Accept this message and change your heart^_^

You attend similar meetings, respond to energy, feel God’s love flowing through you, and the information warms your heart. Then you leave without taking a trace. At the next meeting, you do the same thing. It becomes something that feeds your soul.

Some people, I call them “new age information addicts”. They just want information, as if to satisfy their intellectual appetite. Then stop here. Never receive the love in the message, do not receive the connotation in the message. The connotation is: accept this information and change your heart.

This is the ultimate goal of channeling. Everything: joy, fun, guidance, the feeling of love and compassion I show… All these are packages that challenge you to face up to who you are and the possible integration.

Some people’s experience is similar to the “peak experience”, that is, you feel very high here. You see your family in channeling and you are very excited to be with Kryon. There is a “peak experience” here. After you left, the feeling disappeared.
This is human nature. This is not a reprimand. This is human nature. You must forget human nature and remember how you feel here. Are you ready? I want you to take it. The energy you feel here, embedded in you, can be eternal and can take it home. All the information presented enters your spirit. You may not remember all the facts, characters, concepts and names, but they all enter you. You cannot undo them. You hear it, you react, and they can be eternal if you like. You take them with you, with the feeling after learning. You don’t have to repeat it to anyone, recite it, or run home and write it. It exists at some level, you realize. This is the experience that enters your mind and spirit and remains.

The invitation to you in this new energy and transformation is to take it away and keep it in your heart so that it can pour out anytime, anywhere in the way you receive today. Let it pour out experientially.

You encounter a situation that hurts your heart, or worse, makes you conflict, or something that deliberately makes you uncomfortable, angry or afraid. At that time, you can either enter that place or this place. If you choose to enter this place in that case, let the energy come out. At that time, your reaction is different from what people think. Your response is kind, compassionate, understanding, or even silent.

When people expect you to respond, you don’t. Instead, you are observing and thinking about what to do, which is the most kind response at that moment. Sometimes, honey, the kindest response is no response. Not showing response, defense, sometimes no response. Someone said, “that man didn’t defend himself.” I tell you: the master will not defend himself. Masters are often silent to be right. Even if someone says, “silence is weakness.” I tell you: in the eyes of masters, people think that weakness is that they are regulating the old energy.

You didn’t respond with the old energy as people thought. Instead, what you do is what you know is appropriate and sacred at that time, no matter what people think, no matter what they will do. This is the new human, understand themselves, accept these characteristics and live them in daily life.

I said my partner was playing “church”, which is: you dress up, attend a spiritual meeting, and then leave until the next time. I don’t understand. You should take it away. My partner feels guilty about the same thing. In his life, he turned me on and off when channeling on stage. Until I said to him, “you can’t do that. It’s time for me to stay with you.”

Many times, my conversation with him doesn’t appear in the channeling you hear, which often happens. That’s what he’s carrying, honey, attached to what you think you see. This shows that sometimes he doesn’t seem ready to psyche, but he knows he’s going to psyche. Slowly, he becomes the person you see now. He will be different even next year and the year after. Because these things will gradually increase. Then let me tell you something about you.
There is a system whose light is increasing. This is a metaphor. Light begins to strengthen in your body, spontaneously, because you are using it. This is not a three-dimensional concept. In three dimensions, everything you put into your body is used up and gone, so you put it again and again. Take the oil lamp as an example. After burning kerosene, you have to refuel. This particular concept is the paradigm of human dimensional concept.

What I want to tell you is that the light you carry now and what you learn every day will grow yourself. They will strengthen themselves. As time goes by, your maturity and knowledge and wisdom will enter your intuition, and you won’t have to attend similar meetings anymore. You will begin to understand: “things are changing in me.” You’ll say, “I don’t know what the next stage will be or what’s going on, but I seem to be in a state of increasing consciousness. It’s changing my feelings, even the feelings of the people around me.” This is you?

Because this is the new lighthouse. Lighthouses are producing more light than available light. Do you hear that? When 2 + 2 = 5, then 6, 7… Light is produced by itself. This is because, honey, these are things with you that are working.

We told you in the same conference room: you came with your entourage. When you begin to receive energy from them, start saying “yes” and ask God for guidance, they begin to work in your life. This is because they are giving you more light. This is the entourage you asked to be with you and give you more things slowly. You begin to understand that “you are more than part”. That is to say, “I seem to have more light, more consciousness, and I create what happens in my life.” This is because you are learning how to create them.
Some people even receive things they don’t ask for. But at some level, they asked. Once you say “yes” to something, dear ones, angels and guides will give you as much as you can. Did you hear that? Once you agree to something sacred, you’re saying, “I’m interested in it.”. The guiding spirit will pour it into you until you can’t fit it.
Some people say, “I received more than I asked.” No, Please learn to deal with them. No more.

New arrivals are beginning to realize that they are coming for the information they hear. Can you imagine my partner sitting in a chair in his 40s? At that time, he had a successful career, and some people had planned to retire within 20 years. But my partner’s life starts over. He did say, “Dear God, I’m too old to start a new career.” I told him, “you have many years left. The longer you work, the more I will give you.” Now he understands all this. He understands that the energy level given is distributed according to needs. It took him a long time to understand what I told him many years ago: “you’re never too old to start a new career.” When I told him what he would do in his next life, he understood and realized that everything he did in this life was preparing for the next life.

This is another concept that you don’t want to think about. Because you think yourself and yourself are all in this life. In the next life, you can’t see those concepts, about change, come and go… All these are hidden from you and not in your mind. This is its way, so you only know this life, do not know the previous life, and do not know the future. “Only know this life” means that it is time to make a decision in this life.

Is it possible that the light you carry enhances your physiology to the extent that it can prolong your life? The answer is yes. Here’s why: the things I’ve only mentioned briefly before are the consciousness in your cells. It has a name and is generally called “congenital”. Your cells represent a smart body, which is an attribute of spontaneous healing dependence. There are so many things to communicate with innate or intelligent bodies, dear ones, one of which is your own consciousness.

When you speak loudly, you are indicating your smart body, cellular structure, and even your subconscious mind. All that, you’d say, psychologists think they can’t be instructed directly, and they have to be instructed by something else. They may be right. So, I tell you: your cells are far more intelligent than your trust.

I repeat: humans in the old energy often live in the mind, which is where everything happens. All the pleasure centers of what you hear, eat and see are in your mind. They often look at their bodies and say, “I hope it works properly.” Think they only have brains. Very, very common. Then, the idea is reinforced by every drug advertisement you see on TV. “You’re not responsible” and “it’s not your fault”, so you have to drag your body to work. Your society reinforces this old energy paradigm.
The truth is: it’s a whole body experience, from hair to toenails. They all know who you are. Every cell is waiting for the boss to speak. We have talked about this information so many times. But this time it’s a little different. This agent knows your perception. It helps a lot if you talk to it. If you send your light to your cells and body and thank every organ and gland, you are directly thanking the body for cooperating with yourself. “Thank the cells for everything. We will live together for a long time.”
This information, together with this verbal affirmation, enters your health system and balance begins to appear. It’s not just balance, but intuition that knows what to change will help. Maybe eating something different, maybe moving to another place. All this comes from your cellular structure, talking to your innate, talking to your intuition, and then entering your mind, so you get an idea. This is your cellular structure. Talk to you.

Then I repeat: Lightworkers will live longer if they accept integration, understand its meaning, and take for granted the idea that God is a partner. It is not the God who wins the prize and punishment in the sky, but the partner in life. We can no longer isolate the beautiful feeling with God, gods and the source of creation. Oh ~ ~ if you can see yourself like us, you won’t be able to breathe.
We’ve always known you. You were created to be loved all the time. You were created as part of the creator’s soup, full of love and compassion. In this transition, we keep reaching out and saying, “please hold it. At some point, see what really happens.” How old are you? How wise are you? What have you been through? Not here, but in many universes? How long will you last? Eternal, you are, both directions. In all this, you may see your brilliance and probably know how beautiful you are in our eyes. This may affect how you think about yourself, what will happen later, or what you think you can’t, and so much more.
Light is so powerful in this dark moment. Darkness runs when it sees you, wherever you go. Ultimately, this is called control. Control does not mean floating on the water or attracting people. It means that God is your partner day by day. Love will not disappear, happiness will not disappear, help will appear when needed, and live longer. That’s how we see you. Please look at yourself in the same way. In this case, it is the connotation of this information.
I’m Kryon. I love human beings. be it so.
Fusion (recording)
Kryon Carrol 2022-03-19 23:42

Kryon conducted through Carroll Lee and channeled live on St. Simmons Island, Georgia, January 31, 2022
sound recording:
(6th recording)

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Dear everyone, I’m Kryon of magnetic service. Greetings.
You may have noticed something we and my partners talked about. But some people here need to listen. My partner doesn’t need to be prepared for channeling. Many people do. Some people have to be prepared and take a little time to get them from one energy to another and receive information. That channeling has been common for years. Sometimes shamans do this before the ceremony. In order to remove their “earthly face” and replace them with “sacred face”. This makes sense. But you may notice that my partner doesn’t do that.

I told him something a few years ago, and then he equated them and connected them. I hope you hear it, too. It must have something to do with transformation, with energy, and it must have something to do with you.

I told him it was time to get to the next level. He was very disappointed. He thought he was at the top. [laughter]
It’s human. You don’t understand that the highest level is equal to the evaporation of the world. He will rise and disappear. That’s the highest level. When you go beyond control, you will enter a certain situation, say goodbye to the world and return to your soul. This is the next level, the highest level.
Then he asked me what I meant.

I said, “you’re playing the ‘Church’ game.”

He asked, “what does that mean? You said I played ‘Church’, but I have nothing to do with the church.”

I told him: when channeling, he came; After channeling, he left. When channeling, he appeared on the podium. After channeling, he stepped down and left. “It’s time for you to merge with control. Then Kryon energy can always be with him. It’s not that you open the tap when you need it and screw it on when you don’t need it. It’s that energy always exists and the source comes from you.”
At that time, he told a joke. He always did. “Will it hurt?” he asked

I told him that if he did that, he would live longer. I told him that if he did that, he would be healthier. I told him that all the cells in his body were waiting for him to do that.

So he did it and it took him a while to understand what “integration” meant. At that moment, he became another person. My partner has gone through many stages of change, just like you. He hasn’t finished yet, honey, just like you. He is an example.


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