What you need is not information, but teaching. You need someone, whether human or alien, to guide you into your own interior and into your own truth.


You don’t have to accept only one point of view, one perspective. You can step out and look at the problem from all angles and maintain a more bird’s-eye view of any topic.

What you really need to know is how you feel. If someone asks you to replace your feelings with your ears and listen to what they say, it’s a danger signal. You also want to know what to do when your feelings appear and how to make yourself work in a high vibration.

It’s best not to listen to messages that deprive you of your strength.

You don’t need to be told. There’s nothing you can do about it.

No matter what the topic is, you can always do something. No matter what the problem is, there is always a way to make you resonate with the reality you want to experience.

There is no future that all of you are destined to live, and it depends on what you resonate with.

You have the ability to adjust the current vibration to a higher frequency at any time, which is what you really need to know.

We care about you, we care about your vibration, because we care about your feelings. Therefore, when we see that you are all paying attention to the rhetoric that makes people feel bad, you are also confused. We know that your release needs a psychological process to deal with some emotions.

We also know that once you clear those things inside that trigger your emotions, you can create a better reality and conscious vibration for you and everyone on earth.
hello everyone! We are the Arcturian Council. It’s a pleasure to contact you.

We’ve been listening to what’s going on on on earth, and we want you to know that whether you hear it from the hosts of mainstream media news channels, social media or youtube, it’s their point of view. What you get is someone’s view of something. If you like, you can treat it as a fact and a truth, but you don’t have to accept only one point of view and one perspective. You can step out and look at the problem from all angles and maintain a more bird’s-eye view of any topic.

If someone or a group can make a convincing argument about something, you don’t have to give them all your power. Of course, for some reason, they will make you believe that they are right. Some people want you to believe what they say, because if you believe it, then you confirm their point of view. They really need it. Some people will try to convince you because they want popularity, fame and wealth. Sometimes, those who feed you information with spoons have a political agenda behind them.

Sometimes it’s hard to tell what other people’s agenda is, especially when you’ve been enjoying the topics they’ve been talking about for years. Maybe this person is a better teacher to teach you how to show the reality you desire, but they will also study conspiracy theory deeply and accept their views when you watch these videos. In this case, it is difficult for you to know which channel to get information from.



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