Archangel group: from today on, a new energy begins to take effect on earth^_^

Lillian’s five-dimensional space 2022-02-12

Lillian’s five-dimensional space

From today on, and from now on, a new energy begins to take effect on earth!

The light in the sky has reached a new level of intensity, is vibrating at a higher frequency, and has the extraordinary quality of healing the human mind!

The central sun is sending these liquid light waves directly to you, which will lead to the subsequent rapid acceleration of the human awakening. The heavenly Father and mother earth unite in their great desire to promote the ascension of the world and the awakening of human consciousness. The father and mother gods have decreed that nothing can stop or delay the flood of cosmic light into the earth.

God’s power and grace are everywhere on earth – now and forever – and forever.

Dear ones,

For you, this means that you need to observe and, if necessary, resolve all your personal problems now, further, deeper, braver and more persistent.

Now everything is happening at an incredible speed. Therefore, your healing, all healing, can now easily achieve rapid and far-reaching results. Now is the opportunity to clean up your relationships on all levels! It’s often you who stop you from moving forward. Just because you can’t see the new things coming, you stick to the past.

Angels and archangels, as well as countless ascended masters, have been around you during every and every problem you save you. You’ve never been alone! For those who choose to move towards the light, countless beings of light will support you with their light of love.

Whether you are awake or asleep, it doesn’t affect us, because we don’t need to sleep and rest. We are on call whenever you need. We communicate with your omniscient soul, so we don’t care what worries your ego wants to focus on; Or what fears your mind doesn’t want to let go.

From today on, because of the determination of your soul, a profound healing has begun. Accept this gift from one and rejoice in the positive impact it has had on your life!

Be ready for rebirth and also for it to experience the small “death” of various old systems.

In this way, you will take a successful step in your continuous progress, achieve the achievements that have only been in your dreams so far, and produce miracles that you could not reach before. The only thing you need to do is to be open and ready to welcome the light from the central day into your heart and look at your life in the light of truth.

This is the entry ceremony into the high-frequency holy light, which is a long-awaited moment for many souls.

For from now on, many human beings will be able to achieve enlightenment, redemption and ascension in this world. The only thing you have to do is move forward. Towards the light.

Declare to the universe
I am ready to receive the light of God in a new frequency. Entrust everything else to the omniscient light. Be ready to accept and embrace any changes and changes in your life.

This is the process of spiritual growth. This is how to recall your true greatness, your light and your true divine essence.
Now, the spiritual dwarf is reborn into a metaphysical giant, and a new consciousness is born from the unconscious.

So go ahead, dear human! Bring your spiritual awakening and allow yourself to experience the gentle touch of the divine light.

Blessed are all mankind who are aware of the awakening of the kingdom of divine grace above the earth.

We are the group of archangels.

Conducted by Jahn J kassl
Translator / Editor: phoebiss (Lilian)


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