Sananda: touch others with your light

Primary energy and mass particle source 2022-02-19 11:23

Sananda: touch others with your light

I’m Sananda. At this time, at these moments of this great transformation taking place, I come to you. This great transformation is awakening more and more people on earth. They are awakening.

More and more people find themselves in pain and no longer have illusions about the life they have been familiar with. More and more people realize that it’s time to get out of this illusion. Many people now realize that this is an illusion. They see all the things they once believed to be true, and they now realize that they are no longer true. They were cheated. Like many of you, all of you, have understood this. You’ve been cheated most of your life. But now you see through the veil.

This veil exists only because of your programming. But once the program is uncovered, once you surpass it and put down the attachment of the program, the veil disappears forever. The veil exists only when you believe it exists. Darkness, fear only exists when you believe it exists. Know it’s not there.

You know, there’s no reason to be afraid. When you fully understand this, a new prospect will appear in front of you. A vision beyond your wildest dreams and wildest imaginations. We know you’re all imaginative. Haven’t you fully seen that this is possible? Because many of you are still mired in the mire of programming, you have gone through many generations, created many patterns that bind you, and have bound you.

It’s time to let go of the patterns, the procedures, and the karma. For karma exists only when one perceives its existence. Just like the program.

It’s time to get rid of all this. Because you are all preparing to contact more people now. Because your time is coming. You’ve heard of all the disillusioned people in the world. Began to realize how much they had been deceived. When this happens, you, those of you, the path revealer, the truth teller, the shining of light, will be ready and in a position to bring light to them, opening the door beyond the illusion of separation. It’s time for more people to be willing and ready to enter your mission more fully. You’re ready. You have adapted to these energies and are continuing to adapt to the energies entering the earth.

But know that there are so many people on earth who have not adapted to these energies like you. They are still struggling. Struggling in the dark, looking for light, my friend, you are the light.

All my peace and love are with you. You need to keep going out of your comfort zone. As long as you have a chance, stretch out your hand and touch others with your light.

** light receiver: James McConnell

Mike Quincy’s Higher Self: the end of war

If the confrontation being experienced eventually leads to a peaceful settlement, it marks a desire to avoid actions involving death and destruction. This would create a smarter way to resolve disputes without the use of force. This can set a precedent for the future. As the vibration continues to rise, peace begins to come to earth. Your history is a series of battles and wars, with huge loss of life and the cost of repairing the huge damage it has caused. We see a glimmer of hope that this quarrel may be the last threat and conduct of war. Common sense will prevail and set a mark for any further controversy.

Most people on earth pray for lasting peace and the end of war so that life can become a safe experience to enjoy. A place where people can come together and yearn for a satisfactory life without troubles. Otherwise, the terror of war and the destruction of people’s homes and their lives will continue to repeat. We ask you if you really want peace or war, because from experience, it takes a long time to recover, let alone the cost of making up for the loss. Labor costs also undermine your future aspirations as a country, and it will take a long time to recover from such losses.

The sooner you realize the benefits of cooperation, the faster you can overcome your current problems. You will be able to focus entirely on rebuilding a society that reflects the changes needed to push you into a new era, and all its benefits are waiting to be introduced. There are so many things that will push you into a future you haven’t experienced, which will help you easily overcome your current problems and give you more time to pursue your goals.

Think about the future that can bring you so much, rather than worrying about what would happen if you chose a different path. Your experiences will not be wasted, as they have prepared the way ahead for you, and you will easily adapt to your new lifestyle. In fact, you will welcome changes that make life more pleasant. Most importantly, you will eventually be introduced to your space family, who are waiting for you to grow in understanding and ability to replace you with them. It takes time to reach that level, but the road is open and waiting for you to step on it.

Remember, in reality, you are all brothers and sisters who have experienced life in many different countries and religions, and therefore grow up in the way of understanding and appreciating others’ ways and beliefs. All this will help you expand your knowledge and understanding and make you who you are today. First hand experience is a major event and will not be forgotten because it shapes your point of view and understanding of how others view and respond to life. Many of you have lived many, many lives that give you a wonderful appreciation that makes people themselves and represent them.

We will say that you did not live until you rose to higher vibrations because they are so different from the life you know. You will find them exciting and wonderful, and they are likely to be more than you ever dreamed of and can’t be fully expressed in your language. Joy and harmony exist around you, and everything shows itself in perfect form. Animals also live in harmony, as wildness has been replaced by the gentle and pleasant ways of all life forms. Love is everywhere, and nature and all things live in harmony. As your Bible says, “the lion will sleep with the lamb”, because there will be no more animals that prey on others, and everything will exist in love and peace. In fact, you are beginning to see the early stages of these changes.

Peace is coming, but first it begins when mankind begins to see and understand the absurdity of fighting your brothers and sisters. Think about how much progress will be accelerated when countries come together for a common cause. After two world wars, or when you count the cold war, it is the Third World War. You are in an era of change, so accept it, introduce change and bring permanent peace to the world. The old method of using force to achieve an end is over forever. If those in power do not accept that the time has come for peace to come to the earth, replace them with those who accept it.

We have told you many times that you are “one”. In the past, you have often been together many times and have laid the cornerstone of your path to a greater existence. When you are ready, we will help you. Many great souls are already with you and waiting for the right time to reveal what they provide will accelerate your process to a higher level, which is completely beneficial to all of you. One of the greatest inventors you’ve ever benefited from is with you again, taking you to a further stage than before – his name is Tesla.

You can now see how we can help you when you are ready, which is why we tell you that you have so many expectations in the near future. It seems that you have been let go, which is true to some extent, but we have been monitoring what you are doing. We always try to lead you in the right direction without infringing on your right to choose freely. We are as eager as you are to see you moving in the right direction. There has always been a human plan, and your success has passed this sign and opened up many opportunities you would not have had.

The truth should lie comfortably beside you, but if you have questions, put it aside and it will be there waiting for you, because there will inevitably be a time when you will awaken to the truth. It will come down to trial and error, but when you press the right button, you’ll know it’s no doubt. Therefore, don’t be too rigid in your thinking. Be open to other ideas, or you may stagnate when you can make progress. Find the inner God through prayer or other ways suitable for you, and you will be on the path of light.
I leave my love and blessing to you. May this light illuminate your days and the way to completion. This message comes from my higher self, my God, and every soul has the same connection with God.

In love and light.

Light receiver: Mike Quincy


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