Truly aware people do not react negatively to negative events or people. They just observe, observe what is happening, and then seek compassionate action.

The true perceiver is the observer

Truly aware people do not react negatively to negative events or people. They just observe, observe what is happening, and then seek compassionate action. It’s not easy when people are stuck in their heads. When someone is in front of you, they are depressed. They tell you you’re wrong, or ask you to change, or ask some questions that seem important to you and your life, or how do you think of something, and how will you react?

Dear ones, on your physical and mental levels, you are focused on survival. Especially under the influence of separation illusion and negative programming, you always try to avoid any attack to ensure your safety. You always worry and fear about it. When someone attacks you and questions you, the immediate response of the mind is defensive. But people who are truly aware will not react immediately. The first is observation.

Imagine someone coming up and doing something negative to you, and you don’t immediately react defensively or aggressively. On the contrary, when you look at a person who may be in pain, you immediately know that he is in trouble or he is depressed. This is not about you at all. He just hopes to obtain a moment of peace by shifting this internal imbalance and pain.

With this awareness, you will turn to compassion, not confrontation. In this way, you can maintain your inner peace and stability and let the other party see the real power. This will also help them enter higher awareness.

Ask if you can do this. This is mastery.

Bless you with all our love and light.

Kryon: real mastery
Angel of light awakening and ascension 2022-03-15 13:21

Lee Carroll Channelling

In conflict, people who are truly aware have a peaceful attitude, wisdom and understanding. This awareness shows that no matter what happens around you, you have the ability not to participate. Just because you live in polarity does not mean that polarity must be a part of you.

Each being learns the lessons they need to master in the journey of ascension. This may be manifested in various challenges and imbalance of three-dimensional state in life. In this case, you may find discordant voices in your family or work environment. Or where you are, people encounter sudden events that completely disrupt people’s lives. Some of them understand: keep peace and rest assured. They can enter their hearts and feel surrounded and protected by love in conflict and everything around them. The love that belongs to them, because they are part of love, comes from the heart.

Dear ones, your real part lives in you, and everything you experience is part of the journey of experience, creation, ascension and expansion. You are an expression of eternity, never separated. This means that there is all understanding and wisdom within you. You create, understand, expand, experience and learn from these dualistic things, so that you can truly master your inner awareness and transcend from experience.

When you start doing this, you become more balanced and healthier. At all levels, you begin to understand the real purpose of everything and the magic of creation. All things and all challenges become easier because you know who you are. Have a peaceful attitude in all the conflicts around you.


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