An unstoppable future^_^


Things are not always as they appear. As the end of the seminar, I will tell a little fable.

This fable is about a man named “Wo”. He can be a man named Xiao Wu. It is convenient for us to understand him better. This fable extends your reality. This is the way of fable. For some brains, I’ll take you to a planet that doesn’t exist and make fables happen. There is a reason. Some things you don’t understand, some characteristics you don’t know, about light. I’ll show you this fable.

If you ask the soldiers, “what is it like to fight at night?” They would say, “not often.” Night warfare, even in modern warfare, rarely fires. Will they meet each other at night? You said, “fighting is always during the day.” But sometimes not.

If you talk to individual soldiers, they use swords on the battlefield. You ask them, “what’s it like to fight at night?” They will look at you and say, “you don’t know who’s there. It’s very, very difficult to fight. It’s terrible.”

This is a metaphor for the planet at the moment. You are in the dark, still in the dark. You fought in chaos in the dark. That’s what you see.

I’ll take you to a very dark planet. Xiao Wu is a soldier. He has been fighting for the planet for a long time, using a very old rusty sword. He was sent to the battlefield so many times that every time he thought it was the last time he heard a voice. He was hurt many times. Now he’s in the trench, ready to start again.
Imagine this picture is very sad and ugly. But the planet itself is very dark, the light seems never to come, the war seems endless, with this rusty sword.

What happens next may seem a little funny and weird. A little green man appeared. With his strange pronunciation, he said to Xiao Wu, “I have a special saber for you.”

Xiao Wu said, “really? I can use a new one? My sword is too old and rusty. Thank you very much.”

The little green man handed him the saber. It doesn’t look like a knife at all. Until Xiaowu pressed the button, it turned into a lightsaber! WOW!

The little green man disappeared.

Xiao Wu knew he would win the war. Because once you open it, you can defeat each other, no one can be enemy, win the war, and there will be no more war. But that’s not the case.

Xiaowu set foot on the battlefield. When the battle horn sounded, he jumped up from the trench, rushed to the battlefield, pressed the button, and out came light. The scene in front of him was unexpected.

All the soldiers who only heard his name but couldn’t see him appeared. People around him were shocked. What they saw was not Xiaowu holding a lightsaber, but something illuminated by his light. For the first time in history, they saw each other and looked at each other carefully. They realized that everyone was in rags and had rusty knives in their hands. They even forget what to do. They looked at each other and realized for the first time that each other was also human. Collectively, without any language, Xiaowu just held the light high. They all put down their weapons and looked at each other. When everyone walks around, for the first time in history, they clearly see each other. They didn’t look at their uniforms and didn’t even remember why they fought. This is the beginning of light on the planet, a person.

This is a fable for you. It may sound silly. Light appears where there is no light. This is what you get. You don’t know how the darkness is here until you see the brilliant wisdom coming. You don’t know how the darkness is here until someone comes. With an unprecedented point of view, you ask, “why didn’t we think of it before?” With inventions that no one has ever seen, it has not only changed the scientific and technological atmosphere, but even rewritten the economy.

That’s what happens with the light. Those are things on the court. You’ve been looking at them for two days, the future of the earth. I will respond to what my partner said earlier: don’t be afraid! Because you have a lightsaber. Slowly, you will understand how to make light, its meaning, how to put it into the framework of control rather than conflict, and how to use it gently, gently and beautifully. You light up areas that need light, and they don’t even know you’re there. Just like the person who lights a match in a dark room, you can’t see who is there, but you can see the people around you.

An unstoppable future

Kryon conducted through Lee Carroll and channeled live at the Colorado seminar in Boulder, USA, January 9, 2022

Dear, I’m Kryon from magnetic service. Hello.

You have experienced so much in these two days, not just seeing and hearing. I mean the audience in front of me, not later. But for all the audience, I want to give you a short fable. Honey, we have told you many times that the idea of light coming is itself a metaphor. Because when we say “light”, we mean revelation. It behaves in so many ways.

You might say: light is coming with wisdom and understanding between people. But that hasn’t come yet.

You might say: light is coming in the new invention of the earth. Then you can generate electricity without any energy. Food can be produced where it has always been barren, and hunger is no longer. But this has not yet come.

You might say: something like that, etc. Even one day, the government has enlightenment that policies can be implemented and departments can cooperate. It can change the face of everything.

I want to tell you that all that is on the pitch. That is to say:

This is your future.

For the audience and later listeners, I tell you: your planet is aiming at the target and the road is leading to the target. There are some unstoppable things on this road. That’s you. I once said that one day, mankind may do so if you choose. You can look for the previous channeling, which has been talked about many times. You have a free choice, honey. If you choose to do so, events will happen.

At this moment, I will tell you: at the beginning of this year, the snowball begins to roll. You won’t stop it. The snowball is white and bright. It may take more time to reach the bottom than you think. But I’ve seen it before, in other civilizations, on other ascending planets. Some of you were there and recognized it. The old soul is today. Because this is the plan: you will come back, have enough reincarnation experience, feel it, remember it, and know that there is nothing terrible to be part of the last battle between light and darkness. It may surprise you about how it started.

But in the last two days, you have seen what is happening and what will happen in the future. So you’re here. Those who are hearing my voice,
This is the future of the earth, no matter what you’ve heard. This is the future of the earth. The old soul is an experienced person who brings the fruits to the earth at this moment. It is no accident that you are here. It is no accident that you hear these words.

Take this recording and leave here. Think about what I said and understand: who are you; How the creator arranged all this; How do you agree with all this; And why you’re here. In compassion and love, bring today’s tools. I celebrate that you are here to take over the mantle of this life, which can change everything on the earth.

I’m Kryon. I love human beings.

That’s it.



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