The first step into a sense of abundance is to move the flow^_^

Donate what you no longer use or need, tip, and save your time and energy for people or things you need. When you pay the bill, realize that because there is only one, money flows through your right hand to your left hand, from an infinite source, and your three-dimensional perception of supply will be limited, out of a belief in duality (whether there are many or few at present)

It doesn’t matter how much you have. Start with one dollar if you have only one dollar. It is important to consciously give anything that will flow; “I have it because I am”

As a divine being, your resources are unlimited. There are always more and more grass, trees and so on. “Reproduction” is a sacred law. Start expressing money, beauty, time, love, service, creativity, etc. in awareness of your divine perfection. As we have said many times, consciousness is the essence of form. If you keep making the consciousness of “I don’t have”, the mind, that is, the translator of consciousness, will ensure that you manifest it

Many people say they have tried these exercises, which are useless. Everything is still the same. You must remember that in order for any idea at any level to become an embodied state of consciousness, it must first enter one’s consciousness, become knowledge and accept, and then practice. This is the truth, whether learning to drive or gaining a sense of spiritual truth
As one continues to remember, know, practice sharing and giving, realizing that it flows out of an infinite source of self-sustaining through them, this will gradually become his state of consciousness, and what is needed (not just want) will begin to flow more easily and naturally from the most unexpected places to him

Remember that as an individual expression of source, God and divine consciousness, you are the perfection of God, not just a part. You only believe that you are a limited human being, because many lifetimes are full of false duality and separation beliefs. You are hypnotized to believe that you are separated, poor and worthless, unless you meet the perfect standard of specific astringency or brown bark

Evolution will not happen at a certain time, but will unfold slowly, mentally preparing everyone for the next step. The old, dense and outdated energies that trap you are being cleaned up at the personal and global levels and replaced by higher dimensional frequencies of light, making it easier for you to experience reality

As you believe in the truth about yourself and others, fear will begin to disappear, life experience will seem easier, and you will find that you have become a teacher, guide, and light for those who are still struggling and seeking. Many of you have been there

Arcturus – relationships and abundance

Welcome, dear readers
As you know, the world is experiencing a lot of confusion and pressure, especially for those who don’t know that ascension process is happening. Many people say to themselves, “I don’t want to be here anymore.”

Therefore, many people leave or choose to leave, and the virus provides an exit. You must remember that out of free will, each soul chooses to leave or stay on a deeper level, although few people – or the individual itself – are aware of this

In the last message, we described the love relationship and mysterious marriage. We want to add that when mentally prepared, their balance of positive and negative energy (mysterious marriage) will automatically begin without conscious efforts through choice and life courses, whether the person is single or in a relationship. The type of relationship doesn’t matter – heterosexual or homosexual

In three dimensions, relationships are often judged as right, wrong, accurate, or “sin” based on what they align with – about what constitutes a decent or “made in heaven” relationship. There is no sin or wrong relationship, if love and respect exist

In everyone’s journey out of three-dimensional consciousness, the two main stumbling blocks are love relationships, which we have discussed, and abundance. Humans have suffered for a long time under the burden of lack and limitation, unaware that they are maintaining it through their faith in it. The lack of faith is firmly rooted in the collective consciousness and penetrates every aspect of life

You have all experienced lack and limitation, especially in your early years, when extreme lack is accepted as normal. The energy of these experiences is stored in cellular memory and carried into every lifetime, and almost everyone makes lack the dominant belief on earth

Abundance is everyone’s natural right, but because most people don’t know their true self, the world as a whole continues to believe that it must struggle, work hard, steal, pray and suffer to obtain basic needs. Lack and limitation at all levels (physical, emotional, spiritual, spiritual) are physical manifestations of the belief in duality (with and without) and separation (from one’s own goodness and God)

You are ready to transcend the false beliefs surrounding lack and limitation by truly accepting that you are actually a divine being, not a limited human being, subject to all the good and bad floating in the collective. You are the individuation of God, so you experience all that God is. You can’t lack it, because the idea of lack doesn’t exist in the self-sustaining divine consciousness. If it exists, it will be forever supported by the divine law and will never be deleted


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