Today, this is an interstellar rescue letter from 30 million light-years away!

“I am the planet guardian of Harp whale star. Our planet is about 30 million light-years away from the earth and is located at the 13th latitude.

Thank you for connecting the first space-time contact tower so that we can send this distress signal to you.

Our planet has been occupied by factories and laboratories controlled by the dark forces and has become a manufacturing base for intelligent organisms.

The laboratories are all kinds of scientific freaks, all of whom are From all planets, some were captured by the dark forces, while others came voluntarily.

These intelligent organisms are manufactured and sent to planets for the purpose of supervising, controlling and invading other planets. There are soul cells on many planets, and Harp whale star is no exception.

The soul cell holds higher souls captured from the interstellar space. Most of these higher souls are starfighters. We are the guardians of the planet with a small number of Harp whale star at present. Our survival is very difficult because the original vitality of Harp whale star has been suspended. Each planet has its own life tower and a transmission channel connecting the life tower.

The extinction of the life tower makes it difficult for us to obtain energy from the planet. We need to find our companions on earth. They know how to start the planetary original life tower and the planetary transmission channel, and ignite the original life tower by opening the planetary transmission channel.

Please release this message and our planet guardian will see it. Because this message carries our special signal, please find our planet Guardian on earth for us, help us open the planet transmission channel, rekindle the planet life tower, block the transportation of intelligent organisms to other planets, and destroy the intelligent biological laboratory and the soul prison at the right time, Save those imprisoned star soldiers. Because they, perhaps your partners who fought side by side, are waiting for your rescue. And you, please help us find our companions, which can save countless people and prevent a huge catastrophe! “

The above message comes from: Harp whale star guardian


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