Maria. – are you in the play? Or are you paying attention to your walking?

Maria. – are you in the play? Or are you paying attention to your walking?

Original love RA love 777 new earth 2022-03-04 16:33

Reminder: what is being staged is a play, just a play, not true.

Dear d-ball children! I’m Mary’s mother!

Let every being be wrapped in my chest, and let all my love be wrapped in my arms again. Don’t be fooled by my children. Don’t be dazzled by what you hear. Nothing is what it looks like. Everything went according to his plan. At this moment, each of you should look at your walk. You must look directly at every shadow of yourself, understand them and heal them, leaving everything else aside. Each of you must be most concerned about walking itself. Don’t deviate from this road.

Forget what’s said outside, forget what’s passing outside. We can tell you that there are several plays on in your world. Not in the theater, but in the street, in the community, in the city. A great drama, dull rather than good deeds, a great drama without regret, will only send out uneasiness. When you see these dramas, just shake the light for the action and make more people realize that it is a drama, not a reality. It can be said that every day, you will hear more and more plays, because there is no other way to lose your balance. Only, only one, they know how to do this to reach each of you: uneasy, disharmonious, convinced that everything we say is untrue, because the opposite is happening.

It is said that everyone remembered what was written in the script and acted well. Don’t be fooled by beautiful faces, by the characters who play the masters of their love for the world. In fact, they want it destroyed. Be very careful in your judgment. Now is not the time to judge anyone or point out. Forget it. Now, this moment is the only one. Observe your walk and the river ahead: calm, quiet, flowing, or not safe. This is what you need to pay attention to.

✔ Forget the outside world. The drama has been on, and more and more people like the theater. Then they shake and focus on it. In fact, the result is not good. Worry about your heart. What are you thinking now? Harmony, love, gratitude, or being swept by the negative emotions of the drama, disharmony, arrogance. What is your heart sending out at the moment? This is a great asset to those who are sober and aware of what is happening outside. So look inside, look inside, and don’t let it shake negative emotions.

✔ You already know a lot of secret words and phrases. Always start with “I am” and break your trend. Some people are still trapped in the outside world. There is no point in getting away from the world at the beginning. Transition, transition of things, transition of attitudes, transition of bad habits. perceive. Start living as if in the fifth dimension (RA: the capacity of this sentence is so vast that you feel it with your heart), This is a good exercise. Whenever you realize that you have a low vibration, stop and identify the cause of the vibration and heal that point so that it does not repeat.

I tell you, there is still a long way to go. You still have a lot to learn. However, if you put yourself in such a way that every wrong step, every slip, every mistake, you stop, analyze and heal, it will heal more shadows and deal with more problems you need to deal with. One day, mistakes will begin to decrease until you no longer see them. Then you will be able to realize that you have cured almost all the experiences and thoughts that led to mistakes.

Don’t worry about the number of problems that will arise. There’s nothing you can’t accept and treat. Accept every problem and understanding with love, and you will see how bright you will be after looking at it in front. And every time you get lighter. Clean and purify all floating objects! Rooted in Gaia. My children, find what needs to be healed in your hearts, seek healing, seek wisdom and understanding. This is the way to the fifth dimension, and this is your correct way of behavior.
If you make a mistake, don’t judge yourself. When you realize a mistake, the best learning is to be careful not to repeat it. Procrastination, sadness, and being frustrated by your mistakes can’t change anything. The mistake has happened and it has entered the universe. There is no doubt that you paid a high price for that slip, and everything responds. However, if you learn and don’t repeat it, you’ll make sure the slides don’t happen again. Return to your path, return to your light.

Don’t judge yourself. Accept everything you need to treat with love. You’ve accumulated a lot of wrong attitudes, so you won’t throw them all away at once. There is learning and walking, so as long as you walk, let it be, and don’t try to stop anything. If the river encounters an obstacle for some reason, the water will converge. When it tries to break through this obstacle, it is an inevitable loud vibration. The same thing can happen to you. If you refuse to face yourself face to face, as you slide to, over time… Please rest assured that if you accumulate, the result will be the same inevitable loud vibration.

In the experience, you get wisdom and knowledge, and you will see that everything is obviously discovered. It is really discovered, but every day you will realize that you can solve it more and more easily. And those floating things (RA: things that need purification and cleaning) are disappearing, and you are moving forward step by step on the way to the fifth dimension.

RA: in this transmission, you should taste it carefully, taste it carefully, and taste it with your wisdom. There is a travel map I gave you. Only those who are careful and understand me can find it. I love you, we are one.

Adopted by: Vania Rodriguez
Compiled by: Shengai ra


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