This is a lonely time to accept those who are internally oriented^_^

Tomorrow reading club 2022-03-01 21:08
Creative energy – solitude

You may feel as if the world has passed you – as if no one or few people are standing with you. Indeed, even if many people once wanted to stand with you

This feeling seems counter intuitive, given the current isolation. Most people seem to settle down rather than expand their interaction. There are several reasons for this

When you are part of an externally oriented lifestyle, you change your behavior to integrate with others, so no matter what behavior is expected, it is easy to identify and activate. With many of your close people acting according to their internally oriented needs, it seems that many people are isolated from themselves. Partly because what a friend believes feels right, but not enough for you to follow completely. The same is true of the people you’ve interacted with.

Everyone seems to be in a soundproof room.

Perhaps you will use the recent war to refute the concept of isolation, which shows that many people change together. We remind you that war is not an act of love. Those involved operate in an externally oriented manner. You can’t understand or forgive their behavior. They can’t understand why you don’t participate more in the so-called solution or why you don’t choose to stand by

You are moving around connecting with this person and that idea, but you feel as if you are difficult to connect with your mind, but not your heart

You may feel lonely in the next few days. Not because you did something wrong, but because you are no longer externally oriented, so you can’t react as others expect or want. But you don’t know how you want to respond

Your world feels lonely, because those who are your backbone members have not been materialized, and those who used to be your backbone members seem lifeless

This is a lonely time to accept those who are internally oriented. This is because when you meditate on your actions based on new internally oriented information, you will change your emotions all the time. Who you are has become more difficult to define

Even if you have a wide range of parameters for who you can no longer be, you continue to improve who you are. This is your time to move fast. Think of yourself as a new butterfly, spread your wings in the flowers, and try to find your favorite flowers

You are a new being, on a new land, jumping from one emotion to another, even if the new text encourages you to focus on a problem. Your externally oriented awareness feels guilty for not focusing on that fear, and your internally oriented existence is interested in different things.

The existence of your inner orientation and previous outer orientation is competing for your attention

Externally oriented entities are doing their best to get you back to their emptiness. “The world is terrible. You can’t survive without our support.” At the same time, your heart is telling you that everything is all right. You just need to choose the right flower to be in happiness – a confusing contradiction

You will sift through everything to create the right conclusion for you. What is your heart telling you to do? This is the only action required. Do you need to follow Xinwen? Do you need to be in your garden or dance, create or interact with your pets?

Follow your inner needs and you will be in the right place. Follow fear and you will deny your heart

Everything is fine in the world you love. Nothing applies to you in a world of fear. Does that mean you should “get an injection”? Or military service?

This is your choice. But for the first time on earth, this choice is individual, not collective.

So those who react differently from you are the result of their internal or external instructions, and you have no interest in them. Because everyone seems to be playing rogue, as they look for the internal compass, no one or few people will seem to be able to live in harmony for a long time

Your current loneliness won’t last forever – just like when you’re a baby and don’t know how to play with other babies.

The difference now is that compatible development will happen in days rather than months – you won’t understand how or why at all.
Even if you are a “new you” adult, you are a self loving baby in terms of who you want to interact with and why.

So in a few days or weeks, you will try this person, activity, or flower until you find an existence or activity that attracts you. Maybe the event will be short-lived, maybe not. It doesn’t matter, because that activity is a springboard to your new behavior and life

You are a new butterfly, looking for your perfect flower in the flowers. If you don’t find your ideal in the storm, you can only find your ideal in the storm. Even if this is a new world of love, fear has occupied your world for a long time – you will naturally focus on fear – even if it doesn’t feel right

You will leave that fear, once the discomfort becomes too great. That’s it

Date: March 1, 2022
Conduction: brendahoffman


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