You are real^_^

Tomorrow’s reading club 22:00, February 18, 2022

Jesus – you are real

Only love. Nothing else is needed, because love is everything. All sentient beings are wrapped in an infinite energy field, that is, everything. There was never a moment when love stopped embracing its creation. In any case, out of free will, you are always free to choose, a choice of experience separation is made, and a seemingly independent state – a fictional state that never existed – is established to engage with that experience. That state seems very real, because this is the goal it is established. All sentient beings who choose to experience the form find it a very convincing reality, even if it is completely illusory

Because it looks very real, happiness, pain, uncertainty, anxiety, limitation and fear as part of this illusion can be very strong, increasing its sense of reality. So it’s important to go inside every day, to love waiting for you, longing for you to invite it to embrace your temple

That divine embrace is your power. The source really wants to embrace you, but it won’t unless you choose to invite it to do so. Love will never overshadow your personal free choice. Many of you choose not to accept the loving embrace that is always available to you immediately, because the false but very persuasive separation experience worked even before your human childbirth process began, creating a belief within you that you do not deserve God’s love

Far from it! You were created to be one with the God of parents

You have never been separated from this state, and you can never be, because it is the only state. This may sound like a limitation to your free will, but it’s not. You are one with the infinite vastness, that is, the source, so you are completely unlimited. Limitations are illusory.
When you have a form of love that allows you to experience yourself, it will greatly reduce your sense of belonging, but it will allow you to enter your own form, which will greatly limit you

Limitations are subordinate to form, and when you enter the interior and go to the temple, you are free to be in form and the limitations that form gives you, if you choose so. You can always choose, even though your ego spends unlimited time persuading you not to.

Therefore, instead of bombarding your fears and doubts with glory or engagement, choose to engage and assist in the collective awakening process. Each of you is a vital and irreplaceable partner of parental God

As you are often told – each of you, without exception – is currently incarnating on earth because you have chosen to assist the collective awakening process towards its noble and glorious end.

The intention to become love, no matter what happens, is everything you need. Why? Because love is everything, each of you is one with love and is in the source / love all the time you exist forever. Therefore, your presence and your field will elevate and inspire people nearby and urge them to realize that life is more complex than they experience as humans.

Let them know intuitively that their lives will not end with the death of the physical body. This is a very powerful urge that will urge them to open their minds and hearts to the source, even if they have not felt the tendency to do so before, so as to wake up with you

You are a divine being, completely inseparable from the source – the parent God – and you can gain great power all the time. In any case, when you choose to believe that you are a very limited form, this will not be obvious.

Of course, your human form is very limited, because this is their goal, and they show you their limitations very clearly through their own vulnerability.

They are actually a very good display of the madness of “trying to separate from the source”. This separation will never happen, because what she created will always be one with her, expanding creation infinitely for you and her endless curiosity and joy in happy, harmonious and completely willing cooperation

Creation continues forever, expands forever and will not change.

This is an absolutely incredible paradox for you, an impossible unreasonable state, but it’s just because you live in an illusory limited state. You can’t imagine such a constant and expanding state, providing your most wonderful ecstasy all the time. As you have been told many times, “when you wake up, your joy will be amazing.”

And you’ll wake up soon! Be ready, joy will overwhelm you, if you are still experiencing limitations, because you will realize – you will know – that you are not limited, but fully enjoy the unity of existence again, always in one and source, free from all doubts, anxieties or fears, because illusory cannot rise in your mind,

Accompany the illusory “if” situation to disturb or upset you.

You are real, form and fear are not.

Prepare for the most moving and exciting scenes, the magic and joy that are completely beyond your imagination

Your beloved brother, Jesus

Date: February 17, 2022
From: John Smallman


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