When you protest in the street, wave your fist and shout for freedom, we suggest you ask yourself where you feel deprived of power in your life^_^

When you protest in the street, wave your fist and shout for freedom, we suggest you ask yourself where you feel deprived of power in your life. Has this feeling only begun recently or has it been for some time. A person always wants to go to Paris and enjoy the food and wine of Paris, but he has never lived in a five-star luxury hotel. Maybe he feels that he lacks freedom, or they can realize that they have the freedom to create this experience at any time. This is where you are now.

You live in a world where you can look around and say to yourself, you want things to be different, but how will you change the world? How will you change your world? The easiest way is to go inside and change your inner world, including your thoughts, feelings and vibrations, which is easy to do. And most people take the most difficult road. Protests, marches, signing petitions, trying to vote for someone to come to power and others to step down are the most difficult ways to change your world.

Again, you can freely choose the world you want to live in at any time, and the timeline you set, and feel freedom from your inner self at any time. If you really want freedom, these are the freedoms you should focus on. We know that some of you are angry. Anger is a powerful emotion. It should be allowed. You want to feel it, but it will pass in the end. You don’t want to be angry. Keep looking for more things to make you angry. If you keep looking, there will never be less things that make people angry, but inner peace can always be obtained. It’s always there, in your heart. Activate it, activate your freedom, realize that you have a choice, and you will make your world better.

Are you deprived of your freedom

Daniel Scranton
https://danielscranton.com/are-your-freedoms-being-taken-away-∞the -9d-arcturian-council/

hello everyone! We are the Arcturian Council. It’s a pleasure to contact you.

We have been paying attention to human nature and can always see the opportunities for your personal and collective growth and development. You live in an era where you can look at your life and the world around you. Of course you can choose. If you feel emotionally at this time because you lack freedom, then you have to do your job, feel your emotions, put down the thoughts and ideas that you feel you are going to be forced into a corner, and turn your attention to what you can do.

There are too many things you can do and too much freedom to take away from you. You are free to choose what to focus on, and you are free to choose your vibration. You can think freely about an idea, use your imagination and fantasize. You have the freedom to create reality and choose which reality to enter. You have the freedom to choose love and compassion over paranoia and fear. These are freedoms that you can never be deprived of, and they are only a small part of them.


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