been formulated by the “manual”. The chemical composition of your DNA is so complex. Many people, not just me, face you in this program and say, “if you have the ability to rewrite this set, the so-called genetic diseases will not be transmitted to your children. You can erase them from your instruction set without worrying about your offspring being inherited.” It is far more than that, and can even go to the level of superphysics and metaphysics.

You say, “I don’t understand. Because it’s impossible.” You’re wrong. You grow up with instructions and programming outside your body. They say what you can and can’t do. Therefore, when there is pain, you never go inside, but go outside. You find someone who can help you. They usually can help you. But your first impression is: inward or outward?

What is hidden in your body is majestic. I want you to make an assumption, but it’s not for you. Suppose you have a tumor in your body. Whether benign or not, it grows out. Where did it come from? Do you realize that it doesn’t come from the outside, not from another dimension. It comes from, are you mentally ready – chemical ideas in your own consciousness. That’s where it comes from. You don’t like it. Maybe some listeners are in trouble because they have something in their bodies. They said, “I didn’t ask it to come out. I didn’t want it, but it came.” I’ll tell you, honey, all the evidence is inside, in your body, in your consciousness, not from the outside. It grows because either the chemicals it needs are generated by you and your ideas, or you allow it to grow by habit. You created it.

If you can understand this, you will also understand that you can uncreate it. Raising its chemical composition is also eliminating its chemical composition. This is feasible. We have used this sentence so many times: talk to your cells and they are listening.

Many people say, “I don’t fully understand. But I talk to my cells loudly.” You’re just talking to the air and don’t really understand. This must be an internal process with intention. You sit quietly for a while, visualize all the cells you want to talk to, and let them pay attention to what they are going to do. I hope you can understand: the body has a boss, that is you.

However, your culture doesn’t treat you as a boss. You somehow live in the brain, and all the parts below the brain just do what it should do. If you live, it’s your luck. That’s how you were educated. You can’t control yourself. You want everything to work properly. But it doesn’t work that way.

Hiding in full view is your ability to change your chemical composition and avoid the growth of unsuitable things in your body. Do you understand? You can cure anything in the body, you can speed up the cure, you can make it disappear, just as it comes.

This can be proved. There are so many successful cases. You use this process for homeopathy, giving the body a signal, a small signal, and it works. Spontaneous healing, you’ve seen it. The placebo effect works. You take the sugar coated tablets and you’re ready. What does that mean?

What is openly hidden is master therapy: treating you, your chemical composition, your DNA. Your body is listening.


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