Whenever you desire something, you are summoning energy to create it^_^


Now, many people who have longed for it for a long time, or even decades, may be very depressed.

Everything in your life, and everything outside your life, is carefully selected to provide the greatest possibility for your growth and evolution. Every detail you experience now is important to some extent. So your higher self is passing what you need to your ego, and sometimes even hiding what you want from you, in order to make you go further in spiritual evolution.

Then when it appears in front of you and you let it in, you experience all the opposites of anxiety and desire, which you experience in longing for this thing, this experience or that person in the process of entering your life.

We invite you to accept the view that less thinking and more feeling will lead to more gains. We ask you to close those fast-moving thoughts and enter your body and your feelings. Now stretch out your consciousness and feel what you receive. We promise you won’t be disappointed.

We know that you are constantly learning how to receive and there are still many things to receive. We ask you to see what you can receive when reading, listening or watching this channeling message.

We absolutely know what you are asking for. We are doing our best to work with your guide and higher self to provide you with what you ask for and what you need to continue on this journey, because you are becoming higher self and experiencing the fifth dimension.

hello everyone! We are the Arcturian Council. It’s a pleasure to contact you.

Our message to you goes far beyond what language can convey. We always have a need to communicate with you, but we will help you when you focus on the information you receive and actively invest more into your energy field. Many people have noticed that this is a dynamic process. We know what you want, and we know what your higher self wants you to hear. But no matter how you feel about what you receive and what you can perceive, you get far more energy than your brain can imagine.

This applies not only to the Arcturus Council in the ninth dimension, but also to the information we transmit through this channel. This is also true because it is related to your environment.

If you can feel that peaceful and harmonious unity from within, then you are getting closer and closer to it.
You can actually regard everyone in the world as someone you know, no matter where he lives or whether you will meet him in your life. This will bring us closer together.

It improves our compassion for each other, consolidates the final reunion of all lives, and allows us to finally transform ourselves and return to the source. Of course, we are also the source now, so language can’t express what we do.

We remember who we are and who we are. When you resonate with a group like us, you will recall. This means that you have spliced more pieces of yourself, which means that you as a whole are richer than ever. You have a better understanding of your previous lives, whether on earth or in the Milky way, which will help you rebuild your whole.

This means that although you are still in the physical body, you are closer to the operation of source energy life and, of course, your higher self.
Now imagine that there are so many different ways you can come together with others. What a glorious moment it is.
The part you created is a harmonious whole. You have created a peaceful earth together. All lives love and respect each other. Yes, you did choose a tortuous path, because you want to experience all the challenges along the way.

You want to see what you are made of. When you observe your heart, you are made of unconditional love. It gives you the ability to forgive and see others as your own and as the source. It allows you to put aside judgment, fear, resentment and resistance and find your right place in the huge source energy. We are all part of it.

If you try to figure out how it will happen, or what causes it to happen, you may be disappointed. So feel that feeling. It’s great. You can feel it now without any psychological training.

But the key is to do this, in the past and in the future. The point is that it never has anything to do with distinguishing between good and bad, no matter what you have learned from your history.

The transformation of consciousness is related to integration. When you contact us, you are integrating. When you think we are a part of you, you are a part of us. When we see and feel this happening, it brings us great happiness and satisfaction.

What is the change of consciousness about

Daniel Scranton

hello everyone! We are the Arcturian Council. It’s a pleasure to contact you.

We are very grateful to all those who receive our information and come to us with your wishes and willingness to contact. We are grateful to each and every one of you, and we know that this is a beautiful relationship, not just the beginning of your life. We have been in touch for a long time, and so have you, because we know all of you, both in our journey and in your journey. Everyone in the universe is connected and has some historical origin with each other.


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