Pleiadians ~ the next new energy stage has begun! 2022-03-15

Gaoweiguang message 2022-03-15 02:02

Dear friends, we greet you!
Now is a sacred moment on earth, and the next energy stage begins. Your planet’s magnetic core is ready to undergo a series of broad transformations designed to reposition the relationship between the earth and the sun. The sun has two sides, one of which brings warm light and nourishment to your planet. On the other side, reflect the light from your higher self to you. We call the second side of the sun the sacred sun.

This is the first time in the history of your planet that the elements of the true divine sun have been revealed to mankind. The holy sun has its own consciousness, its light, and has the ability to reflect your brilliance to you. He radiates the brand of pure consciousness directly into your heart and into all cells of your whole material body.

You can now embark on a conscious journey of self birth by being closely connected to the consciousness of the divine sun and by bathing in the gifts of pure vibration sent to you by the higher consciousness of the sun every day. You are asked to focus your daily consciousness on the divine sun light and allow the bright space of multidimensional light to enter you from the door of your heart.

This process will require your heart to interact with the consciousness of the divine sun. This is achieved by turning your consciousness to the sun, communicating with the sun with your heart and maintaining that vibration in your heart space.

Your heart has been playing the role of anchor for you. In fact, your heart is your sacred core. The heart is the gate to your divine existence and the center of your own universe. All cosmic experiences evolve and arise from your heart. Please know that all multidimensional energy interactions and exchanges only occur in your heart space.

The reality is that you have never been separated from the consciousness of the divine sun. When you align with the frequency of the sun, you begin to return, begin to merge, and become an aspect of the source. The divine sun is an aspect of the Trinity.

Every cell in your body can recognize the light frequency given by the divine sun light, and then an accelerated awakening process will be ready to start within you. When you consciously open to the light of the divine sun, the consciousness of the light in that ray can penetrate and awaken the dormant transmitter in every cell of your body. This transmitter begins to send out pulses of your unique creative light from within your energy system. The pulse of your creative light will create an acceleration within your heart cells. Each individual’s heart cell will begin a process of self realization, and the cell will begin to hold the multidimensional potential of your higher creative light.

In the multidimensional system of your heart, a powerful creative element will be constructed. You have the ability to use this stream of consciousness in your daily life to manifest your dreams. This is self empowerment and an important next step you need to take. When you draw your creative energy, the pineal gland is included, and the center of your brain that has not been used in this life will be reopened. Activate and use your creative energy to bring your heart to a new level. This action you take accelerates the process of self realization of your own multidimensional rebirth on many levels. You are regaining your power!

This whole process will change the energy dynamics of light in your system. Just like turning on the light switch in a dark room, the awakened transmitter in all your cells will transform your ability, activate you and align you with your divine power. Your creative light is a direct expression of your desire. This means that the link to your heart’s desire is changed, and your heart’s desire can be naturally manifested in your life.

Your journey includes the experience of being a human being, as well as the awakening to your divine existence. The whole aspect of your existence is the combination of humanity and divinity. At this moment on your planet, destiny plays a powerful role in strongly influencing the individualized evolution of your higher self, allowing you to liberate yourself as you are returning to your higher self.

As you move forward, you don’t need to change your human face. As a human being, you are perfectly “imperfect” and you need to celebrate your imperfections. Liberate yourself by accepting your humanity, accepting your imperfections, and embrace yourself with love and compassion in your humanity. Self acceptance is self love. This journey is all about you. By accepting your imperfections, you are accelerating your awakening potential.

You are now called upon to begin a more complete and focused intention to transcend the matrix of illusion, which has trapped you in limitations for countless lifetimes, allowing you to reposition yourself where you transcend illusion. Through the great changes that have recently taken place in the energy field of earth, it is easier to cross the illusion. As you further align with the divine sun, further transformation becomes easier. Your higher aspects can be more easily accessed and applied. Your sacred stream has never been so close to you as it is now.

This is your time to enter a new level of your own state of consciousness. By choosing to let go of what you consider “known” in your daily life. Choose to open your consciousness at this moment, connect with the space of your heart, and experience yourself from a new perspective. Your heart is you!

On your journey, we witness you and salute you.



Author: Christine day
Picture: encoded frequency


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