You think you’ve put down a lot, and now you have to put down more^_^

Please understand that this is a meaningful process, even if it doesn’t look like it. Try to maintain a space of trust and submission, because you will align with the flow of your soul, and you will make the journey easier

Dear friends, you are very wise. From your deepest core, you are the spirit, you are the shining light, eternal and loving, to touch the fear within you

You are bigger and stronger than your fear. You can touch it, just as you will comfort a child and tell him that it is safe to be with you. You are not afraid of it, you are not afraid of your own fear

Don’t try to get rid of it, because the intention to eradicate fear holds its judgment. If you fight it, the part you fear will become more afraid, because then it will receive the message that it is bad and it has no value

We’re close to you. I represent the mother energy of Christ consciousness. Feel wrapped in it. Maybe you will see that it is a kind and gentle pink, a humorous but very gentle energy. Let it enter your energy space and it will bring you healing. As for healing, I’m not saying “take away your fear”, I’m talking about accepting it. Accepting it is a door to another reality, a more loving and bright reality
be yourself. Don’t try to change yourself. You are already perfect. You are lovely. You see our struggle, you know. We respect you very much

Please let my energy pacify you. I don’t want to change anything within you. I just want you to see yourself in a different way. Even in your struggle, you are an angel. You are beautiful

Remember: after every night, a new day will come. The sun will rise again. This is inevitable. This is the natural process of life. Just as you can’t stop the night, you can’t stop the day. So let yourself experience this movement and you will find yourself in a very good new day

By taking this inner journey, you are helping many people who are trying to find their inner path to freedom. You are paving the way for other light workers, who are just at the beginning, who in turn will help others who become more sensitive and want to open up to the reality of the soul

We thank you for your work, your work of light on earth. You’re never alone. We join you from the other side, please accept our love. It will make us very happy to see you remember what you are

The real beginning
Tomorrow reading club 2022-02-06 04:08

Maria – the real beginning

In your life, you will be influenced by your own development cycle, according to your age, gender and soul agreement. You are also influenced by the vast energy flow, which is related to the process in which the earth and mankind participate as a whole

There is an energy flow at work at the moment, pushing old and dark energy to the surface, at a speed that may seem rude if you don’t believe in the process.

Humans as a whole are not ready to release the old energy that is coming to the surface. Most people don’t know how to deal with deep emotional pain and the destructive energy it can lead to. You are already very skilled. But it may still seem overwhelming

You may feel overwhelmed at your own level, seemingly completely unmanageable and completely strange to you. You may seem crazy. Maybe you think you’ve dealt with most of the problems, and now another level of fear or darkness is knocking on your door, which you didn’t expect

You may feel angry and feel that you have dealt with enough and are ready to go to a lighter life. This new black hole may seem difficult to deal with

Let me tell you today not to lose heart and keep faith. You are entering a stage of development and you can no longer control your growth

The field of consciousness expansion you are entering is about surrender and letting go. It’s not about doing specific exercises or visualizations, following a specific diet, or pursuing any self-discipline to empty life

You cannot empty the huge energy waves that you want to flow through you

Your soul wants to lift you into this energy flow because it knows it is a beautiful flow
In any case, your personality will not be able to see where it is leading you. The human mind cannot understand where the soul flows, so you may feel desperate and inconsistent with your intuition, enthusiasm and sense of direction

If this is how you feel, please understand that you have done nothing wrong. This sense of confusion and confusion will always come when you are about to make a new start

Real new beginnings always follow a period of chaos and crisis. Before the old collapses, the new cannot enter

Date: February 3, 2022
From: Pamela


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