A quick trip home^_^ 300 year time traveler


A quick trip home
300 year time traveler

That’s why many of you are here, and some have come back through time and space. Yes, in about 300 years, you will come here with a contract to bring light to the game unfolding on earth. Many people want to know what life will be like 300 years later, but this is not the purpose of their trip. Rather, it is sowing the seeds of light in key places, making the transition to the next higher state easier and less fearful. Few people are aware of their mission or their spiritual time travel, but they carry a special heart rhythm and plant what we call the seeds of light. They have brought light to many critical situations, although most people are not aware of their talents.

Some travelers are here waiting to find out why they are here and what they should do. Their influence is far-reaching, although they don’t always feel it themselves.

Many have picked up the seeds of light they have planted, just by being here and influencing the collective. So now, what we want you to do is take a deep breath and inject the light of love into your heart. Then throw it into the future on your own path and consciously sow the seeds of the light of love. These things will remind you why you are here and what you have actually started, bringing a higher vibrational state to all mankind.

Well, honey, you go back 300 years from the future. It’s not an easy journey, but you’re here. Oh, yes, few of you realize this, even deep down. Although this sounds like truth, you don’t have all the evidence. You like to have scientific evidence, but now you just need to know that you are in the perfect place at the perfect time. You have avoided World War III, four times in the past eight years alone, which is far-reaching. Well done, honey.

This is a great era on earth. Your seat has been reserved, waiting for you to come back in about 300 years. Honey, you made it. Welcome home. We greet you in this way and ask you to respect each other. It’s not easy to look into God’s eyes, but it’s the same every time you make eye contact. Seize every opportunity to cultivate each other and open the door for each other. Have fun together. I am the guardian of time.


One day, the administrator was sitting at his desk. We took him on a quick trip. This is the first time we have sent the breeder home. He found himself walking down a long street. As you will see in the old movies, the west, a very old place, dusty streets and wooden buildings. He was walking in the street when he suddenly noticed a figure coming towards him from a distance. The closer he gets to the goal, the more excited he gets. When the figure began to come into view, he realized he didn’t know him. The watchman’s brain couldn’t find any records or memories about the man, but his heart was burning. Suddenly a name came out of his mouth. He said, “Ella.” At that moment, all the memories came back, the veil was lifted, and he remembered that you would call him his closest friend. They have spent many lives together, but in this incarnation, Ella will watch at home. They hugged each other deeply and remembered how important they were to each other. Then the watchman woke up and returned to his desk. He thought it was a wonderful dream.

In the following days, some strange things will happen to remind him of that experience and Ella. Someone will look at him or say some stupid words, which will trigger a good memory, which has been lost before. In many lives together, Ella was always energetic and always smiled to remind the keeper that it was just a game. Ella planted the seeds of light that day. Of course, he was the original spiritual family. Facts have proved that the guardian finally communicated directly with Ella and now communicates directly with him. But this is a little unusual for that kind of contract.

So, what happened to these sudden people? Does that mean you need to change your life, bring these people into your world and get close to them from now on? No, for most of you, it won’t happen. Usually, the initial spiritual family members come sporadically. They may pass you in the street and you’ll look back. When you make eye contact, you recognize that spirit. It may not be human, but you will recognize the soul. You may try to figure out who they are or why you recognize them, but in a moment, they disappear again. You may not think too much until they appear in your dreams that night.

With the permission of the master’s higher self, a soul can also establish short-term contact with other people and even animals. This will never interfere with the master’s life in any way. In this case, this is only a brief glance, which we call spiritual over illumination. In fact, this happens more in animals than in others.

When you receive a glance or a smile, you receive the best gift, because they plant the seeds of light in your heart. The seed of memory, the part left when you enter the veil. When you divide into 11 different space-time dimensions, all your memories are forgotten. With the help of primitive spiritual families, you can now see them begin to return. You’ll see them come into your world, even if it’s only for a moment, just to plant that seed. From then on, your job is to take these seeds and cultivate them.

View From Heaven

Dear ones, human beings have a slightly skewed view of heaven and the spiritual world. We call it home, which is usually considered to be very quiet, surrounded by music, harps and angels flying. Man, you’ll be surprised! Home is more diverse than humans can imagine. We can’t wait to meet you at home and see how shocked you will be. Understand that when the soul comes home, one person will never want or hurt another person, because they are all part of each other. They felt each other’s pain without delay. But that doesn’t mean everyone is the same. Even around the big table, you may have one or two lovely protagonists. When you sit around a big table, some people may say, “Oh, go to earth. You’ll like it, great!” Throughout the process, they snickered behind your back. It’s clear that you’ll be in trouble. If the protagonists of love are part of your family, it is likely that the people you see will plant these seeds into your timeline. If so, they usually laugh happily.

Even if you don’t have their references now, they will appear in the next six months. You will have a steady stream of people coming back to remind you of your light. To help reflect your beauty and your brilliance in the world, everything around you will begin to see where it goes and how it works. You are a magician on the game board. You are all creative beings, and everything you balance between your heart and mind will appear. But as you move into higher vibrations, there are many attributes you are not familiar with. So take a deep breath, honey, and find your center for a while.

Your job is to receive the seeds of light. Oh, some people may disagree at first. Why? Because at the dinner table, you don’t always agree with everyone. That’s why you have this table and you want all kinds of views and opinions. Now you’ve got it again. You still have the right to choose freely, but they are just introducing light. Instead of trying to influence you, they wake you up to make your own decisions. Some people will meet you. You’ve arranged it. Even if some of these people you may see and contact, you will recognize their spirit. You can ask them their names, or where they come from, and try to contact them. But you don’t have that level of connection because these are from home and they’re really great.

Many of these lives will soon come through your field rather than stay there. If a person enters your field with these characteristics, you can’t seem to take your eyes away from them. You can’t listen to every word they say, because it will change your life, not just the contract you have reached. Many of them will soon get through the difficulties, plant seeds and leave. They will only leave you a good memory so that you can recognize a beautiful thing at first sight, but you are not sure what it is. Your spiritual family is taking care of you and raising you in ways you don’t know. When you go home, someone will pat you on the shoulder. You may not know them at all, and they will say, “do you remember when you went through this, and when it happened? I was there. I stood on your shoulder, trying to guide you, trying to give you the courage to take the next step.”

That’s your spiritual family. This is an incredible reunion of the spiritual family. Yes, many of them are people. You know, sometimes your best friend is part of your spiritual family. During this time, you have reached other conscious contracts on this planet. It makes no difference. It’s a time for unity and growth. Quite simply, you do this by finding similarities. When you see someone you know, dare to tell them. “I don’t know what that is, but I seem to know your spirit. I just want to tell you, nice to meet you.”

Sometimes, you can make a huge difference in the lives of others as they move forward. Especially if they, like most people, tentatively walk in their own light, the light will have an impact on everyone around them. So take a deep breath. Honey, once again, find the energy center from your heart and balance the energy between your heart and mind. Let it light up the room as if you were calling on your spiritual family, because that’s what you’re doing. Allow them to approach you in your daily life, get your attention in some way, and see them. So when they pass by, you’ll notice. Take a deep breath and act immediately.
Oh, did you hear that? Everyone around your big table cheered and they heard your voice. They have a mission close to you now, and they will. If you choose, some of them will bring something that will change your life. You’re always on a planet of free choice, but it’s good to have new choices and opportunities. Honey, you have moved more energy than you may know. You created a new world, and now you’re stepping into it. You have more new world attributes than you understand.

They will also be there, because those are the memories they will share with you. Sometimes it takes only a moment and you feel like you almost remember your life because you associate it with another person. You are great beings, infinite nature, playing games and pretending to be limited, but we know who you really are. So are they, your spiritual family. Your original spiritual family is looking for you. It’s time to enjoy the journey. In this way, we will give you another month to bring back the connection of light, knowing that you are light workers and doing your work on this planet. Now you have some help to come and enjoy the journey.

When you see these people smiling at you, the first thing to do is to say “thank you!” Express gratitude to the universe for allowing this alliance and connection. Everything must stand aside, let them communicate with you and look into your eyes at that moment. It’s happening, watch it, anchor it, and say, “thank you!” This is the greatest honor, dear ones, we bring you these bigger photos. You can see your own path with the least resistance, and you have laid it in front of you. This is a magical era. You are closer than you think. Well done, honey. good job. With the greatest honor, we ask you to respect each other, use every opportunity to cultivate each other, and play well together when you create a new game.

Espavo, dear ones, I am an observer… I like observation.

Big table

We want you to be aware of it. Now you see, before you come in, you sit around the big table. You bring all your friends, all the people you know, and sometimes thousands of people. That’s why we call it the big table. It’s where you build these connections and contracts. You say, “Oh, I’m going to earth, and you’re going too. Let’s work together. We tried this last time, but we can’t do it together. Now, let’s try to go to the next step. Let’s make a contract and do one aspect together. You signed these beautiful contracts.

Surprisingly, most people sitting around that table can’t see you at all. Many of them are there just to sow the seeds of light; They did it by contract. These are very close souls you know. They have agreed to cross your path for a short period of time and, if conditions are right, plant light seeds on your path. Many of them are there to remind you and support you because you are part of their inner family. We call it your original spiritual family because you knew them well before you came to earth. These people say, “come on, walk into the earth and you’ll love it!” Then they laugh at you behind your back because they know what’s going to happen.

What is happening now is very interesting. It’s worrying that it’s not going to take root on this planet, but it’s not going to take root. Worryingly, it will flow completely through the earth and have an impact, but it will not stay. So what’s happening is that everyone around the table decides to attract your attention in some way. Although this will continue for quite a long time, the first wave of your interaction with people will occur in the next six months. What would it be like for you? Well, it’s hard to describe now because your emotions on earth are limited by all the madness that is happening. You really don’t see many people outside your normal social circle at present. Even so, sometimes you recognize a person, but you don’t know his name. You will not understand them, but you will see their smiles and you will recognize their spirit. These connections may be the beginning of a new friendship. Or it may even be a glimpse in a busy subway car. Even if you never meet, you will always be changed by this moment of connection. When you look up and suddenly see a smile pierce your heart, touch your soul and let it in. It may be one of these special contracts.

This is your original spiritual family. They all come to remind you of your greatness, all the light and energy behind you. You’ve put most of it around that big table. But even if they don’t consciously contact you, they will appear in your world and plant seeds to remind you who you really are and where your journey begins. It has amazing grounding gas effect.

Greetings, dear. I’m an observer.

On this day, I join you with a beautiful vision of the earth. You see, you’re entering incredible energy. We know the situation there is very difficult. Today, you may encounter more challenges than signs of peace. However, all this comes together because you are moving forward by leaps and bounds. In fact, you have accomplished much more than you understand. Even after experiencing difficulties, you begin to know more about your truth and how things have evolved for you. Not only individual, but also collective. Well, today we’re going to talk about one aspect in particular. It’s starting to happen to everyone on earth. Interestingly, few people will know that it is happening. Therefore, we hope to attract your attention and share more information about what is happening. Many changes on earth are taking place over and over again in different ways. However, the perfect person has been in place to ensure the foundation, growth and evolution of this light.

You are the light workers of the earth. They come to change everything. As the time keeper said, some of you are coming for the second time. You’ve gone back about 300 years or more just to come here at this very unique time. Well, there’s another aspect that can help you, your own spiritual family. Let’s explain. When you are at home, you are a part of everything and nothing is separated from you. You think of something and suddenly it appears in front of you, because it is actually a part of you, a part of who you are. When you think in this vibration, it’s as if you respect a space that just comes directly to you. You know, you are not really separated from anything, because everything is connected in a grand life matrix. When your spiritual family appears, you may just be spending your day. Suddenly, you look out from the corner of your eyes and find someone looking at you. He looks really familiar.

Maybe you’ll hear them as if you know their voices. You know more about them than you might. You try to remember where you know them, but it doesn’t help. Well, honey, it’s because you know them from home, not from this avatar. In addition, there are people you are particularly close to at home, just like on earth. You have all these beautiful people. You can play with them and enjoy every day of your life. However, you tend to stay in small groups. You are surrounded by people who make you feel good and bring light, but there are only a few groups to choose from. When you are at home, these groups are quite large. There is no limit and no energy consumption. Try to establish these connections because it’s right there. This is starting to happen on earth, but it will take some time to achieve. This is what you do so kindly. It will take some time to anchor a new reality on your earth. At the same time, you will see an aspect over and over again, so we want to make you aware of this.

Find your center and connect
First, let go of the need to balance everything. Let go and know that these issues are not up to you to decide, because the seeds you plant here will bring light and awareness. Dare to take off your bulletproof vest and join us as a ghost. Honey, you can take it back in a minute.

It’s possible to do this in more ways than you realize. Although it does have an immediate effect, the real effect is actually felt after 72 hours. It seems that things may get worse or go the wrong way. Honey, don’t judge the first reaction. This is only the first reaction. During this time, it will swing back and forth. Just pull this situation into your heart, into your consciousness, for a while. You don’t need to judge whether it is good or bad, right or wrong. Simply know that there is a lot of tension and a lot of energy here. Human life is bound to be threatened on many levels, and you can make changes now.

Therefore, with the joy and light in your heart and your hope for the human dream, plant it on your future timeline and on your path. If you walk in this direction, you will trip after three steps. Great. This creates an opportunity for you to go further beyond the first 72 hours. When you put something on your own path in that way, it is also seen by others. It is a form of communication that spirit often uses to attract your attention.

If these seeds of light are seen by enough others, it will automatically transfer the collective mind and vibration of mankind. Yes, this is an amazing moment on earth, and you have more such moments ahead. So take a deep breath, honey, and release it to earth. Then all life on earth can feel that moment of love.

Combination: primitive soul family


I am the guardian of time. Today, I am with you with great joy and look at you on earth. When you hold hands in this way, you will focus on your creative intention to do something absolutely amazing together. Your energy and your light begin to grow on earth. This process will bring many benefits.
Sow bright seeds in the collective heart

Let’s start by sowing the seeds of light in the tense places of the earth. You can plant in Ukraine, Russia and the United States, or anywhere your guidance attracts you. You can plant seeds in the hearts of all humans anywhere, without even having to talk about any particular topic. Make it clear that you are not using these seeds to influence people’s single point of view. In the higher vibrations, there is no black or white, as everything is a different shade of gray. Instead, seeds are meant to take those who see them to a higher level, where you are all connected. At that higher level, you can see each other’s spirit, there are few differences. A trip home^_^


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