Don’t care what others think of you. We also encourage you to share your dark moments with those closest to you^_^

Don’t care what others think of you. We also encourage you to share your dark moments with those closest to you^_^

We hope you can give people in your life the opportunity to love you unconditionally and set an example so that they feel most comfortable sharing their darkest secrets, thoughts and feelings with you.

This is the way to build a real close relationship between people. You rarely find this relationship on the Internet. Most of the sharing there is conditional and likable.

Therefore, we ask you not to care too much about what others think of your posts and videos, but about your inner thoughts. You have to be your biggest fan.

Be your own support team and first become the one who loves you unconditionally, so that you can give others the same opportunity.

hello everyone! We are the Arcturian Council. It’s a pleasure to contact you.

Daniel Scranton

We are beginning to understand why humans are fascinated by what they see and hear. You all want to show your best part to the world. You all want others to see you at your best, and what you want to express can get more recognition. The cycle of conditional love and recognition begins from a very young age.

Your parents are likely to be under a lot of pressure and don’t have enough time and money. If they want to do their own things or sleep, they will let you do what they think you need to do. So they will reward you for what they think is good behavior and punish you for what they think is bad behavior.

Many people are taught the same story about getting Christmas presents or going to heaven, as is the case in school. You will be punished for doing something natural in class. If you laugh, or speak, or run around when you shouldn’t, you’ll be left behind by the teacher, or worse.

You are set to be likable. Now you have the opportunity to share a snapshot of your life with others, but most people just share the good things, the best moments. We understand now, but we still want to convince you that it’s more important to get recognition from within. It’s more important to feel what you want than to get a lot of praise and praise.

You know how to make yourself more real and don’t care what others think or feel. You often have moments when you don’t want to do your best. You can relax and let everything go. When you can honestly express your feelings, even if it’s an unpopular idea that causes you to feel this way, you can put down what you’ve been insisting on and what you’re ashamed of.

Now, we’re not telling you this to share all the bad moments with the world. You don’t need to do this to evolve and expand your consciousness, but we do want you to seek inner recognition and love. We hope you can feel unconditional love for yourself
The outside world deceives you

hello everyone! We are the Arcturian Council. It’s a pleasure to contact you.

We can fully measure how much we have improved, because we are very coordinated with our overall vibration. As conscious expanding beings, we can feel that sense of expansion at any time.

Humans like to look for evidence of your progress and improvement through how many things you want and how many things you don’t want in life. This is not the best way to measure your progress and spiritual evolution.

You are a being full of light and love, which has been expanding, which means that you can feel more grace, more happiness and more true love. But unless you can feel all these things, you won’t understand it very well. You will not understand that you are expanding unless your expansion is important to you and you are willing to feel it.

You cannot measure your experience as a spiritual being by observing the material world, but you can judge your performance at that time according to your feelings about the material world.
Sometimes this is an opportunity for you to know that you are changing and making progress. You put yourself in the same environment and see if you react the same way.

Of course, having the same experience will want to respond in a better way than before, and ultimately this response is up to you. When you have this awareness, when you slow down to accept it, understand your feelings, and deal with them, you can choose your own response.

Some people are usually aware of their feelings only after they respond, and these reactions usually come from language or behavior with lower vibrational frequencies. But you don’t need to recreate a big mess in your life to prove that you have been expanding, evolving and ascending, more and more like the real you.

If you take some time to consciously enter your inner self and see what you didn’t have yesterday, you can feel your progress now.

If you have enough patience to extend your consciousness beyond the physical form, you will have the ability to feel things outside the material. This is what makes you truly believe that you have made progress. You are always making progress, no matter what your external world looks like.

We are the Arcturian Council. I’m glad to communicate with you.


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