The chosen son

The chosen son

Tomorrow reading club 2022-02-12 05:00

Sirius – chosen son

Many of you have been asking when and how things on earth will change. You may be impatient that things don’t change fast enough. You also ask why you don’t have the property, partner or life you so desire. You may feel that you have been working tirelessly on the work of light, but you still don’t have what you really want. It seems that other immoral souls are getting more. It doesn’t seem fair at all

We fully understand your feelings. We come to tell you that these feelings must be recognized, but we tell you not to give up at the last moment. God knows that each of you will never forget what you have done and everything will be better in the very near future

You are all in the final stages of a long battle. Now is not the time to give up. You are all tired and broken, but we say to you, slow down and know that you are all great. You have really done a good job for Gaia and her ascension

Many things change behind the scenes. We ask you to find patience and stick to it, so that you can finally enjoy the fruits of labor. We ask you to go as far as possible into inner meditation and manifest the new world you all desire so much

It is also important to return to your life and be grateful for all the lessons you have learned. Forgive those you hold and those you don’t feel good about. This is the only way to enter the world of love, light, peace and harmony. Everyone who enters your life, good or bad, has their own role to play to help you come to this stage of your Yang Shengzhong. Bless those who teach you lessons, for that is their job. Don’t hold on to resentment, because they also have their own courses to learn in the future

If the people in your life are still negative and unwilling to do the work you do, let them go now and make room for others to enter. Your main job now is to focus on yourself, polish the inner diamond and shine brightly for others to see
Don’t compare with anyone. You are unique. No one is like you, never again. Respect your differences from others, even if there are many, and enjoy the connection you do have with others

Being grateful for what you have, enjoying the simple happiness in life, and being one with yourself and the people around you is the way to a new world. A lot of your work can be done inside, so we tell you to meditate to manifest what you desire

Forget all manifestations of past failures. No surprise, all things are selected, which means that you can learn and grow. You may not understand, but know that everything has helped you come to this special moment of the rise of the earth

Congratulate yourself, because you are a new and powerful sentient being, and you are no longer what you were yesterday. If your manifestations did not happen in the past, keep them, for now they will happen faster than you can imagine

Again, we say to you, thank you for what you have and know that you have all the guidance, angels, stars and family help to achieve everything you desire. We won’t let you down. Don’t listen to people who deny you, because they still have their own courses to learn

So, we say to you again, no matter what you see, everything is fine. As a worker of light, you may have been a minority in the past, but what is happening on earth is the awakening of many people. As a guide, you wake up earlier than others to help and heal them when they wake up

As a few people, you may feel uncomfortable, but you will soon start to become relaxed. When others realize that they have indeed been cheated by hehe, they come to the light with hehe’s crime

You may lose loved ones at these times, but know that there is no mistake, bless them, because they help the people around them wake up. You miss them very much, but know that their souls have gone to another dimension, and they are still with you in their love for you

Anyway, in the past two years, you feel that if this so-called virus does not happen, even you don’t know what calculation Hei hei is playing. You’ve woken up and others will at the right time

So dear, we commend you for your hard work. We tell you that the end is at hand. Hehe is leaving the earth. The remaining shrimps and crabs will have no power because they have been controlled by the light and are performing to awaken the rest

Know that we are with you, cheering and clapping for you, as you all pass the finish line
You are indeed the son of God, and we bless you all

We are Sirius

Date: February 11, 2022
From: theatrace


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