Ashtar: we are in your sky02/22/2022

Ashtar: we are in your sky

Ashtar: we are in your sky

Ashtar: we are in your sky

Primary energy and mass particle source 2022-02-22 09:37

Ashtar: we are in your sky

Dear Earth brothers! World, I’m astashiran!

I come to you today and always with joy. We have been in your sky (now I speak in material form), where you can see us. This is happening all over the world.

We are preparing for our emergence bit by bit. Of course, most people still look at it with mistrust and fear. But please rest assured that when we appear, everyone on board sends out unconditional love for you, and this energy reaches the heart of everyone who sees us. This fear, this fear, almost immediately turned into confusion and surprise. This is how we change the hearts of many people.

Of course, those who still have the power of information on this planet like to put disasters and the invasion and attack of foreign organisms on the residents of this planet in a so-called war of power and rule. It would be very interesting if you all knew that this had happened a long time ago. The only difference is that they didn’t destroy everything. They destroyed the earth bit by bit and made you the human you see today. I would say it was a mental invasion, totally planned, but we always want to point out that none of this happened because you became a simple puppet.

You have free will. Everything that has been presented to you looks good and happy, which brings you happiness and happiness; Tell you that the rest is not important. What matters is personal happiness, no matter how it is realized. So you are addicted, used to everything given, and pursuing this “imaginary happiness and illusory happiness”. It’s not anyone’s fault (if anything); It’s not the fault of those who put everything there, because they see the desire for it in you, they see the desire to separate from the source in you, and you make this choice. If you don’t make a choice, everything will be different today; I will not speak here, nor will other beings of light, because you have evolved a long time ago, or rather, you will not even leave your fifth dimension.

So we can’t put all the blame on those who come here to bring gifts. Those who want to accept, those who resonate with these gifts, accept them. It’s easy to understand that you have to get rid of these addictions, get rid of all the “imaginary happiness” they bring, and get rid of those moments that are completely out of the world, so that you don’t live in your own problems. Trust me, we understand. But we have been telling you and showing you that there is another way to make you happy, happy and free yourself from problems.

All this is about one thing: “believe that vibration will have an impact. If you vibrate low today, you will reap results tomorrow; similarly, if you vibrate high, you will reap gifts.

Therefore, we have arranged a new choice for you, a new world, but in this new world, your bad habits, tricks, rashness, dishonesty and wrong attitude are not suitable; Only love attitude, unity, friendship, love your neighbors, love without expecting any return. For many of you, this is impossible. You regard it as truth: “this is impossible”. I want to say that this truth is growing every day. Now, if you open your heart, let all love come in and let this inner love bloom, it is not dead; You all have inner love, which is the spark of father / Mother God. If you let it grow, you’ll have a great time.

Unfortunately, you can’t serve two masters; Either you serve the light, start a journey of purification, put down everything that brings you so-called happiness, addiction and attitude, or you stay in it. It is impossible to have both; You either serve the light or the third dimension. We do this minute by minute on board every day. Each of us is above your sky, focusing almost all the time on the big exit of love around the planet. Our intention is that this egret will suffocate all others, because love is the strongest and most elastic feeling in the universe, which can destroy everything.

We didn’t leave, we are all here for the exact reason, because we need to send so much love to this planet, and we need a lot of life to send out this love. I can tell you that our love has surrounded the planet. Unfortunately, it was quickly consumed by the negative grid there. But we keep going and don’t give up. So please think about it. If each of you takes the road of love and the road of light, you may not be strong enough to have a huge negative impact, but at least you will not expand those negative effects. This is a great achievement.

I hope we can send out huge rays and destroy all the negative grids on your planet; Great light of love, but we can’t. Because you will have free will until the end, until the last human being in the third dimension. When he is gone, you will be in the fifth dimension, or anywhere you should be, and then free will will is gone. But as long as there is a third dimension and you are in it, we can’t infringe on your choice. Your soul choice is respected at all times. We want the situation to be different. We can step in and act in the way we think is right, but we can’t.

The “earth plan” is not over yet, and the father / Mother God has not finalized the plan of free will, so we can’t do anything against your will. So it all depends on raising awareness of the earth. You’re almost there, but it still oscillates a lot. When we think, “now it’s gone!”, You fell down again. You can’t keep your height. But we hope that you will soon reach this great potential of consciousness so that we can start a new stage. A troublesome stage, a difficult stage, but it is necessary, because this stage will eradicate all lies, all falsehood, all bad things presented in front of you and enjoyed by you. What’s the difference? You will be aware of every gift you bring to yourself and the planet.

Nothing has not been ignored, nothing has not been ignored, and it will depend on the choice of each of you: “I choose to continue as I am, because I am here, I will continue. Or those will choose:” no, I want to change, I want to evolve “. Then, yes, we will have a lot of work to absorb all this desire for information, energy, treatment A recovered soul.

Please believe that we are ready, and each of us will do our best for each resident of this planet to achieve his or her ascension.

** light receiver: Vania Rodriguez


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