New Attributes of Love(recording)

New Attributes of Love

Why did original stop me? Kryon 2022-03-05 03:00

KRYON CHANNELLING through Lee Carroll and channeled live on February 2, 2022
sound recording:

Dear everyone, I’m Kryon of magnetic service. Greetings.
The theme of this month seems to be “love” (*). You know, this is my favorite. It has much more connotation than you think. It seems that some of the words of love come from the same God. You grew up under the education of others, such as how much God loves you. Even this is not entirely true. God loves you more than that. That’s the truth.

It’s hard to understand that kind of love for you. What if I tell you that your so-called “love” has a completely different name? Do we have completely different views on this? What if I told you that there is an attribute of love in your DNA? What if I told you that part of the DNA double helix vibrates with love in a certain way? It’s a little different from what you heard.

For humans, “love” is emotion. Great emotions. It’s a mood that comes and goes. I mean: you receive it, you give it. When it comes, it can also be sent out. This is an interesting concept because not all emotions are like that. Some are. About love, you can launch it far away from where you are. In so many emotions, you can launch them to your side to a much lesser extent.

Love has some characteristics. How much have you heard about the mystery of love and compassion? How many years? Or the guest of this program? It can be leaked to the scene and transmitted remotely to the other end of the world. Can you love someone deeply and imagine that he / she receives it and really receives it? This is the most wonderful part of metaphysics. This also tells you that what you call “love” is multidimensional. It’s not just emotions, honey. Before the end of this channeling, I will give you a main meaning of “love”.

Some time ago, I started to explain some of the characteristics you have. Love is one of them. We talked about the things hidden under Fairness before. We talked about some characteristics of your soul. But none is as powerful as it is now.

Let’s go back to your DNA again. Your DNA is huge. It’s billions. It’s not just a blueprint for the body. Your DNA, with its huge amount, carries the characteristics of your previous life. These things are not in your brain, although you think they are. Since DNA carries your past life, what else might it carry? It carries your blood and marks how many lifetimes you have been on earth. The multidimensional part of your DNA is its largest part. Scientists wonder why the biological part of DNA, that gene, accounts for only three percent of the trillion? This discovery was disclosed in 2012. The rest of DNA seems to be the instruction book of the body. How to combine various parts and how to make them work, there are more.

All information is stored in DNA. And within that message is a process, a big process, triggered by love. I want you to pause here. This is a new premise. This month is the month of love, so I want to tell you, in a way you can understand.

There are some things in biology that you say have a “cascade effect”. When one thing happens, it will trigger another thing, then trigger another, and continue to trigger… The body is balanced, and it wants to maintain balance. These cascading effects, usually the negative things you hear, are linked to poor health. What I want to tell you is that this cascade effect is the most positive effect you have ever heard of. It starts writing your DNA.

You might say: there is a receiver of love in DNA, which is transmitting at the same time. Human beings are excellent transmitters and receivers of compassion and love. Your multidimensional antenna, dear, is magnificent. Once you connect to it and know how it works, how to receive and transmit, something happens.

I tell you: when you begin to receive love from the gods, in the way we tell you: you relax and understand that you are a part of all things. You relax to the great love poured into you, put the subconscious aside and begin to jump into the greatest source that always exists. Then it allows you to pour out and start launching. When these two things happen, receiving and transmitting this power called “love” is not emotion, but the essence of the creator. It begins to flow through you, and then the cascade effect is triggered in your DNA.

Let me tell you what it does – it starts treating you. Everything you ask for: problems, fear, anxiety, physical illness… Everything starts to get stuck. If I tell you, this cascade is called “health and balance”. If you want health and balance on earth now, start sending love and receiving love. That’s what happened. It is the catalyst for you to ask for everything.

There’s another one. You know it, too. It’s emotion. I will put it in the second category, because love is the first category. The second type has the same immediate effect. As long as you can feel it, it is “joy and laughter”. It relieves fear. Joy and laughter, it melts hatred and anxiety. All this. You can feel their release. Now, please enlarge it 10 or 15 times, and then you will become the receiving transmitter of love, and your whole body will begin to change. The pain and pain begin to disappear, the disease begins to decrease, and you begin to realize that you live longer. All this is physiological. All. They are in your DNA, in that 90% of DNA, there are so many mysteries, there are processes. As a human being, you may never find those processes. They are profound, multidimensional and real.

Ask the awakened people, who have just experienced disappointment, anxiety and hardship, began to receive beautiful love, began to be compassionate to others, and something happened. Their whole body began to respond. Some people say: they shake because they don’t know their consciousness. The cascade effect begins and begins to treat everything wrong. That’s love.

Love is used evenly. There’s a fact that it comes from somewhere else – it comes from your DNA. If you take anything we say seriously, especially this month of love, let love begin. It’s a cascade of everything else.

Someone said, “this is a persistent disease. I can’t solve fear, this or that.”

We said, “enter love and start the process.”

They said, “I don’t think so. I want to do this and that. Follow this and that process.”

We said, “No.” We are telling you where the cascade begins and where the treatment begins.

Today I told you the truth. Some people will know that this is true and correct. It’s part of you, part of your process. Do you wonder that the love of the creator and God is the greatest thing. You ask, is it in the universe? It’s also in your healing, in the cascade, in your DNA. Are you shocked? Still say, “Oh, now I see. It makes sense.”

These things should make sense, honey. You are part of the source of creation, part of love. It’s yours, anytime, anywhere. The gate is open. It’s already there. Now go in.
I’m Kryon and I love you all – who you are, what you’ve done, what you’ve found, what will happen in the future.
be it so.



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