You can maintain your high vibration by focusing on things that put you in a high vibration state. This is our suggestion.

This means that you can’t always think about finding solutions to problems from the outside world, but through your energy to help you deal with them.

Don’t just wait and see. We suggest that you actively do what you are doing, including your words and actions, because words and actions also include your thoughts, feelings and imagination. You can change your world now, make your world better, and then wait and see how the outside world reflects the changes you have made, which will be interesting for you.

You can observe the outside world, understand the information that the outside world sends to you, and tell you what else you need. The world has been telling you how to show your best self and become your best self. Therefore, it is also making great contributions to the collective human beings. The way you can contribute around the clock is your vibration.

You can maintain your high vibration by focusing on things that put you in a high vibration state. This is our suggestion. This means that you can’t always think about finding solutions to problems from the outside world, but through your energy to help you deal with them.

Find the perfect thing from the bottom of your heart. Find your love, your compassion, your creativity, your ability to heal and forgive from the bottom of your heart.

You always have the key to the kingdom. If someone tells you you don’t, stop paying attention to them. We know that it’s easy and even a little exciting to see the stories of your world created by others with their creative minds. But it’s not the world you experience, but the world you hear. These stories are very interesting and you will pay more and more attention to them.

Storytellers know this. They know how to attract your attention and how to keep your attention. That’s why it’s so important to make your experience your truth and your reality. We mean your inner world experience and your outer world experience. Of course, there are many things you don’t know on earth, but it doesn’t matter. If you need to know it, you will know it, but you certainly don’t need others to tell you what it is, so you can continue to stay on earth and continue your journey.

Don’t ask for trouble, and don’t look for the truth of others. Let it be your own truth. But to live your truth, shine your light, and know where you help. You help others through high vibration, not by understanding every little detail you haven’t experienced in the secret world. Your experience is enough to make you who you really are, enough to create a world you want to experience together.

We are observing and waiting for what will happen next on earth. We have the honor to help you within our permission and to take this way. But you live on earth and can do more to help the human collective, because you are a part of this collective. You don’t have to wait for what will happen, or let them tell you what will happen next by reading other people’s blogs or watching other people’s videos.

You can participate with your fellow human beings in your small group in creating the future you will experience.
Let’s share with you how to rewrite some areas of your reality.

First, there is a need to recognize an area that is causing chaos, challenges, pain, trauma or any disharmony. When you choose an experience, think carefully and sit with it. How will it feel? What does it activate in your body? What do you think?

Sit with this energy as long as possible until it changes. We say as long as possible because it may become unbearable. If it does happen, then you know that it is about to change. Usually, when you have this intention, the change will happen soon. It will be transformed into something else, perhaps the energy of happiness, love or truth. At the moment of transformation, you ask your soul to activate, express, radiate and radiate the most appropriate code and frequency of divine guidance to ensure rewriting of this experience.

You may find that you imagine a different experience that will replace your experience, or you are only associated with the vibration or quality of the creator. Let power flow out of your existence. You may find that you need to move your body to bring movement and lock in the rewritten content. This will be a very creative process, just as you are painting or making masterpieces. You may be guided to produce different qualities, energies, thoughts or visions. Please follow your guidance. When this process is completed, we Arcturians invite you to feel the floor under your feet and be aware of the floor, ground and mother earth under your feet. Therefore, root and anchor your energy into your existence, reality and earth. This is a very simple rewriting process.

The most important aspect of this communication is that the creator is supporting the rewriting of your past and your life. Therefore, you bloom into a transformed high-level existence at this moment, because your past has become very different and changed your present reality.
If you want to experience this process, we Arcturians will be there to support you. This is not necessary.

We love you forever, and we thank you.

We are Arcturians.
Arcturus: Rewriting the journey

Greetings and love, we are Arcturus. We come here with our light, love and truth to give you gifts and remind you of the divine creator who exists in your existence. Your natural ability is to create. You can create anything you want, especially when you are consistent with all creators. You have the ability to create your reality, your thoughts, your reactions and actions. You have the ability to create the world around you and even transform your body and energetic energy body. It is important that you remember this power, skill and ability, even if you are not aware of it or do not know how to use it. It’s important to keep your intention and belief that you know how to create, because creation is as natural to you as breathing.

When you enter the inner plane and leave your physical body, it is called death on earth. You have time to think about your journey on earth, and if you like, you have time to rewrite your journey on earth from the inner level. This means that when you rewrite it, you will not experience it yourself, but experience it with vitality. You can choose to return to earth, understand what needs to be rewritten, and understand the transformation or ascension required by the experience you have and create. You can choose to return to earth and rewrite these experiences in another life to experience it for yourself. This is a very important aspect of your journey. This is a moment of contemplation, where you gain a greater understanding of the purpose of your soul and the reasons for your existence on the earth’s ascension journey. It is important to realize that you are now rewriting your journey and experience on earth. In this life, you are rewriting your previous life or contemporary experience. This requires some meditation.

Can you imagine or understand what your soul chooses to rewrite, change, progress or learn in the current reality. Before you come to this life, you are in this state of meditation, looking back on your previous life or contemporary life, and understanding what needs to change and what needs to be reflected, rooted, understood and realized now. You are implementing it in your life, so it is so important to recognize your creativity and how you create what you want, what you desire and dream.

It is important to recognize where you have experienced obstacles, stagnant energy, challenges, chaos and destruction, and recognize that these areas have great value and can be rewritten.
At this time, in the process of ascension of all life, an ascension is coming, and the energy expressed by the creator supports you to rewrite your current reality. Higher vibrations, powerful frequencies and code are flowing to your existence to support you in this ascension. This is a rewriting of all aspects of reality you have experienced in this life. It’s almost like you’re entering inner space, but you’re still in your physical body. You have time and choice to rewrite your reality. Therefore, you can bring what you understand and admit into your current and future experiences.

Restore the memory of childhood and past life

Daniel Scranton

hello everyone! We are the Arcturian Council. It’s a pleasure to contact you.

We have been studying different ways to restore your lost memories, and we have also noticed that some of you who have awakened have successfully accessed memories hidden in the depths of consciousness for quite a long time. Of course, before you start a new life and want to have a new experience, forgetting everything in your previous life is a key part. All the feelings seem to be the first time for you, which provides you with the opportunity to feel your emotions more deeply. That’s why you choose to deliberately forget when you incarnate.

And your early years, your formative years. Most of you have only recovered a few memories during this time, which is also designed. When you grow up, you will become another person. Your vibration is very different from those of childhood and adolescence. You might as well think of that period as your incarnation of your previous life. But now that you have awakened and realized that you have been visited, observed and even taken by aliens, you are beginning to understand the importance of restoring these childhood memories.

Of course, once you realize that you have reincarnated many times on this planet and other parts of the galaxy, you really want to know what you have done and who you were. Therefore, the recovery of these memories can be achieved in a variety of ways. When you have a dream that feels very real and have a very strong emotion, you should know that you have just recovered your memory.

When you are in a state of change, or put yourself into a state of change, you will also restore those memories. It’s time for you to believe what you see in your third eye. It’s time to recall those memories, but you don’t need dead rattan water to remember. You don’t need to use anything. Your desire to know, coupled with your belief in your will and the ability to restore these memories, is what you need.

The most important part of your memory is to recognize and notice our feelings. It has nothing to do with the story. It’s how the story makes you feel. That’s where restoring memory is useful to you. You are using the information collected to help you expand and evolve your consciousness. This is your journey now. You’re ready. We’ll be happy to cheer you up.

We are the Arcturian Council. I’m glad to communicate with you.∞the -9th-dimensional-arcturian-council/

What is the future of mankind

Daniel Scranton

hello everyone! We are the Arcturian Council. It’s a pleasure to contact you.

We can clearly perceive the great steps taken by human beings to the next level of consciousness. We can tell you if you are on a larger spiral, and now you are on such a track. The despair, sadness, anger, depression and fear on earth have lasted for a long time, but those who are sober and energy sensitive have recognized the collective power and have changed their position. You are more determined than ever to spread love, light and joy, and stand on the bright side. You have returned to the drawing board and activated all your skills as creators.
It is worth noting that you have done this with the help of all high-dimensional beings and collectives. It’s important to realize that you’ve been helped, because sometimes you’re overwhelmed by what you’ve undertaken in your life. You have to deal with your own problems. You have to help humans provide a level of consciousness so that they can move from the old 3D paradigm, the old matrix, to the new fifth dimensional earth, to the level of existence you have known for a long time and have been actively involved in the realization.

You will get more help from the above, not only from your alien friends and our nonphysical groups in other galaxies, but also from archangels and ascended masters. If you are related to these archangels or an ascended master, such as Buddha, Joshua, Saint Germain, Guanyin, etc., you can use your connection with them to receive more things and receive more help from above, which is excellent.

It is your gift. When you use your prayers, meditation and intention to help others, you will get more attention from the cosmic helpers around you. You light up the light to show that you are a ground crew and a changer, bringing peace, unity and harmony to the world you desire to see. Of course, it’s being magnified now, and you’re responding. We can feel it. We have seen Lightworkers light themselves up and notice how you attract the attention of those high-dimensional lives. This makes us optimistic about the future of mankind, and we suggest that you also maintain this optimistic attitude, because we know that many of you already have this positive and optimistic attitude.

I’m glad to communicate with you.∞the -9d-arcturian-council/


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