Aton [stay firm and ask for our help]2022-2-24

Aton [stay firm and ask for our help]

Original light love 2022-02-25 13:17

Aton: I am the creator of the kingdom of light, Lord Aton, and the creator of the Nebadon universe in which you live.

I send loving greetings to all soul and light workers. Today’s news is for Sananda’s group, because they need my encouragement now.

I know how you feel at this last moment. What happened? Satan’s servants know their end. If mother earth rotates around her axis, their end is certain. It’s not good. They know everything about your Lightworkers and monitor this small group of believers in truth every minute of the day. They have captured almost all souls on earth with Satan’s “net”, so their primary goal now is to capture these people into their “fence”.

Believe it or not, it’s true. I saw some light workers being besieged, tired and tired, because all these light workers were attacked countless times. If the fourwinds website is closed forever, they will be happy because they hate light and the information given to the world on this website.

They tried various methods to shut down the fourwinds website through equipment failure, and sent hackers to destroy it in any way to prevent communication with the country of light.

The latest attack was on Anne. She had a physical illness, but she has recovered and is recovering. They failed, so they launched another attack. Annie has carpal tunnel syndrome and her right finger has been numb for several years. She’s going to be examined by a neurologist and may have an operation.

Guess what happened? If the operation is to be performed, it is impossible to input the information sent from the country of light for a period of time, which will be more difficult for her daily work. She cancelled the agreement and sought other ways to heal herself with the help of heraling.

The dark ones will not give up until they have complete control of everything. Now Russia bombed Ukraine. The war began. Food and gasoline prices soared. Biden closed all oil production in the United States, forcing the United States to buy foreign oil, which led to higher and higher natural gas prices. In some cases, it is almost impossible for the poor to pay such a price. This also includes high priced food.

At present, the scene on earth is not beautiful, because owo has controlled the fake Biden conquest. The prediction of the future of the United States is not optimistic, as you can see from the daily articles on the truth on fourwinds.

Lightworkers are tired and tired. In her conversation with mother earth, she only “extended a little”, because she delayed again and again, her commitment was not fulfilled, and she did not graduate.

Not only that, many people are dying. Yesterday, a mother-in-law of Lightworker died, and so did Anne’s sister-in-law.

Lightworkers report terrible dreams, fatigue, family quarrels and other “accidents” that can derail Lightworkers, cause annoyance and depression, and reduce their frequency.

What should Lightworkers do at this time? Don’t give up hope. Keep clean at all times, even if you have to clean many times a day. Ask for the help of the kingdom of light to maintain calm, balance, concentration and concentration. Let Saint Germain transform all the darkness around you with his purple flame and disappear forever! You are not alone, because we are ready to help you as soon as we receive notice.

On this 3D level, the course will never end until you leave there. They will become more difficult in the end, as the dark side is working overtime to ensure that you get through a difficult time.

You can win this battle! Stay firm! Ask for our help and Saint Germain’s help. Continue these petitions, especially those for mother earth. Like I just said.

You will never be alone. You have the spirit of your great emperor, which is your lifeline to us. Use it. At the same time, ask your guardian angel to help. You have the inner power to defeat any dark angel who tries to stop you.

I am Aton, the creator of light.


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