Start the mechanism of prolonging human life

The pace of progress has never stopped. Since the Chinese new year, the work on the earth at the cosmic level has also been carried out according to the new plan.

Due to the time difference, that is, the difference between earth’s time and other spaces, the time reference on earth is faster than other spaces.

Although the work of energy can be achieved in an instant, it takes hundreds of Earth years or even thousands of years for energy to be transformed into matter. These are very short times. The construction of a planet is based on millions of years.

In addition to the earth’s ascension work, there are many works that are promoted with ten thousand years as the node.

But human life span is short, which doesn’t match the time of working on earth.

Therefore, the next step is to expand human life span on the basis of improving human spirituality. Taking life on Venus as a reference and starting from hundreds of years, we can gradually maintain the activity of materialized organism or spiritual continuity.

After changing the body, the spirit body can still be temporarily retained and not reincarnated for the time being, which can better continue the civilization on the earth and contribute to the education of the next generation and the improvement of the overall spiritual level.

However, this will bring another problem, that is, the management mechanism of the spiritual world for life needs to be rearranged, the management structure needs to be adjusted, and many details such as the number and management of sentient beings need to be implemented one by one.

Therefore, we are now starting to start the mechanism of prolonging human life to help human beings make medical progress and take care of their own bodies.

This is also related to the level of human consciousness, health conditions, ideological structure and occupational situation.

In addition to inviting some early star clusters and stars associated with human genes to study and recombine human genes, we should also promote the operation efficiency of the karmic machine as a whole through the timely transfer of all sentient beings and the significant reduction of spiritual life, and then raise the overall life span.

Although it is a beautiful plan and direction, at present, mankind has not been able to enjoy this welfare for the time being.

Personal life span is closely related to the situation of individual industry, as well as personal initiative, vitality, dedication, carrying capacity and giving capacity.

Regardless of the individual’s karma, if you want to serve others more on the basis of the physical body and have a strong heart of giving, you can appropriately relax the life span of some individuals on the cosmic level.

But this is only applicable in some cases. If an individual’s spirit wants to leave in a hurry, or the operation of karma has reached the time point when it has to be executed, it will leave according to the established approximate time point and cannot be changed.

At present, we make a preliminary statistics on the people with older flesh bodies of some spirits that have made a great contribution to the earth.

Look through the volumes of their past lives and retrieve the established mirror data of their past or future. On this basis, make a preliminary assessment of their life expectancy according to their actual situation, their connection with the world, their willingness to continue to serve the world, their health and awareness, and then based on this data, Decide whether to extend life.

This work is a new work that has not been carried out before. It will also involve some spiritual and celestial bodies, and it also involves a large number of data collection.

This work is necessary and is the adjustment of individuals under the condition of the overall reduction of the earth industry.

In the future, this adjustment work will be expanded to more lives and more levels.

Life passage of the Great Barrier Reef in Australia

The life passage of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef is taking shape.

This is a connecting point between yin and Yang, which has the function of connecting up and down.

Although there is not too much human life here, there are countless souls who have lost their flesh in and out here.
Here has a long history and countless lives come and go.
Through this, the transformation of the earth can proceed smoothly.

Some people may wonder why there are so many invisible lives in and out of this remote place?

The folding of space is one reason. The dimensions of spiritual space and material space are different, so the folding points are also different, not the distance from a to B, nor the linear distance from one place to another.

The energy and field energy here are special, which can give them a power of transformation and help them go to other spaces under the condition of attracting many spiritual beings.

Since this is a gathering point and conversion point of power, more energy flow can pass through here.

The Great Barrier Reef is not only a rich place for animal life, but also a gathering place for spiritual life.

Many potential energies gather here to drive the transformation of life in the spiritual world and promote the growth and transformation of life on earth.


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