If your energy is high frequency, everything you worry about, worry about and think about will be solved for you^_^


If your energy is high frequency, everything you worry about, worry about and think about will be solved for you^_^

This will make your life easier and happier and reduce your thoughts and worries. Isn’t it better?

What’s wrong with deciding to enjoy your life every moment you move forward?
We also think so, which is why we will send you this message.

If your vibration is high, everything will run automatically.

Live in the moment, meditate, do what you like, and relax
When you meditate, the energy released is the most primitive and high-frequency,
The second is when you are doing what you like.

Secondly, when you relax, you do nothing, pay no attention to the problems you face, and pay no attention to your past and future. At this time, your frequency is also very high.

When you live in the present, your frequency is the highest. When you meditate, do what you like, or just relax and don’t think about anything, you live in the present.

This is why these activities are so important to your spiritual evolution. Sometimes, your work and housework will also send out higher frequency and higher vibrational energy, but it must be when you focus on what you do. So you can make this your goal.

You can spend more time meditating and pursuing things that can bring you happiness, or you can do nothing more and just relax. These commitments should be easy to follow,

But living in the moment and focusing on what you’re doing requires more practice.

First of all, if you have a resistance to many things you must do, if you want to change this resistance, you just need to simply tell yourself that you choose to do it with the mentality of living in the present, which will be a huge first step for you, because you can realize that what you do is living in the present.

In addition, when you do anything boring, it will become more interesting and exciting if you pretend to do it for the first time. You can be curious about it, even though it’s not charming.

For example, when you wash the dishes, you can enjoy the feeling that the temperature of the water is just right. When the water flows through your hands and fingers, you can feel its soothing properties.

You can enjoy the feeling of scratching your gums while brushing your teeth.

You can practice living in the present. You can be more attentive when doing anything. If you can inject this energy into it, whatever you do will eventually bring fun to yourself.

Before you do something, if you ask yourself what energy I want to release when I do this, you will have a better chance to maintain that vibration, reduce resistance and resentment, and you will have a better chance to enjoy what you are doing.

Regardless of the state of the outside world, you are still on the path to ascension. It’s a long journey and everyone should enjoy it. You will not be in this position for a long time in the future.

Once you have completed your transition to the fifth dimension, you will continue to ascend. You will eventually ascend to the sixth dimension, then the seventh dimension, and so on. So now is not the time to think about how much longer you have to endure. What you need now is to try to appreciate your current state and expand to the present as much as possible. It is time for you to reach the level of control over the physical realm, which will give you the feeling of ascension to the fifth dimension you have always wanted, while remaining in the fourth dimension as a teacher, healer, leader and guide.

You are there to play that role. Many people have been called to become more true selves and become Lightworkers and role models for others. We have always been here and are ready to remind you how important it is for you to choose to awaken at this time. We want to reduce your burden and help you find a sense of control over the physical field.

You know what spiritual mentors are like and how they feel. You have seen descriptions of these people, and some of you are even associated with these initiates, who are now known as ascended masters. Now is the best time for you to develop a connection with the ascended masters who resonate with you.

We want you to know that ascended masters will not choose who they like on earth. Each of you can find them anytime, anywhere. You don’t need to win their love and attention, or their healing energy, activation and compassion.

We suggest that you enter the twelfth dimension and feel the vibration, consciousness and energy of the ascended master. Work with one or more of them, knowing that you are becoming a new master on the physical plane of earth.

We are the Arcturian Council. I’m glad to communicate with you.

Master ascension and 5D ascension

hello everyone! We are the Arcturian Council. It’s a pleasure to contact you.

We are very excited to enter the next stage of the evolution of cosmic consciousness with you. We have come to this stage of cosmic expansion, and mankind has been playing its role well. We are very familiar with your collective path and want to assure you that you are still on the path of ascension regardless of the conditions in the outside world. It’s a long journey and everyone should enjoy it. You will not be in this position for a long time in the future.

We can clearly perceive the great steps taken by human beings to the next level of consciousness. We can tell you if you are on a larger spiral, and now you are on such a track. The despair, sadness, anger, depression and fear on earth have lasted for a long time, but those who are sober and energy sensitive have recognized the collective power and have changed their position. You are more determined than ever to spread love, light and joy, and stand on the bright side. You have returned to the drawing board and activated all your skills as creators.

It is worth noting that you have done this with the help of all high-dimensional beings and collectives. It’s important to realize that you’ve been helped, because sometimes you’re overwhelmed by what you’ve undertaken in your life. You have to deal with your own problems. You have to help humans provide a level of consciousness so that they can move from the old 3D paradigm, the old matrix, to the new fifth dimensional earth, to the level of existence you have known for a long time and have been actively involved in the realization.

You will get more help from the above, not only from your alien friends and our nonphysical groups in other galaxies, but also from archangels and ascended masters. If you are related to these archangels or an ascended master, such as Buddha, Joshua, Saint Germain, Guanyin, etc., you can use your connection with them to receive more things and receive more help from above, which is excellent.

It is your gift. When you use your prayers, meditation and intention to help others, you will get more attention from the cosmic helpers around you. You light up the light to show that you are a ground crew and a changer, bringing peace, unity and harmony to the world you desire to see. Of course, it’s being magnified now, and you’re responding.

We can feel it. We have seen Lightworkers light themselves up and notice how you attract the attention of those high-dimensional lives. This makes us optimistic about the future of mankind, and we suggest that you also maintain this optimistic attitude, because we know that many of you already have this positive and optimistic attitude.

https://danielscranton.com/4-simple-steps-to-living-a-life-of-joy-∞the -9d-arcturian-council/


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